Lucerito Mijares surprises her father with a towel in the middle of a video (VIDEO)

Lucerito Mijares ‘exposes’ her father in a towel. Lucerito and Mijares appear on video. It sparks Lucero’s reaction. Th...

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  • Lucerito Mijares ‘exposes’ her father in a towel.
  • Lucerito and Mijares appear on video.
  • It sparks Lucero’s reaction.

The daughter of singer Lucero, Lucerito Mijares, surprises everyone on social networks when she posts a video where she appears next to her father, singer Manuel Mijares, but he was ‘exposed’ as he was only wearing a towel, which caused the thousands of followers of the young singer to explode in laughter.

Lucerito Mijares, at her young age, has been classified as one of the funniest young women in the world of entertainment, as despite the fact that the 16-year-old seems to not want to be part of the world of entertainment, the charisma and the good vibes of the young woman have infected thousands of her loyal followers, who end up with a smile after watching her videos.

Video of Manuel Mijares appears like never before


In a recent video, Lucerito Mijares, daughter of the famous Mexican singer and actress Lucero, surprised once again on social networks by airing and showing her mother, the also singer Manuel Mijares in a towel and completely untidy, all in order to help your little one with a video.

Through his official Instagram account, Lucerito Mijares shared this funny video, where we could see a little more of the singer’s facet away from the stage and now as a father, appreciating in more detail how well Manuel Mijares gets along with a of his youngest daughters.

Lucerito Mijares was the one who exposed her father Manuel Mijares with a video on a towel

Photo Instagram Lucerito Mijares Videos

In the short clip it is possible to see how both Mijares and Lucerito were in a ‘typical girls’ night’, while both appeared with casual pajamas and towels wrapped around their heads, making the video a little more intimate and fun, later we see how both have a conversation to the rhythm of a classic song.

During the process, we could see how the 16-year-old girl did not stop laughing at the appearance and occurrences of her father, the Mexican singer Miguel Mijares, while he seemed to be as if nothing was enjoying time with his beloved. daughter, very involved in her role as a confident friend.

Lucero reacts to the video of Manuel Mijares in a towel

Lucero reacts to the video; Lucerito Mijares ventilates his father Manuel Mijares by showing him in a towel in the middle of a video
VIDEO: Instagram

This video provoked endless reactions, to such a degree that even “The Bride of America”, Lucero could not contain the laughter and emotion that he decided to post a comment on said video, stating that he had loved the representation of both: “Hahahaha, the best !!!” he wrote accompanied by several smileys of laughing faces and applause.

For her part, the also actress and comedian Consuelo Duval could not contain her laughter, and despite the fact that she had previously had a small encounter with Mijares’ daughter, she did not hesitate to leave a comment about it: “Los amoooo” accompanied by several emoticons of faces laughing to tears.

Lucerito Mijares ‘reveals’ Manuel Mijares by showing him in a towel

Followers claim that they are all comedians; Lucerito Mijares ventilates his father Manuel Mijares by showing him in a towel in the middle of a video
VIDEO: Instagram

Of course, the more than 300 thousand followers of Lucerito did not want to be left behind, and before this video where he ‘ventilated’ his father with a towel on his head and with casual clothes, and they decided to comment something about it, where the Most of her loyal fans highlighted the beautiful relationship between her and her father Manuel Mijares:

“HAHAJ it’s really my favorite video haha”, “Ok, but Mijares’s face of concentration HAHAJ, they are the best, I love them”, “It’s great hahaha”, “I can’t believe it, they are the best HAHAJ”, ” They have made my afternoon happy, they are the best ”,“ They are the best comadres HAHA ”,“ I can’t get over Mijares’s face throughout the video hahaha ”,“ We ​​love Manuelito in a serious way and Lucero being Lucero hahaha ”, they were one of the many comments that could be read in the video. VIDEO HERE

Lucerito Mijares unleashes himself as a ‘Drag Queen’ imitating his mother and they tell him that she is a heavy

bright Star
PHOTO: Mezcalent

“She is a stubborn”. Lucerito Mijares, daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares surprises with a hairstyle very in the style of a drag queen while dancing one of her mother’s hits, however, followers of Tell me what you know they affirm that the young singer is a “heavy” and that “she does not have a drop of grace”.

At 16, Lucero Mijares Hogaza, daughter of the artists Lucero and Manuel Mijares, has consecrated herself as one of the young promises of Mexican music, and it is that this young woman completely inherited the talent of her parents and the beauty of her mother, managing to win the sympathy of the majority of the public with her talent and sympathy.

It is surprising to appear with a style very similar to that of a Drag Queen

bright Star
VIDEO: Instagram

This sympathy could be seen thanks to a video shared by the account of Tik Tok from her friend, Gerry Perez Brown, where the 16-year-old is seen wearing a large wig with tremendous curls, while her friend also appeared with an Afro-type wig and makeup, accompanied by a top of gold and black glitters.

In the video, they were both doing the imitation of one of their mother Lucero’s hits titled Tell me, where we could see as Lucerito, also nicknamed as The bride of Mexico, he moved and danced as does his mother in those years when this success was revealed.

Take the opportunity to record tik toks with his friend Gerry while they dress up as Drag Queens

bright Star
VIDEO: Instagram

According to the portal of Telemundo, Lucerito Mijares has attended the theatrical play on several occasions The cage of the crazy women, where he is behind the scenes and takes the opportunity to perform Tik Toks with his friend Gerry while they dress that way and this time he was no exception.

On the other hand, Lucerito Mijares has also characterized himself as his friends, dressing like a Drag Queen, and showing himself with a fairly loaded makeup, full of glitter and diamond in the shadows of his eyes, in addition to large wigs and quite extravagant outfits, full of sequins and quite bright colors.

“You look like your mother” They tell Lucerito Mijares

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VIDEO: Instagram

Given this, various users of the Instagram profile called @onda_lucerina They argued the great resemblance that Lucerito Mijares had with his mother: “You are the clone of Lucero mother, I love it”, “Beautiful like your mommy”, “You are a genius, I love you”, “Super nice Lucerito Mijares”.

However, not all were positive comments for the daughter of Lucero and Mijares in her video dressed very in the style of Drag Queen, since there were other followers who pointed out that she really was not very graceful as her mother is: “I think she She looks better as a comedian, and she’s not very pretty, but she has charisma ”.

“It makes me heavy”

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PHOTO: Instagran

In another room, the followers of the program Tell me what you know They thought the same as the previous comment, arguing that she really did not have the sympathy that her mother Lucero had, arguing that even the 16-year-old was a bore: “They will forgive me, but I find that girl very heavy, nothing compared with his mother, and besides, he’s not funny at all ”.

“I don’t know about me, but how ugly combination that came out of Mijares and Lucero ”,“ Nothing feminine that is this young woman ”,“ Nothing feminine by the way Lucero’s daughter ”,“ She falls very heavy because she is very heavy ”,“ That’s right, she is a girl who precisely because of her shape if it is, it makes it fall like this “,” I completely agree with you, it shows that it is heavy and empty, on top of it not very graceful “, were one of the comments that could be read in the video.

“He told Consuelo Duval that she looked very bad without makeup”

PHOTO: Instagram

Some users began to denote the time that the daughter of Lucero and Mijares “offended” the Mexican actress and comedian, Consuelo Duval, stating that the young woman had told her that she looked bad without makeup, causing users to start to fall wrong: “I saw an interview with Consuelo Duval where she said that she was very strong, because she told her, how bad you look without makeup, and that is wrong, for me the beauty it starts from the inside ”

To which various users were surprised by the comments of Mijares’s daughter: “Well, she must have self-esteem through heaven, and you’re right, beauty begins from the inside, what is in the heart is what you reflect on the outside . He sings cute and everything and nobody takes it away from him, but he is not beautiful ”wrote a user in the video of Lucerito Mijares imitating his mother and dressed in the Drag Queen style. TOWHAT CAN YOU SEE THE VIDEO?

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