The members of Los 2 Carnales are caught staring at Chiquis Rivera’s butt

A video of “Los 2 Carnales” staring at Chiquis Rivera comes to light. Were they staring at her butt? Followers react to the v...

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  • A video of “Los 2 Carnales” staring at Chiquis Rivera comes to light.
  • Were they staring at her butt?
  • Followers react to the video.

What are they staring at? A video is revealed where Chiquis Rivera appears introducing the next show in the Premios Juventud. However, in the background you can see the members of the band “Los 2 Carnales”, who were caught red-handed. Were they staring at Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s butt?

The ceremony of the Premios Juventud was full of surprises, either because of the shows, or because of the occasional outfit that the audience thought was hideous, however, what is a fact is that the ceremony became a trending topic in social networks, where a lof of behind-the-scenes videos were shared, among other things.

What were “Los 2 Carnales” seeing in the Chiquis Rivera video?

What were Los 2 Carnales seeing in the Chiquis Rivera video?
VIDEO: Instagram

However, a video that gave a lot to talk about was one that was shared through the Instagram account of @ chamonic3, in which something somewhat unusual could be observed. And it is that, when Chiquis Rivera was speaking, the members of “Los 2 Carnales” could be observed in the background, who seemed to notice something in Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

At the bottom of the video, the account wrote the following: “HAHAJ, they sent me this video, there are girls in everything, what barbarians, that’s how the 2 carnales were caught while Chiquis presented another show they saw the rear hahaha, you never know when the camera He is going to betray you ”, it could be read in the publication.

Cachan red-handed Los 2 Carnales on video observing Chiquis Rivera

Cachan red-handed Los 2 Carnales on video observing Chiquis Rivera
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which has at least 23 thousand views, it can be seen how Chiquis Rivera was presenting the next show of the night, while arguing about it. trouble through which the inhabitants of Cuba were passing, affirming that he expressed his greatest support.

However, the eyes went to the members of the musical band “Los 2 Carnales”, who were in the back of Chiquis, and it is that three of them were caught red-handed while they observed Chiquis and saw the Jenni Rivera’s daughter rearguard, generating endless comments about it.

“And where was the lemon water?” followers react to the video of Chiquis Rivera and “Los 2 Carnales”

"And where was the lemon water?" followers react to the video of Chiquis Rivera and Los 2 Carnales
VIDEO: Instagram

Before this video, various followers of the account began to arrive, where users gave different points of view, some arguing that “Los 2 Carnales” were not looking at his butt, while others made fun of Chiquis Rivera’s body: “In their mind they said, and the effect of the lemon? Where was it? “.

“I think they were seeing if that butt was real or not haha”, “No well, if it feels well desired, with this much more, others on their list are going to say”, “The Carnales seeing the bait haha”, “No Well, tremendous rebound, impossible not to see ”,“ Haha, for those of us who know her in person, we know that it is inevitable not to see it, that is, that is seen from afar, in a few words it is more rear than Chiquis ”.

“By God, not even who fights Chiquis” say followers before the video of “Los 2 Carnales”

"By God, not even who fights the Chiquis" say followers before the video of Los 2 Carnales
VIDEO: Instagram

On the other hand, some followers began to argue that “Los 2 Carnales” were not seeing anything, but rather that they were wondering who Chiquis Rivera was: “I saw that they turned to see who he was, not that they were seeing the rear guard hahaha “,” No mom # $ they weren’t looking at Chiquis, they turned around normal like anyone would turn when they see a camera behind, Chiquis or whoever fights her. ”

It should be noted that, despite that, there were users who argued that Chiquis has an enviable body: “You do not have to be envious or liars, Chiquis has a good buttock,” They took their good eye plug haha ​​”,” The envious ones will say that they weren’t looking at her hahaha ”,“ You have to recognize when another girl is looking good, even I tell my husband, look that way I would like to be ”. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Chiquis Rivera at the Premios Juventud

Chiquis Rivera at the Premios Juventud
PHOTO: Instagram

Before the video of Los 2 Carlanes was revealed watching Chiquis Rivera, the singer who was designated as the host of the Premios Juventud along with the singer Sebastián Yatra and the model Alejandra Espinoza, arrived without a bra on the red carpet of this ceremony, causing reactions of all kinds on social networks.


Through the official account of Instagram of these awards, you can see several images of the artists who will be there, the daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera being one of the first to be captured by the awards cameras: “The queen @chiquis opens PJ takeover”, you can read in this post.

“That wardrobe does not fit”

PHOTO: Instagram

In addition to asking where they can see the Premios Juventud, other people expressed themselves in the following way about the winner of the Latin Grammy in 2020, who is also one of the great attractions of the gala, which is held in Miami.

“That wardrobe does not fit”, “What is she doing there?”, “Which queen? Maybe her mother was “,” Forty in sight “,” Whoever dressed Chiquis does not love her at all. A disaster! “,” How scary “,” It has between the burned breasts or the mark of the surgery “, expressed some users.

They make fun of Jomari Goyso

PHOTO: Instagram

And the one who flatly surprised his arrival at the Premios Juventud ceremony was the Spanish fashionista Jomari Goyso, who decided on a highly criticized outfit, which consisted of a red jacket and shorts, as well as a white button-down shirt. open, tennis and long socks.

To the surprise of many, her friends, the Mexican singer Ana Bárbara and the actress and host Jacky Bracamontes, were not left with the desire to comment on the Spanish outfit: “Ay !!! How cute, you go from Kiko. I give you the ball “,” My beloved Maluma again took over your being, “you could read.

A party of Latin music

PHOTO: Instagram

The Brazilian singer Anitta will perform for the first time on television her hit Todo o nada con Lunay. Axel Rulay will perform alongside Farruko, aspiring to win five awards, and El Alfa his collaboration, Si es trucho es trucho, while Becky G will perform her single Fulanito with El Alfa.

Gloria Trevi, with a nomination that night, will present the world premiere of her new single on the Premios Juventud stage. The other names announced Thursday are new urban music star Brray, as well as Chencho Corleone, CNCO, N’Klabe, Peter Nieto, RKM, Nio García, Pitbull, IAmChino and Omar Courtz.

Meteor shower

PHOTO: Instagram

To this list will be added other stars whose presence at the Watsco Center in Miami was already known, such as Sebastián Yatra, Karol G, Tainy, Justin Quiles, Yandel, Myke Towers, Ángela Aguilar, Chino y Nacho, Guaynaa, Kali Uchis, Los Angeles Azules, Lunay, Natti Natasha, Paloma Mami, Pepe Aguilar and Ricky Martin, among others.

With 12 nominations, the Colombians Camilo and Karol G are the artists with the most nominations in the 2021 edition of Premios Juventud, which will be delivered with a live audience and which bring 14 new categories that open space to new artists and put a special focus on the regional Mexican music.

The winners of the Premios Juventud were chosen by the public

PHOTO: Instagram

According to information from Efe, Colombians J Balvin and Maluma have 11 nominations, followed by Daddy Yankee, Los Dos Carnales and Myke Towers with nine nominations, and Christian Nodal and Natti Natasha with eight.

As reported by the Univisión network, the categories and nominees were selected in collaboration with industry experts and the winners were chosen by the public, who could vote until June 28. It should be noted that the Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee, who has nine nominations, will receive the special change agent award for his social work to end child hunger in Latin America.

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