Lucero and Mijares present their first concert together

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Lucero and Mijares show off their good relationship as an ex-couple prior to their weekend streaming concert. &#...

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MEXICO CITY (AP) – Lucero and Mijares show off their good relationship as an ex-couple prior to their weekend streaming concert. “The fact that we aren’t together anymore does not mean that we have stopped liking each other and understanding many things about each other,” Lucero said on Monday at a virtual press conference. “It was very easy because we understand each other well.”

Their concert “Siempre amigos” will be broadcast via streaming on Saturday at 8:30 pm in Mexico (0100 GMT). Tickets are on sale at eticket LIVE. It is the first time they present a full concert together after being married in 1997 and divorced in 2011. They are both parents of Lucerito and José Manuel. The concert will have live musicians and they do not rule out the possibility of having their children participate, although they say that it will be up to them to decide, especially in the case of Lucerito, who has already shared the stage with her mother.

Lucero and Mijares are neighbors

“We see each other very often because as everyone knows we are neighbors,” said Mijares. “There is no such scheme that the children touch me every 15 days, we see them every day, they go, they come, they walk, they pass by in pajamas.” Although they had performed duets such as “Cuatrotimes love” from 1995 and the homonymous theme from the telenovela “El privilegio de amar” from 1998, in addition to having occasional appearances at their concerts, they had never organized a complete presentation together.

At night they plan to exchange repertoire, interpreting songs of one and the other, in addition to presenting them interspersed. They said that at the moment it is a unique concert, although they did not rule out that there could be more duets or a tour together, it all depends on how the public responds. Lucero has boasted to be a fan of Mijares since he released his debut album “Manuel Mijares / Soñado” in 1986. Mijares, for his part, praised the professionalism of Lucero, who turned 40 years of experience in 2020.

Lucero and Mijares

There is respect

The interpreter of hits such as “Veleta” and “Ya no”, highlighted that the followers Both of them feel very close to them since their wedding was broadcast on television. “I think that a lot of the public identifies with that, because we were able to accompany them for many years, since we got married,” said Lucero. “Yes it was a great rating. I remember that in those years it was something like apotheosis and it was spectacular ”.

Staying together despite not being married is for the star a fundamental aspect of their lives today. “Because we have peace of mind, we are not fighting, we are not in hats”, he said “I think that gives us great stability as people to be able to make our lives and therefore our artistic life.”


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