After being accused of tax fraud, Laura Bozzo finally shows her face

After being accused of tax fraud, Laura Bozzo finally shows her face. The Peruvian host shared several posts on social media. She insists...

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  • After being accused of tax fraud, Laura Bozzo finally shows her face.
  • The Peruvian host shared several posts on social media.
  • She insists that she will return to television stronger than ever.

Last August, the Peruvian tv host Laura Bozzo, known for programs such as Laura in America, Laura Uncensored, and Laura de Todos, was accused of tax crimes. It was even reported that Interpol would be involved. Now, more than three months later, she is finally showing her face.

At the beginning of this month, the host showed “signs of life” by changing her profile pictures on social media, where she added an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is still there. She also uploaded a photo of herself with her parents, to whom she dedicated an emotional message, but she later deleted it.

Laura Bozzo: “I have endured all kinds of insults”

"I have endured all kinds of insults": Laura Bozzo
Photo: Twitter

Today, on her official Twitter account where she has close to 800,000 followers, Laura Bozzo posted a tweet that reads as follows: “Announcement: Today, we were notified of the definitive suspension of my arrest warrant. I have complied with the requirements imposed by the judge. I went to court, and the request was paid. I’m very grateful to Dr. Diego Ruiz Durán and his team.”

In another message, she revealed that she will soon give a press conference where she will speak about the issue, “with the evidence in the case.” In addition to giving an exclusive to the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva: “I have endured every kind of insults, lies have been told, but the truth always comes out. Blessings, and I trust the justice from my country.”

The Peruvian host anticipates “a week of victories”

The Peruvian driver anticipated "a week of victories"
Photo: Instagram 

In an image that that was uploaded just a week ago and did not get much attention, Laura Bozzo sent blessings to her followers and announced that she would exclusively tell her truth: “It is Monday and if last week was a week of struggles, in the name of of God, this will be a week of victories.”

On this occasion, the ridicule from people was forgotten and the good wishes were the ones that predominated: “Much courage! Everything will be fine. I hope you’ll be back on television soon.” “Come on, Leona, you can get out of all that.” “Make the most of it, Laura, you’re a ching ….” Blessings, I love you and I miss you.”

“In recent years, I have deviated from that path”

"In the last few years I have strayed from that path"
Photo: Instagram 

Just a few hours ago, Laura Bozzo surprised her followers by sharing a series of images accompanied by a long caption. It could be said that she was letting off some steam after the accusations made against her last August. It remains to be seen whether the Peruvian host will keep them on her social media or delete them, as she previously did with the photograph of her parents.

“When I wake up depressed and do not want to get out of bed after all that I had to suffer, I remember Laura’s brigades traveling through Mexico to the most humble and remote places where we equipped computer rooms for young people, that is my happiness, and in Peru two thousand soup kitchens and so many operations, my most beautiful memory when we operated on the Siamese girls and today they are happy girls, love is demonstrated with works.”

Laura Bozzo assures supporters that she will return “with everything” to her television program

Laura Bozzo assures that she will return "with everything" to his tv show
Photo: Instagram 

In this same message, which to date has more than six thousand likes and which provoked all kinds of reactions among Internet users, Laura Bozzo confessed that in recent years she deviated from the path she had chosen but that these months taught her that that is her mission.

“I learned that when I die, that is the only thing I will take with me, so I will return with everything with my program, and I will dedicate myself with everything to retaking that help. I thank God for showing me my mistakes, but I am alive and I will return with everything. I love and miss you,” said the television host.

Good wishes

Good wishes are present
Photo: Instagram 

It didn’t take long for the Peruvian host’s fans to express their support: “We love and support you, dear Laura !!! You are a warrior!!! Courage, the best is yet to come.” “Strength, my dear Laura. You are strong and brave; never give up. You will come out of this as always.”

“Much courage, Laura. Whatever they say, you go ahead with what you like the most and period.” “Laura, you are unique. God with you always.” “Laurita!!! Good to know that she is well and misses her audience who loves her so much. May God take care of her and guide her in her daily life.” “Hugs from a distance,” expressed some Internet users.

Who is Laura Bozzo?

Who is Laura Bozzo?
Photo: Instagram 

Born on August 19, 1952, in Lima, Peru, Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo, better known as Laura Bozzo, is a Peruvian, naturalized Mexican and Italian television presenter and lawyer. She ventured into television hosting with the feminist program Women Have the Word on RBC Television in 1994, which soon became a political talk show.

On this program, she expressed opinions against the regime of the then president Alberto Fujimori. Laura Bozzo also showed sympathy for the presidential candidacy of Ricardo Belmont for the OBRAS movement for the 1995 elections in Peru. In 1996, Women Have the Word was taken off the air, and Laura went on to host a small roundtable talk show.

Laura found fame in America

Fame came to him with Laura in America
Photo: Instagram 

The program that led Laura Bozzo to international fame was Laura en América, which was acquired by the Telemundo network for broadcast abroad. In July 2002, the Peruvian justice ordered her house arrest, as she was accused of having been linked to the Alberto Fujimori regime and of having received money from Vladimiro Montesinos. The host established her address in the television studio, from which she recorded programs to be broadcast abroad by Telemundo.

The program changed its name to Laura, and with this, it gained great popularity abroad, specifically in the most depressed demographics and those with less access to formal education. However, it was considered offensive by some audiences in other demographics. It also received criticism from people like Cuban presenter Cristina Saralegui and her competitor and compatriot Mónica Zevallos, a host on Peruvian television.

Laura Bozzo finally shows her face

Laura Bozzo finally shows her face
Photo: Instagram

“Thank God for giving me the strength to resist this painful test, but here I am stronger than ever. I love you,” said Laura Bozzo in her most recent post shared on her official Instagram account, where she finally appeared after being accused of alleged tax crimes.

“First of all, I tell you that I have missed you with all my soul. I have gone through such painful moments, nor can you imagine, but thank God today, the resolution of definitive suspension of my arrest warrant came out after having complied with the requirements imposed by the Judge,” said the Peruvian host.

The Peruvian host assures the public that she has already paid her fines

The Peruvian driver assures that she has already paid
Photo: Instagram 

In this same video, the Peruvian host commented that within the requirements imposed by the judge, that is, appearing in court and paying the sum that was imposed on her: “Thanks to the Mexican justice, thanks to my adored lawyer Diego Ruiz Durán who has been with me at all times.”

“Any clarification about this whole issue, about which the biggest lies in the world have been told, we are going to clarify them with evidence because that is how I like things as a lawyer. We are going to discredit all that smear campaign against me,” shared Miss Laura.

Laura promises that she will return to television

He promises again that he will return to television
Photo: Instagram 

At the end of the video, the Peruvian host Laura Bozzo promised that she will return to television, but with her original program, Laura en América, only “modernized” and with everything that can be included from different social media.

The lawyer said goodbye: “I am not a television star, I am a person close to people, who loves and helps. This is what I’ll be later. You, both those who love me and those who do not love me, are the reason I live. So I tell you, the ones who give me the strength to fight the depression I have suffered all my life: Here I am, stronger than ever, and I am going to clear up everyone’s doubts.” (To see the video, click here.)

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