Lucky man wins $1,000 weekly lottery for 20 years

One lucky guy wins an incredible jackpot in the Texas lottery: $ 1,000 a week for 20 years! The winner purchased the ticket at a Walmart ...

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  • One lucky guy wins an incredible jackpot in the Texas lottery: $ 1,000 a week for 20 years!
  • The winner purchased the ticket at a Walmart store, located in El Paso, Texas
  • The person who claimed the Weekly Grand award did not want to be identified

One lucky guy wins an incredible jackpot in the Texas lottery: $ 1,000 a week for 20 years!

According to the Texas lottery, one person, who preferred to remain anonymous, purchased a ticket to the Weekly Grand scratchcard game.

The winner purchased the ticket at a Walmart store, located in the Neighborhood Market at 8115 N. Loop Drive, in the Lower El Paso Valley.

Now, luck smiled on him and he took the jackpot of this game, he reported KFox14.

The person who claimed the award did not want to be identified, but what is known is that he will receive $ 1,000 per week for the next 20 years.

This award is much better than receiving the $ 1,200 check that Republicans and Democrats have offered to help in the midst of the pandemic and even if they manage to reach an agreement in the Senate, the money would never last 20 years! as the prize that these people have been lucky to win.

Photo: Texas Lottery

Lucky man wins $ 1,000 weekly lottery for 20 years

Approximately 35,449,750 tickets are printed for the Weekly Grand game. “The overall odds of winning any prize at Weekly Grand are 1 in 3.95,” the lottery stated on its website.

They also recalled that lottery tickets can only be sold to those over 18 years of age.

He won $ 200,000 in the lottery while waiting for his mother and he is not the only lucky one (PHOTOS)

Fortune can surprise us when we least expect it, is the case of three amazing stories of people who received a great reward in the lottery when they least expected it and needed it most.

When we think that everything is against us, we feel desperate, discouraged or bored… we cannot lose faith that something will work out.

Every tunnel has an exit. Of course, if that exit is accompanied by a fat check and lustrous, much better!

This is what happened in the three cases that we are going to tell you about.

instant lottery winners

Instant Lottery Winners: Three Amazing Cases. Photo: Getty

He won $ 200,000 in the lottery waiting for his mom to finish shopping

Herbert Scruggs was bored. He was hoping his mom would finish shopping at the Food Lion store in Richmond, Virginia, and it seemed like there was no end.

So, to pass the time, he decided to buy one of those scratch cards for an instant lottery win. A Scratch-Off from Winning Hand. But he did not scratch it at the time because, precisely, his mother finished shopping and needed his help.

Once they got home, Herbert remembered his lottery card and scratched it off without much hope. What he saw left him speechless.

He was so amazed that he had to give it to his mother so she could verify if what he had seen were not hallucinations.

And they weren’t! He had won $ 200,000 as a reward for his “patience” at the grocery store.

He says he still doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the money but he’s absolutely happy. “It seems unreal, I still haven’t fallen”, says Scruggs.

Instant Lottery Winners: Three Amazing Cases (PHOTOS)

Photo: Virginia Lottery

If you think that what happened to this boy is something that happens to few and is not frequent … you will be very surprised by the following story.

Instant lottery winners: $ 1 million was won in the instant lottery for a flat tire

Of this lucky the name is not knownYou do well to remain anonymous after what happened to you. Although we don’t know who she is, we do know what her unexpected lucky story is.

A man from Ionia County, Michigan stopped at the Mobil gas station on M-52 in Webberville. The wheel of his car was playing tricks on him. It had deflated!

He decided to calm down a bit and stop at the gas station to inflate the tire and, incidentally, buy a sandwich to eat. As he was buying the snack, he saw the tickets for the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire Maker instant lottery game.

And bought one, what else could he lose?

“I was having trouble with a flat tire on my car, so I stopped to fill it up and buy a sandwich and that’s when I got the ticket,” the winner said in the Michigan Lottery press release.

So he went back to the car with his lunch and his ticket. And the magic of good fortune happened! “I scratched the ticket on the car and got so excited that I forgot to even eat the sandwich I bought.”

The winner decided to receive their prize as a one-time payment of around $ 634,000 instead of annual payments per million. He plans to pay bills, share with the family and save the rest, according to the Michigan Lottery.

When they needed it most… luck came to them!

David and Shelley Adams they were on a losing streak. David had just been fired from his job and it had already been a very hard year for the couple.

Last year, Shelley was diagnosed with MS and had to leave the job she loved as a community caregiver, putting this marriage’s finances to the test.

“Many people would think that the layoff was the worst news, but in fact it is just the last straw in a catalog of hardships we have experienced,” said David Adams.

But Adams found that his luck had changed in the early hours of Sunday morning. He had played the national lottery online, using those significant numbers that he always bet on, hoping for luck.

“On Sunday morning, around 1.30 am, David came into our room saying ‘are you awake?’ To which I replied rather grumpily ‘well, now I am’. But when he turned on the light I could see that he was shaking, so my bad mood turned to concern when I asked him what was wrong, after which he told me that we had won the lottery. “

Instant Lottery Winners: Three Amazing Cases (PHOTOS)

Photo: The National Lottery

And what they had gained was neither more nor less than 1 Million pounds, since it happened in the United Kingdom at the beginning of this month, more than 1 Million dollars!

You should never lose hope, there is a popular saying that says: “God squeezes, but does not drown”, and these three lucky cases seem to illustrate the saying.

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