La Chacha (June 1) Lucero’s daughter looks impressive with makeup. Prettier than Ángela Aguilar? (PHOTOS)

Is Lucero’s daughter prettier than Ángela Aguilar? A photo raises questions about Lucerito Mijares’ beauty. Pepe Aguilar̵...

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  • Is Lucero’s daughter prettier than Ángela Aguilar?
  • A photo raises questions about Lucerito Mijares’ beauty.
  • Pepe Aguilar’s daughter is ‘more confident than ever’.

Mijos and mijas, I am back to tell you about today’s gossip, so lie on the couch and try some of this young meat that I have prepared for you, because today I will tell you about Lucerito Mijares and Ángela Aguilar… so today we have a youth and talent duel because with an unexpected photo, Lucero’s daughter shut my mouth and she is possibly more beautiful than Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

You see that since the girl came out, Angela Aguilar has attracted everyone’s attention because aside from having a lot of talent, being spoiled and having a beautiful voice and a very Mexican style that has melted the hearts of her followers of all the ages, until today she was the ‘queen of youthful beauty’ but could it be that my little girl Lucerito Mijares told her ‘move because here I come’?

Who of the two teenagers is more physically beautiful?

Lucerito mijares

While on the one hand we have a girl almost 18 years old, like Pepe Aguilar’s daughter who looks thin, stylized millets, very much in her role of exercising to get into the jaripeo that God saves the hour that is we are going to fall, because let’s say that Lucerito Mijares is more savvy.

My daughter from Lucero does not care what they will say and she is about to turn 17 and far from being vain like most girls at that age, she is all disheveled, without feminine style, with baggy shirts, comfortable pants, tennis shoes and her hair on no side, let’s not even talk about makeup … until it blew me away!

Is Ángela Aguilar the opposite of Lucero’s daughter?

Angela Aguilar

In her Instagram photos, the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, whom I have always said is very capricious, because she boasts what she has, not only her house, but her pets, horses, projects and of course her body, that to her Barely 17 years old, he looks exercised and stylized by so many activities typical of a young millet.

But I think that my Angela Aguilar, my little girl, never thought that other girls would come out to ‘compete’ as a revelation in the artistic medium, until Lucero and Andrea Legarreta threw Lucerito Mijares and Mía Rubín, who are talented and beautiful in his style, but the curls left us stunned with a change that we hardly knew about in a photo …

The shocking change of Lucero’s daughter with makeup

Lucero's daughter with makeup

It turns out that in days gone by, my little girl Lucerito Mijares took off to see the play ‘La Jaula de las Locas’ at the theater and well, come on, she wanted to pay tribute to the title because she got excited about us, my girl empowered me and her friend Rogelio Suárez shares a photo that left me perplexed.

The actor who appears in the play is the girl’s little friend and he does my makeup in a spectacular way…. I did not give credit to such beauty because now Angela Aguilar is holding on because Lucerito Mijares takes away the throne of youthful beauty because they just see these big dark eyes, those outlined eyebrows, her perfect skin, the stylized nose and her million dollar smile with colored lipstick melon.

Ángela Aguilar is an expert in using makeup

Daughter of Pepe Aguilar

Before I tell you about the gossip of people’s comments about Lucero’s daughter for appearing with makeup, it is fair to say that at 17 years old, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter is an expert in carrying this ‘tool’ that makes her beauty of women well rescue us millets, although for me just not …

Sometimes I think that Ángela Aguilar abuses so much makeup, although like Lucero’s daughter, she only highlights her red lips, eyebrows and eyes with very sober tones to make it look ‘natural’ and of course look more like a ‘star’ than it is. But we must not forget that she is a young girl.

Lucerito Mijares raised sighs and comments for appearing with makeup

Lucerito Mijares beautiful

The Instagram account of ‘LuceroftBuenfil’ was in charge of publishing the shocking image of the blessed little girl of Lucerito Mijares with a lot of makeup in ‘La Jaula de las Locas’ and we were not the only ones crazy with this photo, millets because people also commented :

“Bella, with a privileged voice, I was impressed with #alwaysamigos”, “If so, this beautiful now looks more”, “Beautiful. I love her voice ”,“ Always beautiful !!! Do not lose your freshness and naturalness “, but others demanded me, millets:” That she straighten those hair as beautiful as mother Lucero is and so flirtatious and she cannot pay a little attention to her daughter and fix her hair or it will be that the daughter is a rebellious adolescent ”,“ She is barely fifteen years old, why don’t they let her grow according to her age, because the day will come that even if she wants to operate something she will do it ”, the followers sentenced.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter knows how to take advantage

Angela Aguilar sure of herself

While the daughter of Lucero ‘fell’ these messages, because I as a statesman comparing mijitas and photos and the truth is that although they still do not launch Lucerito Mijares very officially, he is already rubbing shoulders with the parents on the stage as the last concert they did and that left me ecstatic by their participation.

Ángela Aguilar already has more boards and professionalism and it shows even the way in which she is captured in her photos as in the one above with a very country plaid shirt, with long boots, jeans, but even the very well-kept angle disque ‘natural ‘looking at the horizon … clown girl …

Will the voice of Lucerito Mijares give Angela Aguilar problems?

Lucerito Mijares scruffy style

Well, maybe people say that with the image there is no problem and that the makeup enhances the daughter of Lucero mijos, but that it does not manage to beat Ángela Aguilar in beauty, but what do you think if we talk about the voice? Because here things do get very even and it cannot be denied.

While one has a powerful voice for the Mexican regional apart trained by being the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, the other girl came out smart to choose songs that challenge her to be better and demonstrate her power, such as the recent one that she sang alone at Lucero’s concert and Mijares, called ‘This Will Be’, which even English classes came to give us the mijita …

They ask Pepe Aguilar’s daughter for marriage every so often

Daughter of Pepe Aguilar with hat

This little girl Angela Aguilar loves to provoke and go ahead and cheat on me in her photos like in the most recent one where she is very fond of jeans that marked her wasp waist, while wearing a revealing pink blouse open from her upper part that raised sighs millets, and the kids because they almost fainted:

“I’m dying for her and she knows well what my spoiled is”, “I love you, because of you I want to study”, “Divine”, “How beautiful”, “I love you”, “How cool rancheritaaaa”, “How beautiful “,” Always looking so beautiful Angelita “,” Do you want to be my girlfriend? “,” Marry me please “,” If you were my girlfriend I would make you very happy “, as you can see these horny boys put her …

Lucerito Mijares was insulted and slapped with a white glove

Daughter of Lucero

This little girl from Lucerito Mijares is perfect for me because it is enough to see that she takes life so seriously and enjoys her youth and is very charismatic with so many grimaces and gestures and faces that she makes identical to her mother, as when she sings but is also smart to respond, because remember what he said about the criticism against him:

“I think to let them pass, and you have to be simple and never be the protagonist … do you understand me? That sometimes I don’t fight a lot, neither good nor bad comments, because sometimes they do a lot of damage and there are times when they are more bad than good… ”, proud of this girl because she responded like a professional.

Who is the best? Lucerito Mijares or Angela Aguilar

Daughter of Pepe Aguilar

The two are talented girls, beautiful in their own way, but one has more charisma than the other and the voices are couples, but only you decide who of these two mijitas is going to become a big star with the passage of time, although we must accept that Ángela Aguilar now has more tables and is already dedicated to music.

But I thought she didn’t trust me because then Lucero’s daughter could surprise her and start ‘eating her errand’, but that’s only with the passage of time … You guys decide that I have to go and chat because the cleaning is not done Alone, God bless you and take care of me, your little comadrita LA CHACHA loves you, bye bye! Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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