Oh No! Man proposes at McDonald’s and it doesn’t go well

Man proposes at McDonald’s. He is rejected in the worst way by his girlfriend. Was it good idea to pop the question in the middle o...

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  • Man proposes at McDonald’s.
  • He is rejected in the worst way by his girlfriend.
  • Was it good idea to pop the question in the middle of a crowded restaurant?

ROMANCE GONE WRONG? Viral videos of marriage proposals are usually about romantic moments and go viral for being cheesy. But this time a video of a man being rejected in the middle of a McDonald’s has become popular because of the harsh way he was rejected.

The man’s gesture was recorded by several people who were in the restaurant and booed the woman when she refused to accept the engagement ring. So far, two videos about the awkward moment are all over Twitter and TikTok, where users are expressing their opinions.

Was It A Bad Marriage Proposal?

Viral McDonald's Marriage Proposal: A Bad Marriage Proposal?
Photo: Twitter

The brutal response to a marriage proposal that quickly went viral started circulating on Twitter. The clip, shared by the account of @Madame_Fossette had this description: “I witnessed such a sad situation today.” It shows the moment when a man is on his knees, wearing a gray jacket and holding a box with an engagement ring.

The image could seem like a romantic moment, but it quickly became awkward for the would-be bride. The woman, who was wearing a white denim jacket, white blouse and a red face mask, appears to be embarrassed by the marriage proposal. She even started chatting with the McDonald’s cashier, who tried to help her. Filed Under: Viral McDonald’s Marriage Proposal

Was she embarrassed?

Viral McDonald's Marriage Proposal: Did He Embarrass Her?
Photo: Twitter

While the man waited to hear a “Yes”, the woman covered her face in shame and talked with an employee of the fast food chain. She then turned to the man and those who were present at that ‘special’ moment, began cheering, thinking that she was happy. For a few seconds, the woman looks at him and then the discussion begins.

She apparently complains about the marriage proposal while lowering her mask and repeatedly saying no. While the other customers watching begin to boo her, the woman says no and turns in the direction of the cashier without wanting to look at her boyfriend. The man was still on his knees holding the ring. Filed Under: Viral McDonald’s Marriage Proposal

An absolute “No”

Viral McDonald's Marriage Proposal: An Absolute? "not"?
Photo: Twitter

The woman isn’t moved and she continues to shake her head while asking the cashier about her order. The employee walks away for a few moments, while the woman turns to her boyfriend and says a resounding “No.” She appears to be complaining about the proposal at McDonald’s and it looks like she’s telling him to stop.

It seems that the woman does not want to wait for her order and grabs a couple of milkshakes that they had bought, placing them in a grocery cart. The woman, looking embarrassed and very angry, leaves the line after telling the man once again that she is not happy. On her way out, she is booed by onlookers who record the woman’s exit. Filed Under: Viral McDonald’s Marriage Proposal

Does he follow her?

He followed?
Photo: Twitter

The man seems to be more than embarrassed, so he takes the shopping cart to go after the woman while customers record him. Apparently, he receives various expressions of sympathy and support for the rejection and he just smiles awkwardly on his way out. CLICK TO SEE VIDEO HERE and HERE

In another video shared by TikTok user @squaachy, the man is seen holding the ring up while the woman repeatedly says no to his proposal. This new video even shows the cashier snapping a photo of the failed proposal.

What does the public think?

Agree with the woman?
Photo: Twitter

Both videos immediately went viral and were filled with comments. Users have indicated that they would also say no to the young man’s marriage proposal if he did it at a McDonald’s, since it creates unnecessary social pressure and that it only embarrasses the other person. Others say it’s not romantic to propose in a fast food line.

“She doesn’t even want to turn around. She’s embarrassed.” “Not in a McDonald’s, bruh.” “Even outside of a car in the parking lot would be better.” “Damn, put it in a McNugget and ask her to open the box or something.” “Literally anywhere else except a fast food restaurant.”

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