Man pushes a teenage girl into a canal in West Yorkshire

Young man pushes a teenage girl into a canal. He is charged with sexual assault in West Yorkshire. Active police search for the alleged p...

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  • Young man pushes a teenage girl into a canal.
  • He is charged with sexual assault in West Yorkshire.
  • Active police search for the alleged perpetrator.

Police are looking for a suspect who pushed a teenager into a channel, after he was also accused of sexual assault committed on the Schofield Bridge in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, apparently he is Asian, according to the news site Newsbreak.

After learning of the crime that happened on August 14, the police initiated a persecution to go after the one responsible. The events took place in broad daylight. As the victim climbed down, he indecently touched her and another girl before they both managed to escape their assailant.


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After the complaint and in order to catch the subject, the West Yorkshire police published an e-fit image and a CCTV still photo of the suspect, who is described as Asian and approximately 20 years old, to see if people recognize it and point it out.

In response, Inspector Lee Baragwanath said: “We have been conducting extensive investigations into this incident since it was reported and we are now in a position to unleash an electronic attack from a man we wish to speak to.”

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He added: “Due to the nature of the incident, this matter was registered as a sex crime and we have been speaking with the victims and their parents… I would ask anyone to recognize the man in the photo or have any information about what happened. to contact us.

In addition, he said about the case: “You may have vital information that will allow us to identify this criminal.” Authorities believe the Aug. 14 attack near the city’s Schofield Bridge was an isolated incident and no others had been reported.


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This is just one of several documented cases of sexual assault in the United States. Recently, with Heiry Calvi, a teacher arrested for having sex with a student and who is pregnant, there are already three educators in Miami-Dade County, South Florida, arrested so far this month and facing charges of sexual assault in three isolated events.

Calvi, 41, was arrested last Friday after a seven-month investigation carried out by police investigating agents, Brittiny Victoria Lopez-Murray, 31, last Monday, and Daniel Fernández, 36, on December 1. October. Filed Under: Pushes Teen Channel

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The authorities detailed that Calvi, a teacher at the John I. Smith Center in the city of Doral, is accused of sexual assault on a minor under 14 years of age and they do not know if this is the father of the baby who is expecting.

According to the Doral Police Department, the victim used social media to communicate with Calvi and the two had attended a party together in which they claimed to be a nephew and aunt.


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Detectives recognized the student in a video in which they both appeared naked and that the young man was showing to his classmates. Meanwhile, López-Murray, a drama teacher at a Hialeah high school, faces 25 charges of sexual assault on another child under the age of 14.

For his part, Fernández, a music teacher at Renaissance Intermediate Charter School, is charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old student. The case remains open and has caused outrage among the population of the United States and much controversy. Filed Under: Pushes Teen Channel

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