Liz Carpio was shot to death by her daughter’s father

The Hispanic, Liz Carpio, 32, was shot to death in Beaumont, Texas, by her ex-partner and father of her daughter Bradley Konning, 24, is ...

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  • The Hispanic, Liz Carpio, 32, was shot to death in Beaumont, Texas, by her ex-partner and father of her daughter
  • Bradley Konning, 24, is already in custody and charged with the felony charge of first degree murder.
  • Carpio had warned two days before she died that her ex-partner Konning was a “dangerous individual”

Hispanic Liz Carpio, mother of a girl, was shot to death outside her home in Texas and authorities have already arrested the alleged perpetrator. The Homicide Division of the Beaumont Police Department (BPD) arrested Bradley Konning, the girl’s ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, after the man escaped the crime scene.

According to the BPD report, the corporation’s patrollers responded on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 10:45 in the morning to several emergency calls from neighbors who warned them that in front of the house marked with 2500 McFaddin Avenue in the eastern Beaumont metropolitan area, there was a violent disturbance between a man and a woman.

Liz Carpio, one more case of domestic violence

Liz Carpio, Hispanic, Domestic Violence
Liz Carpio, 32, was shot to death by her ex-partner and father of her daughter. Two days before the woman died, she realized that the man was dangerous. (Photo: Courtesy Carpio Family)

The BPD patrols arrived at the scene of the incident, a gray two-story house, and found outside the house a Hispanic woman wounded by several gunshots and requested the presence of the paramedics of the Beaumont Fire Department (BFD) to transport the woman to an emergency hospital.

However, when the BFD paramedics arrived at the house, they could no longer do anything for the woman and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Neighbors of the girl who was shot to death identified her as Liz Carpio, 32, and a Hispanic mother of a young girl. The documents of the case do not detail where the girl was when the events took place.

Bradley Konning or Bradley Williams?

Liz Carpio, Hispanic, Domestic Violence
Bradley Konning, 24, is already being held in the Jefferson County jail charged with the murder of his ex-partner Liz Carpio. (Photo: Beaumont Police Department)

When the death of Liz Carpio was confirmed, the agents of the BPD Homicide Division took up the case and in their first investigations confirmed that the alleged murderer of the Hispanic girl was her ex-partner Bradley Konning, 24, and the father of her daughter. The man had fled the scene in a car after confronting the woman.

Agents from the BPD Homicide Division, reviewing Bradley Konning’s file, discovered that the man also called himself Bradley Williams and had three active arrest warrants for other prior offenses that are unrelated to the death of Liz Carpio.

They capture the alleged murderer of Liz Carpio

Liz Carpio, Hispanic, Domestic Violence
Liz Carpio, mother of a girl, was the daughter of an immigrant family from Tijuana, Mexico, who came to Texas seeking to earn a better living. (Photo: Courtesy of the Carpio Family)

Based on the arrest warrant for Bradley Konning, the elite group Special Arrests Unit of the BPD began to search the metropolitan area of Beaumont, Texas, to fugitive Bradley Williams. The agents’ investigations allowed them to arrest the alleged murderer of Liz Carpio at almost midnight on Thursday, April 29.

Bradley Konning already sleeps in prison Jefferson County, in Beaumont, charged with first degree murder for the shooting murder of his ex-partner Liz Carpio. According to Texas State Penal Code The first degree murder charge carries a sentence of 20 to 99 years in jail for anyone who pleads guilty after facing trial.

Liz Carpio warned of what could happen to her

Liz Carpio, Hispanic, Domestic Violence
Liz Carpio herself warned the Beaumont, Texas community that her ex-partner Bradley Robert Konning was a dangerous man and asked the authorities to detain him. Two days later the man killed her. (Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The murder of Liz Carpio has caused a deep indignation among the community of Beaumont, Texas, as the victim herself warned the authorities what could happen to her. She made it known to the community that Bradley Konning, the father of her daughter, was a dangerous, armed and violent man.

At 3:45 in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Liz Carpio posted a message on the South Texas Crime Watch page, with photographs of Bradley Konning, in which she warned that if someone saw him, they would not approach him and even described in his message as a “dangerous individual”.

The grief of a community over the death of Liz Carpio

(Photo: Beaumont Police Department)

The South Texas Crime Watch Facebook page is a restricted access page for the Beaumont, Texas community that serves as a tool people use to protect each other from crime and warn of potential dangers. The users of the page are furious for not having stopped the murderer of Liz Carpio before committing the crime.

Beaumont, the city where Liz Carpio was killed, is an industrial city in eastern Texas and almost on the border with the state of Louisiana. Most of the people who work in the city are related to the petrochemical industry since some of the largest and most important refineries in the United States are in that city.

What was the motive for the murder of Liz Carpio?

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

In the documents of the case against Bradley Konning, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, authorities have not determined the motive for the shooting murder by Liz Carpio. According to a source in the investigation, the alleged murderer is still being questioned by the authorities.

Liz Carpio and her alleged murderer Bradley Konning were a couple and had a daughter together so the girl’s crime is limited to what in the United States is classified as a crime of domestic violence. Cases of domestic violence are a true pandemic in the country that claims hundreds of victims each year.

Liz Carpio was already living a situation of harassment and violence

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

A neighbor of Liz Carpio, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation, said that the girl had already suffered violent harassment from Bradley Konning for several months since she decided to separate from him precisely because of her violent nature.

Carpio, according to her neighbor, was born in the United States but was the daughter of a family of immigrants from Tijuana, Mexico, who came to Beaumont, Texas many years ago, seeking to earn a living to carve out a better future. Rosa, the mother of Liz Carpio, is a very loved and respected woman among the Hispanic community of the city.

Liz Carpio, one more link in a long chain of violence

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

According to the nonprofit organization National Statistics on Domestic Violence (NCADV), the United States is experiencing a true pandemic of aggression, at various levels, against someone by their partner. Every minute, according to NCADV, 20 people are attacked by their partner in some way, including murder.

In the United States, one in four women and one in nine men are constantly subjected to violent abuse, causing them physical injury, emotion, trauma and anguish for the rest of their lives and even homicide. Women between 18 and 24 years old, almost always in their first serious relationship, are the most vulnerable and who report the most cases every day.

There is help for victims of domestic violence

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The death of Liz Carpio allegedly at the hands of her ex-partner is within the national context of domestic violence cases. According to the non-profit organization National Domestic Violence Hotline, one in four women in the United States suffers from an abusive relationship with her partner.

According to that same organization, every minute an average of 24 people, men and women, suffer some type of violence, rape, harassment and intimidation by their partners. That makes a total of 12 million people a year being victims of domestic violence, like the victim in the case against Bradley Konning.

Domestic violence manifests itself in different ways

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

The National Domestic Violence Helpline, which can be consulted online, has a series of recommendations in Spanish for people who suffer from partner abuse. The organization explains that there are different types of domestic violence and that the victim must learn to identify them, as in the case of Liz Carpio, before the tragedy.

According to the National Domestic Violence Helpline, according to its information in Spanish, it explains that anyone has the right to turn off their phone to be able to spend time with their family and friends without these activities having to anger their partner and no one can control someone else’s time even if they are married.

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