Luis Fonsi’s wife, Águeda López, almost got her breasts out in a video

The Spanish model Águeda López shows off her body wearing a tiny bikini Luis Fonsi’s wife almost shows her breasts on video The fol...

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  • The Spanish model Águeda López shows off her body wearing a tiny bikini
  • Luis Fonsi’s wife almost shows her breasts on video
  • The followers of the model were amazed to see her in a swimsuit

This Sunday, a video published by the Spanish model and also wife of the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, Águeda López, went viral through her official account. Instagram, in which he presumes his Body with a tiny bikini and in which she almost shows her breasts to her followers.

In the video you can see the Spanish model where she is promoting a page that sells bikinis, and where she is wearing a sexy pink swimsuit.

In the video, Águeda López, in addition to showing off her body, is seen putting on a mask with a song in the background. On previous occasions she had already driven her fans crazy for other Photos.

To see the video click here.

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Águeda López made the video in order to promote the Instagram account where they sell swimsuits, writing a caption where she mentions that a certain percentage of donations will be made when buying there.

It should be noted that the bikini that Águeda López is wearing is so sexy that it shows a large part of the model’s breasts, leaving almost nothing to the imagination of her followers.

The fans of the model were left with their mouths open after seeing the video and did not take long to comment and send their compliments to the wife of the singer Luis Fonsi, even some users compared her with Adamari López.

“Thank you Águeda for the message and for showing you without a filter, it is impressive how women talk about being natural and put filters on any outlet on the networks, that is the greatest falsehood of these times, the wax museum is no longer recognized, It’s sad, very sad, thank you Águeda and long live the woman who shows herself as she is, without masks or filters, a hug, “wrote a fan.

But there were also followers who criticized the model’s body, with comments such as: “Your buttocks look like jelly …”. There was also another user who could not contain her wishes towards Águeda López and commented: “You are soooo good.”

Currently the video has more than 8 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments from his followers, who let him know how beautiful the model is and how sexy she looks wearing that bikini.

Águeda López boasts rearguard and turns on social networks

Other messages received were: “Is this body included?”, “The most”, “Fonsi right now, great body”, “too beautiful. I love the bikini. Also the hair is beautiful. You can see that there is dedication in the care of the body and in combining the bikini with the mask. Greetings from Chile”.

Some more said: “Always showing the agueda hahahaha great body”, “always showing the agueda hahahaha great body”, “I would like to know what is imperfect about you … why do you look perfect”,

Accustomed to turning on social networks with photos where she shows off her beautiful body with tiny bikinis, the Spanish model and wife of the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, boasted a few days ago a tremendous body in a black swimsuit, which revealed her worked butt, while ‘they reminded’ him of Adamari López.

In a snapshot published on her official Instagram profile, the Spanish woman has boasted of showing off all her statuesque figure on social networks, and this time she was no exception.

With the caption: “Last day of summer 2020 …” the model said goodbye to the summer of this complicated year and of course, lit the comments with its publication.

Between comments that indicate how beautiful she looked and the beautiful suit she was wearing, the reactions were present in her publication.

Águeda López breasts 2

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Águeda López breasts. And it is that, it was quite difficult for the followers and fans of the Puerto Rican to accept Águeda López after the powerful uproar that was formed after the divorce between the host of the Un Nuevo Día program, Adamari López and the singer, Luis Fonsi.

It should be remembered that the love story between the singer and the host was one of the favorites of many when they married in 2006, however, due to different situations, they ended their marriage in 2010.

From that moment, their divorce was involved in a great controversy, where many times they talked about how difficult this process was for them.

However, in 2013 the host took out her book “Living” where she revealed that her last days of marriage were a nightmare. And she argued that when they began to have problems in the marriage, the artist went into crisis and no longer wanted to fight to recover it and it was she who decided to separate.

But, even so, many comment that Luis Fonsi left Adamari after having come out of the breast cancer that she suffered, where her figure changed, and they even had to remove a breast.

Given all this controversy, the two decided to start a family each, Adamari with the Spaniard, Toni Acosta, with whom he has a 5-year-old daughter named Alaia Acosta, and Luis Fonsi with the also Spanish Águeda López, with whom he has two children named Rocco and Mikaela.

The comparisons between Águeda and Adamari remain on everyone’s lips, who constantly compare the lifestyle and their figure that they show on social networks, where, every time Águeda López uploads a photo to her official Instagram account, the comparisons do not end.

On one occasion, the Spanish woman surprised everyone while she was walking on the beach in a tight black bathing suit that exposed her huge butt, where she showed her waist and her entire body again on social networks.

Many argue that the blonde Spanish model does not get tired of giving ‘stumbles’ to her husband’s ex, showing off her body at all costs in daring swimsuits and bikinis that did not leave much to the imagination.

Águeda López breasts 3


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On her Instagram account, Águeda López published a video of her vacation on a beach while she was walking all wet with her black bikini squeezing her buttocks.

Quickly, the power of the messages for the blonde Spanish model was present before the sexy body that she wore:

“Inspiring darling! Enjoy a lot! Looking forward to seeing you ”“ Wow ”“ Where is that so cute ”“ Spectacular ”“ Beautiful scenery ”“ Gorgeous ”“ Paradise ”“ Wow ”“ Tan ”inspired them to comment.

But if things were not enough with the previous publication, Luis Fonsi’s wife dared to pose in the sea and face to face to show her perfect abdomen that seems sculpted.

It should be noted that the surprises do not end, since once again the Spaniard once again captivated her fans with a tremendous figure, where the snapshot stood out more for the paradise that was seen in the background because she was on a beach with clear sand and a crystal clear sea.

And it is that Luis Fonsi’s wife boasts of showing off all her attributes on social networks, either in a striped bikini in black and white colors, which highlight her worked abdomen, or showing several of her outfits from different galas or catwalks and of his figure.

While Adamari López shows more in social networks her family life, her daughter’s birthday or work commitments, where she also constantly uploads videos of her doing exercise routines and shows herself a little more covered in her photographs. Which is contrary to what Águeda usually uploads on her Instagram account.

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