Man armed with a knife causes terror inside a store in Paris (VIDEO)

Two situations with armed individuals in Paris, unleashed terror. A man armed with a knife in Paris took two women hostage in a store. An...

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  • Two situations with armed individuals in Paris, unleashed terror.
  • A man armed with a knife in Paris took two women hostage in a store.
  • Another man attacked the police at a railway station.

Two violent incidents happened in France in recent days. An armed man in Paris took two women hostage inside a store amid chaos and terror, as he threatened them with a knife. The same day, another individual attacked the Parisian police at a train station.

On Monday in Paris, terror was unleashed when the French police received calls for help from a self-service store in the 12th district of the city. Apparently, a man armed with a knife threatened two women and took them as hostages.

Violent events on the same day in Paris, France

Armed man in Paris takes women hostages

According to ‘Siete24’, authorities reported that the man, who was armed with a knife, arrived at a store in the 12th arrondissement of Paris and held two women who were shopping against their will. The women were taken off guard by the individual.

Police in Paris indicated that the armed man holding the women hostage was identified by residents of the 12th district as a person with mental problems. He is around 50 years old, and was trying to negotiate with the authorities, even requesting appointments with public officials.

A knife-wielding man took two women hostage, asking to speak to officials

Paris armed man in store

According to the media, the knife-wielding man said that he would not release the hostages, the two women inside the establishment, unless authorities agreed to set up a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupong-Moretti.

In addition to asking to see the Minister of Justice, the armed man also asked for lawyer Omar Raddad, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison after the murder of Ghislaine Marchal 30 years ago, in 1991, as reported by BFM Paris.

Complicated day for the Paris police

Two women hostage by armed man in Paris

The incident where an armed man was holding two women hostage in a store has not been classified as a terrorist attack or terrorist activity, however, there was another situation that raised suspicions. This one alarmed the Paris authorities in the same way.

A man was seriously injured in a train station because the individual rushed at policemen in the middle of the railway station. Like the hostage incident, the subject was also armed with a knife, which he used to try to intimidate the officers who ended up shooting him.

Another armed individual rushes at police in Paris

Armed man in Paris store attacks

After the hostage situation in the 12th district of Paris, another knife-wielding man unleashed terror at Saint Lazare station, northwest of the city. When police asked the subject to put on a mask, he refused and then immediately drew his weapon.

Unlike the situation in the store with the two hostages, this subject ran at the police to attack them. He identified himself as a radical Islamic fanatic, which is why the agents decided to open fire on him. Now he is hospitalized and in serious condition.

Violent situations around the world…

Hostage takes gunman

An active shooter was reported in a mall in the United States on Saturday night in the middle of last-minute Christmas shopping. Just this morning another shooting was reported at an apartment complex that also terrified residents.

Atlanta authorities announced that on Saturday morning a dispute that ended in a shooting inside an apartment complex in the southeast of the state was reported. Unfortunately, two people were injured and later died. Now a shooting in the middle of the Austin, Texas mall has been reported. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT HAPPENED IN PARIS.

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