LG Sells a ‘roll-up’ TV for the price of a luxury car

After a few years, LG has finally succeeded in bringing its nnew tv model, which promises to surprise users with never-before-seen advanc...

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After a few years, LG has finally succeeded in bringing its nnew tv model, which promises to surprise users with never-before-seen advanced technology.

The LG OLED R model is a further step into the future of home entertainment, and its screen is designed to “roll up”, a feature that makes LG one of the most innovative companies in recent years.

Read on to learn more about the LG OLED R model:

  • LG has put on sale its new “roll-up” television model, after dedicating four years to its design
  • With a 65-inch screen, the LG OLED R model promises to surprise users with its advanced technology
  • One of the surprises has been the price with which it has been announced, since it is listed at $ 87,000 US dollars.

LG has surprised its users around the world by announcing its latest television model, which has been launched on the market after several years of testing.

The good news is that LG has been able to develop a new technology to offer the market a completely innovative option, which has not been long in capturing the eyes of experts and fans of the brand.

The bad, for some, is that the LG OLED R model will not be as accessible as some had thought, since its price will be on par with that of a luxury car of the year.

Last Thursday, Korea-based tech giant LG formally unveiled its latest TV model.

Its main characteristic is that it is a “roll-up” model never seen before. During the launch event, LG executives announced that the OLED R model will be available starting Thursday.

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It is also a historic moment for LG, since, by finalizing the launch of the OLED R model, they are also ending a long period of four years in which they dedicated themselves to carrying out numerous tests and designing prototypes.

The model LG OLED RAs the company has decided to market it, it is manufactured under certain guidelines that aim to offer a unique experience to the user.

LG also announced during its launch event that the OLED R model is made with a 65-inch flexible screen.

LG and the future of television: Meet its new “roll-up” model

Space problems will no longer be a reason not to buy the television of your dreams.

Thanks to LG, now you can buy the OLED R model and place it in any room whenever you want.

Unlike any other television, the LG OLED R model will have the ability to “roll up” so that the user can place it in a special box during the hours when it is not being used.

So far, the model is only available in seven stores within Korea, but is expected to hit the global market soon.

The president of LG Home Entertainment Company referred to the OLED R model as “an unprecedented feat that genuinely deserves to be called a work of art.”

Like many works of art, the feat accomplished by LG comes at a high cost. In Korea, the “roll-up” model is priced at 100 million won.

For the US market, this figure represents an approximate $ 87,000.

It has certainly been a long road for LG and the OLED R model.

Photo: LG

As has happened with other next-generation devices, it has been a path of several attempts for the Korean company to achieve its feat.

The first time that this prototype was known was during the 2016 International Electronic Consumer Fair, held in Las Vegas.

There, the largest technology companies in the world met, and it was where LG decided reveal your new “roll-up” screen.

Three years later, what had been a promise became a reality. In 2019, LG showed up to the event with a prototype of the OLED R model.

LG not only succeeded in designing and manufacturing a new flexible-screen television prototype, but also took on the task of innovating in other areas of the same device.

As can be seen on their website, the rectangular base that generally supports conventional televisions can also be personalized with the user’s name and serves as a sound system.

The main intention LG had in mind during the design and manufacturing process of the prototype was “to free users from the limitations of the wall, allowing them to” heal “the environment in which they enjoy watching television” without having to modify their spaces to place a large screen.

As they explain, at the end of the day, the screen only takes up space when you are looking at it, so its design represents the possibility of saving as much space as possible in apartments or rooms with limited space.

According to Park, “This television is a true luxury that reimagines what television can be; this television model offers a unique user experience, as well as a new way of rethinking the space, which confirms once again LG’s leadership in the premium television market. “

Photo: LG

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