At 3 years old, she makes an impact with her accent! Canelo’s daughter enchants by speaking English (VIDEO)

María Fernanda Gómez, Canelo Álvarez’s little daughter, appears speaking English. The girl surprised many with her accent in Englis...

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  • María Fernanda Gómez, Canelo Álvarez’s little daughter, appears speaking English.
  • The girl surprised many with her accent in English.
  • Could it be that Canelo’s daughter is ready to master another language in addition to Spanish?

Canelo Álvarez and his daughter María Fernanda Gómez are very close. The boxer is proud of his 3-year-old little girl who is a real sweetheart and social media love her because her mother, Fernanda Gómez, loves sharing videos and images of the adorable girl as she gradually learns to speak English.

In addition to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which caused a sensation a while ago, little María Fernanda Gómez enjoys spending time with her sisters and, on this occasion, was playing beauty parlor with her half sister Emily. She took this opportunity to speak English while her mother recorded her.

Canelo’s daughter causes a sensation: María Fernanda Gómez learns to speak English at 3 years old

Fernanda Gómez daughter Canelo
Instagram: Univision Famosos

The video recorded by Canelo’s wife was posted on the ‘Univision Famosos‘ Instagram account, where they shared a conversation that the Mexican boxer’s daughter was having with another little girl while she combed her hair and told her to speak in English.

“And tell me about your family,” says the girl to Canelo’s daughter while she combs her hair and she answers: “Yes.” You can hear their conversation while they are in a playroom with another girl playing behind them, but the conversation in English was what attracted the most attention.

At 3 years old, little María Fernanda Gómez is loved by Canelo’s fans

Canelo daughter

After causing a sensation a few months ago by reciting the oath to the Mexican flag, Canelo’s third daughter, María Fernanda Gómez now shows that at 3 years old she is ready to master English. She is very determined in her pronunciation and attitude when speaking the language.

The conversation in English continues and she says her own name, “María Fernanda Gómez,” with an accent. Then she is asked her father’s name. Although she doesn’t say ‘Saúl’, she does say “Canelo Álvarez”, which undoubtedly excited her mother who is watching her little daughter’s desire to learn the American language at almost 4 years old.

People are fascinated with Canelo’s daughter

Fernanda Gómez daughter of the boxer speaking English

María Fernanda Gómez is the third daughter of Canelo. Her mother is his current partner, Fernanda Gómez. And perhaps because Gómez shares her videos so much, she has become extremely popular with the boxer’s fans. She’s also incredibly charismatic. However, he also has three other children: Emily Cinnamon, the eldest, Mía Ener and Saúl Adiel, all with different mothers.

Upon seeing the video of Canelo’s daughter speaking English, people were amazed and commented: “No, wow, my 2-year-old niece speaks English, Spanish and Mandarin and her parents aren’t pretentious.” “Wasn’t she born in the US, wouldn’t it be normal for her to speak English after a year?” “How beautiful.”

Canelo’s little daughter also likes to sing

Canelo daughter

María Fernanda Gómez also made a splash in September when she charmingly began to sing ‘Cielo Rojo’ before one of her famous father Canelo’s fights, and the video amazed everyone because of her beauty, charisma and intelligence.

“WOW I’m your fan.” “How beautiful.” “How beautiful and very intelligent.” “I bet she had a lot of fun with that dress.” “What a beautiful girl congratulations.” “What a beauty.” “She is a diamond.” “What an intelligent girl.” “No, they already have a singer in the family.” “How beautiful and talented.” “The importance of our children feeling proud of their roots… Congratulations.” These are some of users comments on the video that can you see here.

Canelo Álvarez loves children

Canelo Álvarez and his daughter and family Fernanda Gómez

A few days after he won his fight against Caleb Plant, Mexican boxer, Canelo Álvarez made the drastic decision to enjoy a well-deserved vacation while he was in Europe with his wife. And now everyone is watching the boxer who changed the lives of many children.

After the criticism he received after the press conference in which he started a fight with Caleb Plant, it was discovered that Canelo Álvarez had exploded because his opponent had insulted his mother, which undoubtedly is understandable, but now a noble side of the Mexican is revealed. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CANELO’S DAUGHTER SPEAKING ENGLISH

Canelo Álvarez changed the lives of many children

Canelo Álvarez donates one million pesos

And now, taking a well-deserved break after the fight in which he made history, Canelo Álvarez is making news for his altruistic work. He’s not keeping the 40 million dollars he earned by beating Caleb Plant only for himself, but also he has decided to spend a million pesos on a vitally important cause.

In Mexico, many children with cancer have had a hard time throughout the pandemic, either due to the lack of support from the Government, the lack of medicine or even the shortage of donations from people due to the deterioration of the economy, therefore, Canelo Álvarez has decided to do something.

The Mexican boxer made a dramatic decision that shocked everyone

donate a million

On the ‘Red Nose’ Association’s Twitter account, a donation campaign was launched to raise funds so that children with cancer can access treatments that help them improve their health. This is a topic that has been widely criticized by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

‘Red Nose’ is in charge of supporting children with cancer to grant them access to chemotherapy. Many people were surprised when their Twitter account thanked the Mexican boxer Canelo Álvarez, who donated one million pesos (about 50 thousand dollars) to support this noble cause.

Canelo Álvarez’s unexpected and generous gesture that will change the lives of children with cancer

Boxer donation

“Thank you Canelo for opening your heart to the champions who fight against cancer, you are the miracle of many children and women. You are a champion of life.” This can be read on the Mexican Association, ‘Red Nose’s’ Twitter account.

“1, to buy chemotherapies for children with cancer. Thank you for not leaving them alone,” the message reads with a photo of Canelo Álvarez, who is currently vacationing in Europe with his wife. Currently, 3 million pesos have been collected.

He enjoys a romantic vacation in Europe with his wife

Paris on vacation

After his victory against Plant, the boxer went on vacation to Paris, France with his wife Fernanda Gómez who recorded videos and took photos with Canelo Álvarez, who is down to earth, dressed casually in grey pants at the Eiffel Tower.

The 25-year-old Mexican businesswoman showed off her luxurious vacation in Paris with her husband Canelo Álvarez who pampered her with a beautiful room in one of the best neighborhoods in the city with a spectacular view. They drank champagne with the imposing Eiffel Tower in the distance. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CANELO ÁLVAREZ IN PARIS WITH HIS WIFE.

The boxer win a large sum during his fight with Caleb Plant

Donate money for children with cancer

After defeating Caleb Plant in the ring, Saul ‘Canelo’ Álvarez not only became the first undisputed king with four belts in the super middleweight category in history, but also earned a huge amount of money.

“Canelo” took home 40,000,000 dollars, while Plant charged 10,000,000 for just getting into the ring. “It was a truly historic night, and I am very proud to be a part of it,” Alvarez said at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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