Liverpool Taxi Explosion: Impressive Video Of Terrorist Attack Released

A camera recorded the dramatic moment when a taxi exploded in Liverpool. The taxi driver managed to escape, while the passenger was kille...

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  • A camera recorded the dramatic moment when a taxi exploded in Liverpool.
  • The taxi driver managed to escape, while the passenger was killed in the explosion in Liverpool.
  • Authorities are investigating the event as a terrorist attack.

A security camera caught the exact moment that a taxi exploded in front of a hospital in Liverpool, England, in an event that the authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack. The incident occurred on Remembrance Day, when people who were killed in wars are remembered.

According to the The Sun, which published the video, the footage shows the taxi approaching the Liverpool Women’s Hospital entrance on Sunday before stopping as it passes the reception area. The car then exploded, creating a cloud of smoke and debris, as a stunned passerby watched the dramatic scene.

Cameras caught the impressive moment of the taxi explosion in Liverpool

Liverpool taxi explosion

Metal fragments could be observed flying through the air and falling on the cars parked at the site. Witnesses rushed to help the wounded as black smoke billowed into the air after the incident that has been described as a terrorist incident. Moments later, flames began to emerge from the wreckage of the taxi, which was engulfed in a ball of fire.

Driver Dave Perry could also be seen emerging in a daze from the hell he had just witnessed and hurrying away from the thick cloud of smoke. The taxi driver was injured during the horror of Remembrance Sunday but has been hailed as a “hero” for locking the suspect in his car, thus preventing a greater tragedy.

The heroic action of the taxi driver prevented a greater tragedy from the blast in Liverpool

Liverpool taxi explosion
Photo: Getty Images

According to The Sun, the brave actions of the taxi driver ensured the passenger carrying the bomb was the only person killed in the attack. In fact, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, praised the taxi driver on Monday, November 15, saying that he acted with, “incredible presence of mind and courage.”

He also confirmed that he will chair an emergency meeting of the Cobra team today to assess the terrorist attack. On Sunday, armed police went to the hospital just before 11 a.m. after the taxi exploded in the parking lot. The dramatic images showed the burning vehicle a few inches away from the main entrance of the health center, where 30 babies are born every day, The Sun reported.

Police confirmed that Liverpool taxi explosion is being investigated as a terrorist attack

Liverpool taxi explosion

Police confirmed on Monday that the attack is being treated as a terrorist attack, and that three suspects, ages 29, 26 and 21, were detained yesterday under the Terrorism Act. It has also been confirmed that a fourth man, aged 20, was detained today by agents and that the four suspects will be questioned by agents of the counterterrorism team this afternoon, The Sun reported.

The AP reported that Merseyside police said in a statement that the vehicle, a taxi, “arrived at the hospital shortly before the explosion occurred. Work is still underway to determine what happened, and it may take some time until we are in a position to confirm anything. ”

After a 10-minute ride, the taxi exploded in Liverpool (click on the image to see the video)

Liverpool taxi explosion

Deputy Chief of Police Russ Jackson of the Northwest Counter-Terrorism Unit said the terrorist had entered the taxi on Rutland Avenue shortly before 11 a.m. He asked to be taken to Liverpool Women’s Hospital, which is about ten minutes away.

As the taxi approached the hospital, the explosion tore through the car and engulfed it in a fireball, killing the man and injuring taxi driver Dave Perry. Police believe they know his identity, but no details have been released. Agents are still trying to determine the motive for the terrorist explosion and claim that the investigation, “continues apace.”

4 dead in RV park shooting in US

Shooting in motorhome park
Reference photo: Shutterstock

A shooting occurred over the weekend. Police authorities confirmed that four people died in a shooting that broke out in a motorhome or camper park located in Tucson, Arizona, as reported by Fox 10 Phoenix and AZ Central, among other local media.

Four people died after a shooting in the early hours of Sunday, November 14, at a Tucson RV park. The shooting occurred near Ajo Highway and La Cholla Boulevard, Fox 10 Phoenix detailed in a report published after 9 a.m. yesterday night.

Deadly shooting in RV park confirmed

Shooting in motorhome park

After going to the RV park where the shooting was reported, police officers first found a man with a gunshot wound who was dead on the street. They then found three other victims: two died at the crime scene and the other died in hospital.

According to the Fox 10 Phoenix report, witnesses told authorities that a group of men went to one of the mobile homes in the park to confront the owner and a guest, which ended up resulting in a shooting. The police have not said what caused the confrontation nor have they revealed the identities of the victims. They indicated that the owner of the residence was not injured.

Authorities detail how the shooting in the RV park began

Shooting in motorhome park

The AZ Family newspaper stated that the RV park where the shooting took place at almost 1:00 a.m. is called Plaza del Sol, located on West Ajo Way, and that the first man who police officers found lying on a sidewalk received help. However, he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. The rest of the deceased people are all men.

The aforementioned newspaper also indicated that although the owner of the mobile home where the argument and subsequent shooting took place was not injured, a guest who was with him did suffer injuries. However, his life was not endangered. Authorities did not offer further details of the event, as the investigation is ongoing, a police statement said.

What if I have information about the shooting in the RV park?

Shooting in motorhome park
Screenshot of video posted by Fox 10 Phoenix

Following the fatal event, Arizona police asked anyone with information to call 911 or 88-CRIME. And callers with information about the shooting can remain anonymous if they choose, police said.

According to the AZ Family report, the deaths of the four men bring the number of homicides in Tucson to 88 so far in 2021. That is a 60% increase from last year, according to data provided by Tucson police. Last year, around this time, the police had reported 55 homicide deaths.

Luis González Cruz is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail

As the adage goes: justice takes time, but eventually it arrives. Luis González Cruz will set foot on the streets for the rest of his life after legal authorities sentenced him to life imprisonment for the shooting murder he committed against a teenager in a park in the United States.

Click 2 Houston reported on Saturday, November 13, that Luis González Cruz, 26, a member of the MS-13 gang, will spend the rest of his life behind bars after he and other members allegedly shot and killed a teenager in a park in Missouri City, Texas, in 2016. For more details read this article.

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