Alarming statement from Bronco informing that Lupe Esparza has COVID (PHOTO)

Bronco’s Lupe Esparza fans are concerned about his health. Through a press release it is reported that the group had to suspend som...

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  • Bronco’s Lupe Esparza fans are concerned about his health.
  • Through a press release it is reported that the group had to suspend some presentations.
  • Bronco’s leader contracted COVID.

The COVID pandemic has not ended and despite vaccines, people are not exempt from contracting coronavirus and now it was the turn of Bronco’s leader, Lupe Esparza, who tested positive for COVID-19, for this reason, the group had to cancel several presentations throughout USA while they wait for him to recover.

Is Lupe Esparza really sick? Through a press release, Bronco’s leader current status was reported and they also mentioned what will happen in the coming days with the members of the band as well as the presentations that were scheduled in several US cities.

Lupe Esparza serious? You are infected with COVID

Lupe Esparza from Bronco COVID

“We hereby inform you that because our leader and founders of Grupo Bronco, José Guadalupe Esparza has tested positive for COVID-19, the dates scheduled for this weekend in Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee will be postponed until further notice”, the statement begins.

Faced with this situation, people became nervous about the possible health problems that COVID would bring to the Bronco leader, although the statement also mentions what happens to Lupe Esparza, specifying that at the moment she does not present major complications. will it be true?

Lupe Esparza’s health in danger? He has COVID and Bronco postpones concerts

Press release Lupe Esparza BRONCO COVID

A video published by Lupe Esparza would confirm suspicions about COVID, but before that, the Bronco statement released the interpreter’s state of health: “It should be clarified that the interpreter is sheltered at home, without health complications, following all the medical indications ”, it reads.

Something very important to note is that Lupe Esparza already has two doses of the coronavirus vaccine: “It is also important to mention that she already has two doses of vaccination,” while the statement also highlights the health status of the other members by Bronco.

Are the other members of Bronco infected as Lupe Esparza from COVID?


For the good fortune of the Bronco fans, it is specified that the other members are in good health: “The rest of the members of the group have tested negative and await the understanding of the public that this weekend already I was waiting for you, ”the statement ends.

The reactions of the people did not wait: “Prompt recovery, encourage Don Lupe with the favor of God”, “Take care of yourself a lot! We fans understand that health first! ”,“ A big hug to maestro Esparza. May he recover soon “,” May God take care of him Mr. Lupe Esparza blessings that he recovers “,” Take good care of him please, very attentive to his symptoms, do not let it get complicated “, commented the people.

The singer reappears with everything and COVID

Lupe Esparza Bronco COVID

However, in her official Instagram account, Lupe Esparza wanted to leave her fans more calm by sending a message despite being sheltered at home infected with COVID: “Yesterday I had a great time, my eternal gratitude to God, my family , our fan clubs, and our beautiful people and my fellow travelers. Hugs and blessings to all, “he wrote in a video but also celebrating his birthday.

In shorts, a sweatshirt and dark glasses, from her home surrounded by birthday cakes, Lupe Esparza reappeared to send greetings to her fans and make it clear that she is well: “Thanks a million, I feel in eternal debt to you for so many displays of affection for so much love that they present to me every time I have my birthday and always, may God bless you all ”, he concluded. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF LUPE ESPARZA SENDING A MESSAGE

Lupe Esparza worries about COVID and Bronco cancels concerts


After the unexpected death of José Manuel Zamacona, leader of the Yonics, due to problems derived from the coronavirus, it is now Lupe Esparza, vocalist of Bronco, who, dismayed, gives a message in a video asking people for something very punctual and precise.

José Manuel Zamacona had been hospitalized for weeks after he was infected with COVID-19 with everything and the two doses of the vaccine that were applied to him, so it was more surprising and unexpected than the sequelae left by the virus. will be taken directly to the hospital.

Lupe Esparza, vocalist of Bronco left a message

Lupe Esparza gives a message
Instagram: Lupe Esparza

In the last two weeks, in the official accounts of the group Los Yonics they had asked the fans for prayers for the health of the musician, who had damaged his left lung, as well as donations to pay for medical expenses, because in the last year they had stopped working due to the pandemic, but José Manuel Zamacona did not resist and died.

Now, Lupe Esparza used the tragic death of her colleague, to send a heartfelt message to the followers and the world in general: “For no reason and under no pretext let us lower our guard for the love of God, #quiendijoyo #marraneotime”, was the video description of the Bronco leader.

Surprised by the death of José Manuel Zamacona

Bronco vocalist message after vocalist Yonics' death

“Hello beautiful people, hey, we must continue to be responsible, we have not overcome this issue of the pandemic, let’s not make dreams that do not exist, the situation is still there, please, what does it cost you to wear a mask?”, Said the Mexican in a video for his followers.

Very calm but with regret for the death of the vocalist of Los Yonics, Lupe Esparza, who is about to embark on a tour with Bronco in the United States, he concluded: “Protect your children, if they go to places, if they go to the streets, what It is difficult for them to put on their mask, it is the best defense we have right now, so remember that we have not passed this yet and we do not cause the light to go out at work that has given us so many sacrifices, greetings to all, your friend Guadalupe Esparza? who did I say? “, the grupero ended up saying.

Did people agree with the words of Lupe Esparza de Bronco?

Lupe Esparza message after death José Manuel Zamacona

People’s comments to Lupe Esparza’s video appeared: “Well said Lupe, we have to take care of our families and everyone in general, greetings”, “Yes, very true! Take good care of ourselves at all times ”,“ Of course that’s the way you have to continue taking care of yourself just guys, best regards to all blessings ”,“ Very true you have to continue taking care of ourselves thank you Don Lupe for those good advice many blessings for you and your family we want it fan club bronco fans ”.

“Thank you for worrying about your neighbor, blessings”, “That’s right, we don’t need to lower our guard because this is not over yet”, “That’s right, Mr. Guadalupe Esparza, this is not over yet”, “How right is my darling, let’s not lower our guard! I already want to see them! ”,“ Very true my dear Lupe, lately there are more people who are not taking care of themselves with the vaccine ”.

The fateful news of the death of José Manuel Zamacona de los Yonics

Vocalist Bronco message after death of vocalist Yonics

This Sunday, through the Twitter account of journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the sensitive loss of the famous member of the Los Yonic’s group was confirmed: “They report to me from the State of Guerrero that JOSÉ MANUEL ZAMACONA, Director and Founder of The Yonic’s. Rest in Peace, “he wrote in his tweet.

The interpreters of songs such as “Palabras tristes”, “Pero te vas a regrepentir” and “Unforgettable love” will say goodbye to whoever was their partner for more than three decades in Acapulco, Guerrero, the land that gave birth to the tropical pop music group . Since its inception in 1975, Los Yonics recorded 28 albums and José Manuel Zamacona remained in the group, even with the change of some members.

Before the message, a statement was sent from the Yonics

Lupe Esparza asks people for protection after José Luis Zamacona's death

In another part of this statement, the following can be read: “Your full recovery will be a process that will take an indefinite time. It should be noted that this scenario has been possible with the blessing of God and the diligent work of the medical staff and hospital facilities, both of the highest level, which allows them to receive dignified and specialized treatment ”.

The bad news would not end here, since due to the inactivity that Los Yonics have had for more than a year due to the pandemic caused by the coronavius, their economy has been affected, so the group was in need to do the least expected. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THE BRONCO LEADER SAID

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