Lucero’s daughter suffers an ‘accident’ in a swimsuit on the beach (VIDEO)

Lucerito Mijares appears in a swimsuit on the beach. Lucero’s daughter suffers an incredible ‘accident’ at sea. The you...

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  • Lucerito Mijares appears in a swimsuit on the beach.
  • Lucero’s daughter suffers an incredible ‘accident’ at sea.
  • The young woman shows a recording of expectation vs reality.

Since Lucero’s daughter, and by that we mean Lucerito Mijares, opened her social media accounts, she has been in the eye of the hurricane, since she has been seen in different controversial situations that make people talk. Despite that, she has won the hearts of many Internet users.

This time the young 16-year-old shared a video on her Instagram account where she shows off her body in a swimsuit enjoying a day at the beach and among the waves of the sea, with a beautiful sunset, a video that has had a great response from her followers.

Lucerito Mijares appears in a swimsuit

Daughter Lucero beach accident

But not everything went as expected, since in the post, she decided to upload both an image and a video, both on the beach. It was in the recording where the daughter of the singer Mijares suffers an embarrassing moment in the waters of the sea, causing laughter in the comments.

It should be remembered that one of the controversies in which Lucerito Mijares has been involved, was when many believed that she already had a boyfriend, due to a video that her mother had uploaded, where a charro appears giving flowers to the 16-year-old girl, and singing to her at the same time.

Daughter Lucero beach accident: ‘Accident’ on the beach

Daughter Lucero beach accident: 'Accident' on the beach

The young artist daughter of the famous singer Lucero and Mijares who precisely bears their names, uploaded two images to her social network profile, where she represents expectation vs. reality. In the expectation we can see Lucerito watching the sunset and the sea calmly.

But it was in reality where the young woman suffers an embarrassing moment in a bathing suit, when Mijares’ daughter decides to enter the sea, and suddenly a wave arrives and knocks the young woman down, suffering an ‘accident’ on the beach. But apparently everything was faked in order to make the post.

Daughter Lucero beach accident: “Expectation VS Reality”

Daughter Lucero beach accident: "Expectation VS Reality"

“Expectation VS Reality! Enjoy, I love you ”, was the headline that Lucerito Mijares used in his publication that caused some laughter from users who are watching what the young artist does. Even the comedian Consuelo Duval was one of those who left her comment: “Hahaha I love you babe.”

“I never get tired of listening to you on YouTube with your parents, I LOVE YOUR VOICE, God bless you”, “My favorite post in the world !!!!!! You are incredible ”,“ the first photo is beautiful ”,“ Lucerito you are perfect hahaha I love you FRIEND ”,“ what a beautiful girl you are ”, were some messages from the followers.

Daughter Lucero beach accident: “Tremendous fall”

Daughter Lucero beach accident: "Tremendous fall"

Undoubtedly, the recording of Lucerito’s fall was not expected, since it began with his photo enjoying and observing the sunset with such tranquility on the beach. In addition to showing off her body in her swimsuit, this post has caused several laughs from fans.

“Little girl!!! Tremendous fall how good you fell in soft “,” according to you in the soft the scraping of skin by the sand “,” Not so much that you were having a bad time “,” I can not stop seeing it “,” Me in life “,” There always has to be a reality behind the expectation! “,”but- I didn’t expect this, ”they wrote about the video. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Daughter Lucero beach accident: Do you already have a boyfriend?

Daughter Lucero beach accident: Do you already have a boyfriend?
Instagram: Jesús Gamal

Previously a video raised suspicions when he was seen with a handsome young man older than her, handing him red roses while his mother, the singer, recorded the moment very excited. In what appears to be a television set, Lucero appeared dressed as a charro, along with two members of the ‘Mariachi Gama 1000’, famous in Mexico for representing Mexican music and Lucerito Mijares also appeared very excited when one of the young gave him a red roses.

In the images you can see that Lucero had previously worked with the Mariachi Gama 1000 so it is evident that the Mexican singer had already had contact for years with the Gama brothers who went viral on ‘TikTok’ thanks to their dance routines charros dresses.

Daughter Lucero beach accident: Jesús Gama is the handsome Mexican charro who appears with Lucero’s daughter

Jesús Gama is the handsome Mexican charro who appears with Lucero's daughter

In the video Lucerito Mijares is standing on some steps very excited and expectantly dressed casually in a navy blue v-blouse, jeans and tennis shoes, with her hair arranged in a ponytail, while Jesús Gama does his groom? He is by his side in an elegant charro suit and a bouquet of red roses.

What caused surprise in the images is that it was Lucero herself who recorded her daughter, who looked sorry for the situation, however she was waiting for the Mexican singer to prepare a good take while she settled in waiting for her boyfriend? will give you the romantic detail.

Lucero happy with her daughter’s boyfriend?

happy with your daughter's boyfriend?

The Instagram video was uploaded to the account of the supposed ‘boyfriend’ of Lucerito Mijares, Jesús Gama, under the description of: “What will be happening between @luceromexico @luceromijaresoficial @chadbi_ and @jesusgamajr? #lucero # MariachiGama1000 ”, beginning the speculation about why the images.

“Aha, but stopped right? I record it like this standing up, that is, and there, I do it like that… ok ok ok ”, you hear Lucero say dressed as a charra while very concentrated she prepares to record with her cell phone the proposal of engagement with her daughter Lucerito Mijares? At least it seems so. Filed Under: Daughter Lucero beach accident.

Is the charro too big for the adolescent?

Is the charro too big for the adolescent?

Jesús Gama is looking very concentrated at Lucerito Mijares while he holds a large bouquet of flowers and they get ready to ‘go into action’, however, in the video you can see how Lucero’s daughter answered the detail with a message of love?

In the comments, Lucero’s daughter wrote “Amooooooo”, Will it be a very direct hint for the Mexican charro or the reply to the detail of the bouquet of red roses? Meanwhile, people commented: “I need it now”, “So beautiful love”, “I want to know”, “I need to see”, “For me, they were going to record the one about“ And if I bring you roses? And if I serenade you? ”,“ I always love them very much, ”people commented. Filed Under: Daughter Lucero beach accident.

Jesús Gama the handsome Mexican Charro who went viral

Jesús Gama the handsome Mexican Charro who went viral

Jesús Gama Jr. is a member of the famous Mariachi Gama 1000 who has collaborated for years with legendary artists including Lucero and recently gained more fame along with his brother for vitalizing himself on TikTok before the series of dances performed by charro dresses.

However, the young man has been single since March 2020 when he broke up with his girlfriend of several years … Could it be that he is now a TikTok star and is he looking for a new romance with a young woman like Lucerito Mijares? Although the video has not yet come out, it was surely a collaboration with Lucero’s young daughter and there would be no possibility of a courtship. Filed Under: Daughter Lucero beach accident.

Had exposed his mother

Had exposed his mother

Lucerito Mijares asks his mother Lucero not to use botox, although every day she has more wrinkles and better gives her beauty advice, according to a video that was published on YouTube, in a conversation she had with Angélica María and Angélica Vale , reported portals such as Univision, Hola and Las Estrellas.

Lucero, known as the Bride of Mexico, is an artist with more than 30 years of experience in Mexico and Latin America. He is currently 51 years old and his fans recognize his beauty, which he has based on natural remedies. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF UCERO’S DAUGHTER RECEIVING FLOWERS Filed Under: Daughter Lucero beach accident.



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