Life imprisonment? Psíquica reveals the conviction and future of Emma Coronel, wife of El Chapo (VIDEO)



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  • The psychic Yael de las Estrellas says what is in store for Emma Coronel
  • The projections of the future of Chapo Guzman’s wife, according to numerology
  • “Long life, betrayal, and a hopeless future,” he commented.

After the arrest of Chapo Guzmán’s wife, Emma Coronel, several psychic They have predicted what awaits the model, but this time Yael de las Estrellas tells the future with numerology.

Through the morning show’s Instagram account Wake up America, a video was shared where the psychic expert in numerology, sees the projections of the future of Emma Coronel Aispuro.

“Long life, betrayal, and a hopeless future. This is what numerology holds for #emmacoronel with @yaelestrellas ” thus they accompanied the publication on the social network.

Emma Coronel future numerology


Already in the clip, Yael affirms that she “is going to live many years, it is a long life, she is in a cycle number 6, in the first semester you do not see numbers as complicated as in the second, which is very complicated for her” .

Then he mentions that in month 7 something very strong is coming for Coronel Aispuro, especially with the women in the family, “call it a mother or an aunt, I feel that it will be the mother who will not be well in terms of health,” said the psychic.

Betrayal of Emma Coronel?

Yael de las Estrellas said that a complication comes to Chapo’s wife with another woman in a work situation, “from someone who worked with her who is going to betray her in the same month 7”.

He even affirms that the future of the model is not at all hopeful: “I think they will give her many years or life imprisonment, at least 20 years, she has already been dragging a karmic situation with her husband for a long time”, Yael said, clarifying that Emma’s numbers are very similar to Chapo’s.


Netizen Reactions

In the publication about the future of Emma Coronel according to her numerology, different users were present leaving their comments and opinions about it.

Emma Coronel future numerology 2


There were those who were already fed up with astrology, “Don’t you have anything else to talk about ??? It’s been 4 or 5 days talking about the same thing ”.

Others say that only God can judge: “Personally, I believe that it is very good, only God judges, but the one who is wrong pays it super well and I am not happy, but people know that that kind of life has to pay it no This is how she says that she is dedicated to agriculture, my father was a farmer and he never got rich hahaha, he only had debts ”.

“The only one who knows what will happen to us is GOD, the rest are charlatans, but that does not surprise me, everyone needs to work, those who surprise me are the media who believe that the population does not read, we do not inform ourselves. Anyone who believes in such quackery by now is blind and you are giving them more publicity. Read the Bible and you will be free ”, said another netizen.

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“On earth and in the universe she says a very well known word that says here on earth all good and bad are paid, she did not think of the consequences of all her luxuries”, was another message from a follower.

Emma Coronel wife of Chapo numerology

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“What it is not to have to fill a space with pure nonsense things is incredible that in these times there are people who still believe in these charlatans on television”, “God is the one who knows the future of all mortals”, “You future is determined only by God. Not any meteorologist. God knows your. Past, present, and its future, amen “, were some of the comments.

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