Lesly Palacio went out with a friend and was found dead in the desert

Dead in the desert: Lesly Palacio, 22, went out on a date with a friend in Las Vegas, Nevada and days later they found her dead Erick Ran...

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FOTO Departamento de Policía Metropolitana de Las Vegas
  • Dead in the desert: Lesly Palacio, 22, went out on a date with a friend in Las Vegas, Nevada and days later they found her dead
  • Erick Rangel-Ibarra and José Rangel, father and son, are already wanted for their alleged relationship in the girl’s death
  • The girl’s mother assured the authorities that the night her daughter disappeared she felt a terrible hunch

Young Lesly Palacio was found dead in the desert of Nevada and his murder has rocked the Hispanic community in Las Vegas.

Palacio, 22 years old, was reported missing by her family to the authorities last Sunday, August 30, and her body was found on Wednesday, September 9, lying in a wasteland.

He Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) issued an arrest warrant for Erick Rangel-Ibarra, 25, with whom the girl went out the night she disappeared.

The LVMPD Homicide Division has not directly identified Rangel-Ibarra as allegedly responsible for Palacio’s death, but they name him a “person of interest” in his murder.

In addition to Erick Rangel-Ibarra, the authorities also want to speak with her father, José Rangel, 45, as both men left their home a couple of days after the girl’s disappearance.

The rest of the family that stayed at the Rangel home in Las Vegas, according to a bulletin from authorities, has refused to declare anything to the Homicide Division officers.

According to the incident report, consulted by MundoHispánico In the Rangels’ arrest warrant, Lesly Palacio told her relatives that on the night of Saturday 29 she had a date with a friend.

The girl only told them on the night of August 29 that she would go with Erick to one of the many casinos in Las Vegas. Authorities later discovered that Palacio and Rangel-Ibarra went to the Longhorn Casino.

The next morning the Palacio family was concerned because the girl did not sleep again. They called her on her cell phone repeatedly and the device was off.

Lesly Palacio told her family that she was going out with a friend on a date. (PHOTOS: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

Palacio’s relatives went to present the report of the girl’s disappearance because they suspected that something was wrong, since she had never missed her house to sleep and always answered calls.

In the absence of news, officers from the LVMPD Missing Persons Division issued an alert with a photograph of the girl’s driver’s license, declaring her officially missing.

However, up to that point the girl’s case had not been declared a crime. However, the agents began to track Lesly Palacio’s activities through her cell phone after she left her home.

This is how the officers discovered that the young woman had been on Saturday night at the Longhorn Casino, in the 5288 Boulder Highway, in the southeast of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

In this image, captured inside the Longhorn Casino, Palacio is seen as she walked out of the place accompanied by her friend Erick Rangel-Ibarra. It is the last image of the girl in life.

The hotel provided the authorities with video security cameras, where the girl is seen walking with a young Hispanic man, Erick, and thus they were able to identify him. Those were the last images of Lesly Palacio in life.

However, when the officers went to Rangel-Ibarra’s house on Tuesday, September 1, they discovered that the boy, along with his father José Rangel, had left the city.

The Rangel family and the Palacio family, both immigrants from Mexico, had a relationship for years.

Neighbors confirmed that they had seen the two men leave with suitcases. The family members of the Rangels who stayed in the house availed themselves of their right not to declare anything to the authorities.

One of the most heartbreaking testimonies in the investigation into the death of Lesly Palacio is that of her mother, who told the authorities that a twinge, a hunch of concern, made her wake up at 4:40 on the night she disappeared her daughter, to text her “Daughter, are you okay?” but the girl never responded.

Erick Rangel-Ibarra, 25, left his home on September 1 when the authorities were already looking for him to question him about the girl’s disappearance.

The case was left on a dead end until Wednesday, September 9, when a scout hiker walking the roads of a Navajo reservation in Nevada spotted what he believed to be the body of a woman.

The body was in a secluded area of ​​Valley of Fire State Park, and because it is Moapa Nation territory, LVMPD officers asked tribal chiefs for permission to enter to investigate.

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 10, the LVMPD declared that Lesly Palacio’s death had been the product of “criminal activity.” However, they did not use the word murder.

In any case, the Corporation’s Homicide Division took up the case and issued the arrest warrants for Erick Rangel-Ibarra and José Rangel.

Because the case is still open, some documents are not available for public consultation.

For this reason, it is not known until now what was the alleged role that José Rangel had in the disappearance and death of the girl.

Lesly Palacio Las Vegas

José Rangel, 45, also escaped with his son after the girl’s disappearance was confirmed. The two could be trying to flee to Mexico, where they are originally from.

The Rangels, according to the authorities, have family ties in the states of Jalisco and Durango, and the LVMPD Homicide Division estimates that the two men may be trying to cross the United States border to the south in their son’s truck. .

As of this writing, the LVMPD Homicide Division has not released the official cause of Lesly Palacio’s death and they only have it classified as “criminal activity” and point to the Rangels as “persons of interest” in a crime.

The LVMPD Homicide Division asks that if anyone knows with certainty the whereabouts of Erick Rangel-Ibarra and his father José Rangel that they contact their office at 702.828.5521.

In addition, the non-profit organization Nevada Crime Stoppers offers a reward to whoever offers the reliable clue leading to the Rangels’ arrest by calling 702.385.5555. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

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