Lip Service: 10 Instances When it’s Appropriate to Wear Lip Liner

The great news is that lip liner is back and better than ever. Here are 10 lip liner tips to keep your pout perfect for any occasion.

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We’ll be the first to admit, when we think of lip liner, we recall the horribly misguided late fashion trend of the 80‘s and 90’s wherein we all wore dark brown liner around our overly shiny, definitely plumped up nude lips. We couldn’t all be Pamela Anderson during the Tommy Lee years but we all tried to get her look. Now, Dorothy Parker said, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone,” and we can all agree that those dark-lined nude lips were a special kind of ugly. The great news is that lip liner is back and better than ever. Gone are the days of brown (and dare we say black) liner and here to stay are great shades that can help lips appear fuller, more youthful and better defined while giving lipstick more staying power. Here are 10 lip liner tips to keep your pout perfect.

1. Lip Liner To Prevent Feathering

lip liner

Lipstick can often start running into those fine lines and wrinkles around our lips. Sorry but it’s true. We all have them, unfortunately. Using a nude or colorless liner works with any shade of lipstick to keep your lipstick from feathering into those tiny little lines.

2.  Better to Pout

For fuller, poutier lips, choose a liner that’s just a tiny bit darker than your lip color and trace just around the edge of your lips. Be careful to not go too far, straying off of your actual lip line. You’ll just look silly.

3. Cutie Cupid

A young woman applying lip liner

To emphasize your cupid’s bow and give your lips more definition, use lip liner to make an X at the center of your top lip, to outline the center of your bottom lip and at the corners of your mouth. Fill in with lipstick and voila!

4. Lip Liner For Work

Lip liner tips are very important for keeping a professional look. For the office, a neutral liner looks polished and professional.

5. For a Night Out

lip liner

Lip liner is perfect for those nights when you want to stand out. Your bold red lip will have more lasting power and look richer if you use lip liner over your entire lip to create a foundation for the color.

6.  L’Artiste

The purpose of lip liner can also to create illusion. Lip liner can be used to help even out your lip shape if you’re particularly asymmetrical or have a sore or blemish on one side.

7. Go Dark


When using dark lipstick, be sure to use lip liner underneath and blended into the color. It will help the color have more staying power and make the whole look more sophisticated and less like the result of teenage angst.

8. Be Nude

When you choose to wear a nude lipstick (we’re loving them right now and they’re all over the runways), make sure the liner is as close to your natural lip color as possible. It will keep your look chic rather than looking like you forgot to put on your lips.

9. To Create the Perfect Color

Lips applying an eyeliner pencil on top

Last year’s hottest trendy lipstick color can always be updated and improved upon with the right liner. Experiment by blending different shades of lip liner with lipsticks you’re no longer all that crazy about and see what you come up with.

10. Costumes Anyone?

Because there’s something so right about being so wrong, break out the brown with your lip jelly gloss and toss on some stirrup pants for an 80’s Halloween. Why not, right?

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