Lupillo Rivera’s daughter shows off her huge butt in a daring leopard thong (PHOTOS)

Lupillo Rivera’s daughter turns on social networks by showing her butt with a daring thong Ayana is all the rage because she leaves...

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  • Lupillo Rivera’s daughter turns on social networks by showing her butt with a daring thong
  • Ayana is all the rage because she leaves very little to the imagination with so little clothing
  • Jenni Rivera’s niece has no mercy on her followers and upsets them

Ayana, the sculptural Daughter of singer Lupillo Rivera, she has no mercy on her fans by showing her butt with a ruthless thong on social networks.

It was through her bill of Instagram that Jenni Rivera’s sensual niece, showed her most precious attributes and posed as sexy as possible for her fans.

This publication left so good impression in Internet users that until the morning of this September 15 already had more than 1,870 reactions of likes.

Image taken from Insatgram @ ayana_ayana1223

And it is not the first time that Ayana poses in a shameless way for the lens and shows her huge butt for her fans, only now she did it wearing a thong of heart attack.

On this occasion, Lupillo Rivera’s daughter looked for a way for the sun’s rays to cover her face, but not her butt, which she showed off with a tiny thong.

This caused the photograph to be one of the public’s favorites, so hundreds gave it a like and even shared it.

The outfit that Ayana shared was in a brown color, very similar to leopard skin, which caused more suspicions from her followers.

However, this is not the first time that the statuesque young woman has shown her attributes without the slightest shame, since her account is full of photographs that prove it.

In the following pages we will leave you more sexy postcards of Lupillo Rivera’s daughter that shows all her attributes to her audience.

It was in August of last year that Lupillo Rivera’s daughter returned to do her thing and surprised her followers with a heart-stopping photo that left very little to the imagination, very much in the style of the sensual JLo.

Ayana Rivera has a series of publications much more risque than what her fans were used to in which her butt is seen.

And it is that with a photo that she published, the statuesque woman made it very clear that she knows how to show off her sexy curves.

In the image you can see Ayana standing outdoors, in a somewhat rural environment while barefoot, she boasts a statuesque dress of different colors, very tight at the top and with an opening in the front that exhibited an enviable low-cut.

However, what made the networks explode was that Lupillo’s daughter exposed all her legs, since the outfit presented openings at the bottom and almost shows her most intimate parts.

The photo quickly garnered close to 2,000 likes, and the hot messages to Ayana quickly appeared.

Even Shirley Arroyo, Lupillo Rivera’s ex-girlfriend, wrote to the singer’s daughter: “Hell, woman, you’re going to break the Internet. I love you baby”.

Another wrote: “Very beautiful”, while another added: “Yes, I become father-in-law to Lupillo.”

Image taken from Insatgram @ ayana_ayana1223

However, speculation about the great body that Lupillo Rivera’s daughter wore did not take long to appear: “She made her body, but it looks good,” wrote a netizen, but surprisingly Ayana replied: “Yes, I did it and I didn’t he likes to lie ”, to which they most said:“ And it looks better in person ”,“ you look like a whole bomb ”.

On another occasion, he appeared on social networks with a body-thong, shamelessly showing off his buttocks.

The young woman wrote on her Instagram account “People are irrational, illogical and self-centered. LOVE THEM IN ANY WAY ”, followed by a sexy photograph in which she appears lying face down on a bed, wearing a red body-thong, which caused a stir among her followers.

“You look fabulous”, “a whole beautiful model I love your photos”, “how beautiful and sexy you are, you are a tasty and delicious chocolate, a beautiful mamacita”, “very pretty, envied by many”.

Ayana butt

Image taken from Insatgram @ ayana_ayana1223

It is not the first time that Lupillo Rivera’s daughter is sensual in a photograph published on her Instagram and it is that last year, the young woman uploaded an image to the famous social network in which she is shown with a printed swimsuit, leopard-like, which revealed the curves of her hips.

The photography achieved more than three thousand likes and caused a sensation among its admirers. “You are exquisite, congratulations to the bald head, nothing to do with your aunt with all that you carry mommy!”, “You look incredible. I love the dark hair on you. “

Some of her fans even compared her to her sister and an American singer: “You look a lot like your sister Karizma here”, “I hope you don’t take it as an offense, but you look like Mya the singer… both are beautiful”.

Ayana Rivera took the spotlight in the middle of her sister Lupita’s XV-year party when she appeared in a very tight dress that revealed her spectacular rear, overshadowing her cousin Chiquis Rivera and the beautiful singer, Jennifer López.

In recent days, the Rivera family, in particular Lupita, the daughter of Lupillo Rivera, has been a trend in the networks due to the surprise party of XV years that her father organized.

During the celebration, several members of the dynasty were seen sharing good times with Lupita, even dancing to the rhythm of ‘Payaso de Rodeo’, a ‘must’ song in this type of party.

Daughter Lupillo Rivera thong

Image taken from Insatgram @ ayana_ayana1223

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