Laura Zapata is in mourning and shares it on Instagram

Laura Zapata is in mourning and makes it public through her Instagram account Thalía’s sister confirms the death of her comadre His...

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  • Laura Zapata is in mourning and makes it public through her Instagram account
  • Thalía’s sister confirms the death of her comadre
  • His followers send their condolences to him on social media

Laura Zapata mourning. Today through your official account Instagram, Thalía’s sister, Laura Zapata shares a post where she confirms the death of a very loved one.

It is about his comadre Diyesacha Escobedo who according to Laura’s publication died today on the journey from Acapulco to Mexico City.

Laura Zapata put in her publication an image of a rose and a black bow with a caption that says: “with great sadness I inform you that my beloved sister, friend, Comadre, confidant, Diye Escobedo Diyesacha Escobedo. He died today, coming from Acapulco to CDMX. Please let us pray for the eternal rest of his soul ”.

He also added: “Cool little comadrita I will always miss you. My condolences to the Escobedo Contreras family; his brother Antonio, my godson Rainer Strauss Escobedo and his beloved grandchildren. RIP”.

After seeing the publication, his followers as well as his family and friends, took the time to offer their condolences to Thalía’s sister.

There was even an Internet user who thought that Laura’s grandmother was the deceased: “Oh my Laurita, every time I see a black rose I feel like my Mrs. Eva left, but thank God she’s still here,” commented the follower.

“May the Lord grant paradise peace to his remains and resignation to family and friends!”, “My sentiments, my dear”, “My deepest condolences. A big hug ”,“ I’m sorry, for your loss ”,“ God keep it in his glory ”, were some of the comments made by his followers.

There were comments from users from different countries: “What a great sadness! Force my dear @laurazapataoficial kisses and hugs from Santiago de Chile “,” From Ecuador a hug laurita “.

So far the publication has reached 600 “likes” and has more than 75 comments just a few minutes after sharing.

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Laura Zapata mourning. It should be remembered that a few months ago after the tragic news of the death of the Mexican actress Pilar Pellicer was released, Thalía’s sister, Laura Zapata, uncovered a secret about the artist, saying that she introduced her to her husband and father of his children, which caused great surprise among his followers.

As it became known that day, the death of the actress was confirmed through the Instagram account of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI).

This news caused great commotion in the artistic environment and many of the actors and actresses began to write memories with the recently deceased.

One of those who wasted no time was Laura Zapata mourning, the sister of the famous singer Thalía, since by sending a condolence in her Instagram, revealed that it was Pilar Pellicer who introduced her to her husband and father of her children.

In her message, the villain of many novels said the following textually: “My dear and admired friend @pilarpellicer dies because of Covid-19, to her daughter @arianepellicer, to her eternal companion and family I send my deepest condolences , my condolences. She introduced me to my husband the father of my children. We will miss her. RIP”.

Immediately some friends of Laura Zapata mourning wrote her words of encouragement for the irreparable loss of the artist.

“OMG I’m sorry … She was very important to you, God put her in your way for a great reason, the conduit to meet your children … Many causalities in our life history … God’s Plan, RIP”.

Another woman commented: “My condolences to Laura Zapata’s voice in mourning and to the family members.”

“Force my Laura and the Lord has him in his glory … Just pray this pain camera”, “God have it in his glory”, “What a pain, one of those actresses that is always remembered”, other Internet users told her.

Laura Zapata mourning 2


Laura Zapata mourning. But each time people were in solidarity with Thalía’s sister and with these words she comforted her: “I love you very much @laurazapataoficial, sad things usually happen and those great people leave traces … I know that she will always be in your heart.”

One of her followers wrote her the following words: “My condolences, beautiful. I sent you a message when you can read it @laurazapataoficial “.

“May God have her in her holy glory a lady actress, my respects”, “What? My God, peace to your soul and conformity to your relatives. A hug for you too @laurazapataoficial ”,“ rest in the peace of God and embrace our mother the Virgin in the invocation of Guadalupe ”, were other of the people’s prayers.

Laura Zapata achieved fame for her performances in various telenovelas in Mexico, precisely one of them with her sister Thalía.

The novels of Rosa Salvaje and María Mercedes were two great successes throughout the country, achieving great numbers in the ratings.

She is the sister of Thalía, Ernestina Sodi, Federica Sodi, Gabriela Sodi, a very talented family that is well known in show business.

Claudio and Patricio Sodi, are the two children of Laura Zapata mourning, who by the way enjoy great approval from the followers of Thalía’s sister.

They apparently did not focus on the world of entertainment, but even so it is seen that they have great personal projects and their mother has shown them off on social networks.

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