Lili Estefan’s son in controversy for having a huge party (VIDEO)

Lili Estefan’s son, Lorenzo Luaces Jr is at the center of controversy. Is there no longer a need to take care of yourself in the mi...

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  • Lili Estefan’s son, Lorenzo Luaces Jr is at the center of controversy.
  • Is there no longer a need to take care of yourself in the middle of a crowd?
  • A video shows that Lili Estefan’s son returned ‘to normal life’.

Lorenzo Luaces Jr, Lili Estefan’s handsome son, leads a very private life and aside from being seen with his mother, the young man remains ‘incognito’, with activities that have nothing to do with the world of entertainment… until now, because this weekend the young man was in a huge party playing as a DJ.

Although that was not a concern for Lili Estefan, the truth is that Lorenzo Luaces Jr caused controversy with a video that was shared on the ‘Gossip not like‘ Instagram account, where he can be seen as the’ host ‘of a party attended by hundreds of people, in the pool.

Irresponsible? Lorenzo Luaces Jr, son of Lili Estefan provokes outrage

Son Lili Estefan

In her most recent photograph, Lili Estefan hugs her son Lorenzo Luaces Jr with a smile, who had a very busy weekend DJing at a huge party … forgetting the security measures, even due to the COVID pandemic?

“This is how I start the week with my batteries recharged after this whirlwind trip! Pure LOVE Cheech, I’m so proud of youiiiiiiii and what a great time we had !!! Love uuuuuu Pa ”, wrote the presenter of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ in a series of images celebrating what was apparently her first ‘big’ event as a DJ.

No security measures? Lorenzo Luaces Jr serves as DJ

Lorenzo Luaces Jr

Apparently, Lili Estefan gave signs of what happened and that is that her son would have played for a University party to which students invited several family members: “my people beautifulaaaaaaa and may everyone find those people in their lives that recharge their lives. good energy ”, the driver wrote in the photos.

However, through the account of the show Chisme no Like, controversy arose over the publication of the video and people did not agree: “This is how #LiliEstefan’s son has fun. The host shared a video of #Lorenzo which He angered many, because he and the people present are not wearing a mask when the pandemic is not over yet. Let us remember that # Univisión has become a source of infection after many of its drivers and workers ended up infected, “the description reads.

Lili Estefan’s son sparks debate over his participation as a DJ in a massive party

Lorenzo Luaces Jr son Lili Estefan

Lorenzo Luaces Jr looked very happy playing at the party where you can see thousands of people, mostly young, without healthy distance and without masks, which naturally caused people to be thinking about whether it represented irresponsibility, because the pandemic is not over:

“Alcohol, drugs and the plus COVID”, “Do not damage your party. And the concerts? There so little use masks, you don’t know if they asked for vaccination cards like in other places ”,“ But they are at an open air concert, and in Houston nobody is wearing a mask ”,“ Mommy’s rich boy ”,“ Surely they are already vaccinated Everyone, the truth is that I don’t see anything wrong, we have to get back to our normality ”, you can read some comments.

Agree or not? Lili Estefan’s son, Lorenzo Luaces Jr causes divided comments

Lorenzo Luaces Jr, son Lili Estefan

While Lorenzo Luaces Jr had the best time at the party acting as a DJ and his mother Lili Estefan supported him, on social networks, people were divided into positive and negative comments about the ideal or not of going to a massive party without so many security measures for COVID.

“Seriously?? He is there only because of the name of his family ”,“ Where was that Covid19 fest?!?!?! ”,“ In Miami, the pandemic is worse, than envy the states, if people do not become aware of the consequences, well as the story says. For himself who can, the one who wants to live, let him live, and the one who doesn’t, is their problem ”,“ And the mask for when? ”,“ What a complete life and in a pandemic all without masks ”, commented more people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF LILI ESTEFAN’S SON PLAYING AS A DJ

Lili Estefan, does she spoil her children Lorenzo Luaces Jr and Lina too much?

Lorenzo Luaces Jr. Son Lili Estefan

How much Lili Estefan has changed! The presenter of the iconic entertainment program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, shared with her Instagram followers an important memory of her time in Cuba, when she was still a teenager and her plans were to go to Costa Rica, where she wants to settle with her other family.

But, there was no memory of the photograph. The most interesting thing about that publication was that the driver’s followers confirmed the suspicions that her daughter had said some time ago: Lina is identical to her mother, when she was much younger. In the photo that Lili uploaded, you can see the great resemblance between the two and how the young woman got all the Estefan genes.

Lili Estefan Lina Luaces: Photos and memories

Lili Estefan Lina Luaces: Photos and memories
Photo: Instagram

Lili Estefan, got a little sentimental through her social networks. The television presenter and ex-model, uploaded an important photograph at the age of 13, next to her uncle and brother; The image shows the presenter very smiling, but what is striking about this image is the memory behind it.

Estefan has on several occasions commented on his entry to Miami and what it was like to leave Cuba behind. It was not easy for her to get to her first home, which was Costa Rica, much less move to Miami, but she did and made a life in the country; For that reason, it was very important for the driver to point out what led her to leave her country of origin and never forget the story behind her departure. Filed Under: Lili Estefan Lina Luaces

Lili Estefan Lina Luaces: The departure from Cuba

Lili Estefan Lina Luaces: The departure from Cuba
Photo: Instagram

The presenter pointed out in that photograph, that it meant a lot to her since it was the story behind her departure from Cuba and her beginning living in Costa Rica; an essential change for Lili, as it was the new beginning that both she and her brother needed in order to obtain a better life.

“On a day like today 41 years ago we left CUBA via Costa Rica,” said Lili at the bottom of the image, which she shared with her followers through social networks, pointing out how she had started her journey to reach the United States , where he settled with most of his family in Miami. Filed Under: Son Lili Estefan Lorenzo Luaces Jr

Arrival in Miami

Arrival in Miami
Photo: Instagram

The presenter explained that that was when they reunited with their uncle Emilio Estefan, who was the one who supported them on their arrival in Costa Rica and later, they moved to a new country, looking for better opportunities within the United States, but this time with all the Estefan family accompanying them.

“Where we meet again with the uncle @emilioestefanjr and a few months later with the rest of the family in Miami,” the ex-model confessed to her Instagram followers, who did not take long to comment on her feelings for the image that Lili had decided to post on the social network and it was quickly filled with good comments. Filed Under: Son Lili Estefan Lorenzo Luaces Jr

Does the presenter spoil her children a lot?

"A treasure"
Photo: Instagram

She mentioned that this photograph was one of her few treasures, since there were few images that had such a special background story and that told her beginning in a new life. On several occasions, the presenter and former model has explained that it was difficult for her to leave her native country behind, but that it was necessary to obtain a better life.

“This photo is a TREASURE! I am 13 years old ”, said the host of the iconic show program, which has been on the air after many years and which made her be recognized within the environment. Lili Estefan pointed out that she would always see this image as one of her most precious possessions because of how special it is. Filed Under: Son Lili Estefan Lorenzo Luaces Jr

The memory of Juan Estefan

The memory of Juan Estefan
Photo: Instagram

Originally, the photograph was shared by his brother Juan, who mentioned how his arrival in the new country was and for that reason, he saw that image and that date as a new birthday, since it signified the freedom they had acquired when they left Cuba; a country that was going through one of the biggest crises and where the standard of living was very difficult to cope with.

August 24, 1980 is the second birthday of my sister and I !! “, commented the brother of the driver, since he was the first to share that photograph and who began to narrate the story behind that singular image. He mentions that it is also very important in his life, since it was part of a very special moment for both brothers. Filed Under: Son Lili Estefan Lorenzo Luaces Jr Some images of this note come from the following video

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