Man climbs over barrier into a crocodiles habitat what happens is shocking (VIDEO)

A man climbs over a barrier into a crocodile habitat. The man challenges the reptiles and almost loses a leg. “I am your king,̶...

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  • A man climbs over a barrier into a crocodile habitat.
  • The man challenges the reptiles and almost loses a leg.
  • “I am your king,” he says.

A video is circulating on social media, where a man is seen cheating death after climbing over a barrier into a crocodile habitat. Apparently it was a tourist who appeared to be enjoying a pleasant moment observing the animals at a zoo in Mexico.

The man, wearing a Mexico team shirt, does something really crazy after illegally entering an area full of deadly reptiles at the Laguna del Carpintero viewing area. The man does not appear to have all of his faculties as he was recorded invading the animals’ habitat, according to El Heraldo de México.

Mexican climbs into crocodile habitat

Mexican enters crocodile cage

A group of tourists who were near as the “brave” man began to record the exact moment he dared to challenge these dangerous reptiles. The video immediately went viral on social media, as it has a shocking ending.

Images of crocodiles killing and mauling people are common. Their sharp teeth and strong jaws are capable of devouring a whole person. However, this was not enough to stop this person who many claim was drunk.

He risked his life

Mexican enters crocodile cage: Risks his life

In the clip the man jumps the security mesh and begins to challenge the crocodiles. The incident took place in Tampico, Mexico. Despite his dangerous actions, people thought it was funny and decided to record the man.

On Twitter, many users were concerned about someone who would do something like that: “A video was posted showing how an apparently intoxicated man jumps the fence that divides the habitat of the #crocodiles in the Laguna del Carpintero in #Tampico to kick them in the head,” one post reads. Filed Under: Mexican enters crocodile cage

“I am your king”

"I am your king"

The man immediately kicks a crocodile and it responds by snapping at him. Fortunately he did not manage to bite his leg. But that was not all, since the man immediately went after another animal that was calm.

According to witnesses, the crocodiles were around six feet long. It is even possible to hear that Mexican shouting, “I am your king!” The drunken man continues to kick the reptiles and so far it is unknown what happened to him. Filed Under: Mexican enters crocodile cage. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

There will be severe consequences

There will be severe consequences

The Tampico authorities will take action on the matter, since jumping the security mesh is prohibited. They are currently investigating this case. It should be remembered that in recent months several deaths have been reported from attacks by these dangerous reptiles.

Similarly, the Civil Protection authorities will reinforce security in those areas of Laguna del Carpintero to prevent people from entering the crocodile area. Even the mayor of Tampico, Jesús Nader Nasrallah, said in an interview that he seeks to apply fines of up to 3,000 pesos to those who do this type of thing. Filed Under: Mexican enters crocodile cage

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