Work Hard, Live Right: 12 Life Lessons Kids Learn from their Working Parents

In honor of Working Parents Day on September 16, we remind all working parents of the valuable lessons they pass on to their kids.

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Working parents are our heroes (okay, all parents are our heroes, but hear us out). Since September 16 is Working Parents Day, we’re celebrating the lessons that these mamis and papis impart to their children. Studies have shown that kids of working parents have higher test scores, greater career success and increased professional satisfaction. Who doesn’t want all that for their kids?

Co-host of Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, Cristina Ferrare tells Working Parents Magazine, “My husband works and I work. But I take jobs that enable me to balance both family life and my job. This sometimes meant taking those jobs in television where I occasionally was able to take my children with me on the set.” Now, we’re not here to get in an argument over which is better, staying home or working, but in honor of this day, we’re giving you 12 life lessons children of working parents can learn from watching the pros in action!

1. Organize Your Time


As you already know, being a working parent means juggling the kids, the household chores, your job, spouse, childcare arrangements and so much more. You quickly become super efficient and organized with your time, something your kids learn from you as they watch you go about your everyday life.

2. Equality!

According to, “When both parents work, there is a potential for greater equality in the roles of husband and wife. Depending on the nature of the parents’ work, as well as the family’s values, fathers may assume more responsibility for childcare and housework than has traditionally been the case.” We love the sound of that!

3. Live Your Dreams

A woman at work

It used to be that once a woman had children, she gave up everything she ever wanted in her career to become mom and only mom. Those days are over. Now, by maintaining and nurturing your career, you’re showing your children that you can be a mom and keep your dreams alive, well and important to you.

4.  Make Every Second Count 

It’s true that working parents spend less time with their kids but it’s what you do with that time that matters, right? So these children see that family time should be quality time, and every moment together should be cherished.

5. Can-Do Attitude

A lady at work desk

As a working parent, you often have to stay positive and determined even when you’re feeling like crap. You put up with the same sleep deprivation and identity transformation as stay-at-home parents but you have to do it while maintaining a professional face and a can-do attitude, both of which your child can learn from.

6. The Value of Hard Work

Children of working parents see their parents work hard and understand that they’re earning money to provide for them so they learn the value in both money and labor.

7. Honor Your Commitments


Watching you follow through with your professional obligations, your kids learn the importance of respecting and adhering to our responsibilities in life. Also, you’ll undoubtedly make commitments to your children, promising to take them to the zoo or museum on your day off, and they’ll see you make good on those promises time and time again.

8. Do Whats Right For You

If you don’t want to be a stay-at-home parent, you really shouldn’t. Putting your dreams on hold when it’s not what you truly want may cause you to resent your children. Believe it or not, they’ll feel that and their behavior will reflect it, making your job that much more miserable. Working when you want to work shows your kids that everyone is different and we should all strive to do what makes us happy.

9. Take Time For Yourself

The feet of a person resting from work

We’re all better parents when we take a moment for ourselves from time to time. And kids will benefit from the fact that you occasionally take a long lunch or sneak in an extra cup of coffee during an afternoon break because you’re a more balanced, happy person when you get home.

10. Independence

Whether you’re a single parent or part of a couple, when you work, you have a certain sense of independence and self-confidence that your kids can learn a thing or two from.

11. Nice Things in Life Cost Money


We like to remind our own kids from time to time that, if they want us to buy them things, we have to go to work. This may not be the most heartwarming of messages but it’s practical and important for them to understand as early in life as possible.

12. Family Time is Sacred

We make a commitment to treat any time we have when the whole family is together like gold. We put away our phones and devices, turn off the TV and make sure we’re truly taking full advantage of the limited family bonding we get. Whether our own kids choose to work or not when they become parents, we hope this lesson especially is cherished forever.

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