How to make a space for rest in your home

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How to make a space for rest in your home
  • Here we tell you how to make a space for rest in your home.
  • The way you arrange the furniture influences your mood.
  • You should also take your technology habits into account in your daily routine.

Small actions can help create a real space for rest, since it all comes down to what and how the elements of the room are chosen. According to Xavier Fonseca, in “The Measurements of a House. Anthropometry of the House,” beds influence the user’s personality, as they have an impact on our feeling of security.


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The author recommends that they be oriented in a north-south direction, parallel to the main window; and that the height oscillates between 40 and 50 centimeters from the floor to the base (with variables depending on the height of the user). Isabella Miranda, senior designer at the Puebla firm Cacao, emphasizes the value of furniture in a space as personal as the bedroom.

The importance of light

It is important to consider the measurements of the furniture according to the dynamics of use in the room. Photo: Reform Agency

“Something we focus on is giving a lot of value to the time and activities before going to sleep, when you are sitting in bed reading, for example, or with some other activity that helps you disconnect.” In this sense, Miranda recommends buying “anchor furniture” or essentials to raise the room more efficiently and effectively.

Aleksandra Shimizu, head of Mob’s design workshop, assures that artificial lights are one of the most important aspects in the space for your rest. “It should be a warm light of 2,500 to 3,000 kelvins, as they indicate to our circadian rhythm that it is time to relax. And it is very important to have blackout curtains ”, he explains.

Technological habits

The recommendation is to choose neutral tones, which avoids distractions or excessive stimuli. Gray, white or pastel and graduated will be the ideal choice. Photo: Reform Agency

“It is important to have at least two sources of artificial light: a direct one, the ceiling lights, which help you have homogeneous lighting. And one or more hints, which can come from reading, table or floor lamps ”. It is equally important to make choices thinking about health, considers Marco Castañeda, a chiropractor graduated from the State University of Valle de Ecatepec and a specialist in the spine.

In addition, it emphasizes the importance of being careful with the handling of the cell phone or other devices, while lying in bed during your rest. “The neck has a curvature that is known as cervical lordosis and it is acquired in the crawling stage. However, bad habits lead to its loss, reinvesting it and becoming problems of humps or head in pre-projection ”.

Ideal atmosphere

Using elementary pieces helps to create a functional room. Photo: Reform Agency

The color: The recommendation is to choose neutral tones, which avoids too much distraction or stimulation. Gray, white or pastel and graduated will be the ideal choice. Lamps: It is advisable to use warm light that has a diffuse and non-directional projection to create a more relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Bed base. It is common for some young people to dispense with it to avoid spending; however, it will always give structure and rest, which makes it necessary. Mattress: Try and choose the one that gives you personal comfort. It is advisable to feel those with a mat and with a middle point between softness and firmness. Pillows: Those that are very fluffy or very flat are not recommended. The choice must also be based on individual criteria.

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