Latinas over 40 who show off a great body (PHOTOS)

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  • These are the famous Latinas with more than 40 years who show off their bodies
  • JLo, Lucero, Ninel Conde, Maribel Guardia, Shakira, Aracely Arámbula enter the list
  • The passage of the years has suited these artists better and we will show you their figures

What do JLo, Ninel Conde, Lucero, Maribel Guardia, Shakira, Galilea Montijo, Aracely Arámbula, Ana Bárbara have in common that makes them even more famous than their own? trajectories professionals? Well, they are all famous Latinas over 40 years old and they look sexy great body.

They are as they say in many parts of Mexico, like good wines, with the passage of time they look better than before and in this compilation, we will show you the before and after of each one of them so that you can see that the years suited them better. each of them.


Photo Montage: Mezcalent / Instagram

Jennifer López heads the list of the most famous Latinas who have a spectacular body at 51 years of age, since her diet and sports activities have allowed her to look better than in previous years.

Despite rumors of her separation with former baseball player Alex Rodríguez, the singer and actress has remained in the people’s liking for her characteristic big butt and impressive flat abdomen.


Secondly and not least, we can see that one of the more than 40-year-old Latinas who has a great body is the singer and actress Maribel Guardia, who at 61 years of age is the most coveted elderly woman in Mexico.

The statuesque artist has astonished locals and strangers with her great figure, which she always keeps in shape with a good diet and exercise, besides she likes to show off her photographs in the sexiest way possible, which has earned her many followers.

Image taken from Instagram @maribelguardia


Image taken from Instagram @lueceromexico

Another one that cannot be missed is the Mexican Lucero, who is known as the bride of Mexico and is one of the Latinas with more than 40 years who sports a tremendous body and to show a button, we will leave you one of her photographs in the that wears a figure of envy.

The former de Mijares has surprised by her great beauty since she was a teenager, she has participated with artists of the stature of Luis Miguel and Pedro Fernández, but what she has always maintained is her beauty and over the years her figure has improved, despite who is already 51 years old.


Image taken from Instagram @shakira

In this list of famous Latinas of more than 40 years with a great body, the Colombian singer Shakira could not miss, who despite not being so given to showing her figure in public, it is evident that she has improved in it and wastes sensuality in her presentations.

Piqué’s partner, the Barcelona player, has always been a slim woman, but over the years, she has improved her muscles and wastes sensuality every time she publishes a photograph, she is currently 44 years old.


Latinas 40 years old body
Image taken from Instagram @ninelconde

The one who can not miss is the singer Ninel Conde, who is one of the Latinas with more than 40 years who has one of the most envied bodies by all, but is also one of the most criticized because apparently it is not as natural as she presumes.

The singer who maintains a legal process with her ex-partner for the custody of her son, does not neglect her appearance and despite not seeing her son, she decided to marry and publish very often, her figure in which her huge breasts stand out and her big butt.


Latinas 40 years old body
Image taken from Instagram @aracelyarambula

Undoubtedly one of the most famous Latinas with more than 40 years of age who sports a great body, is Aracely Arámbula, who every time she has the opportunity, pampers her fans with tremendous photographs that provoke the lowest passions.

The ex of Luis Miguel, has improved her figure over the years, is currently 46 years old, and takes advantage of her fame with great charisma, to delight the pupil of the male public in daring outfits and even how God brought her into the world


Latinas 40 years old body
Image taken from Instagram @galileamontigo

The television host, Galilea Montijo, is another of the famous Latinas who at more than 40 years of age, has an incredible body and shows it off all the time on social networks, to make it clear that she leads a life of discipline and constancy.

She is currently 46 years old, but she is characterized as having an envious figure, with tremendous legs but impressive breasts and butt, which has led her to be one of the most emblematic figures on Mexican television.


Latinas 40 years old body
Image taken from Instagram @anabarbaramusic

Another of the famous Latin artists with more than 40 years of age who shows off a great body, is the grupera singer Ana Bárbara, who despite being 50 years old, does not ask anyone for anything and shows that she is in better shape than before and that the years, instead of harming him, have helped him.

In her social networks she takes the opportunity to show off her flat abdomen and highlight her huge breasts and butt, which are the delight of men. Even women have flattered him that his body is one of the healthiest and most natural in show business.


Latinas 40 years old body
Image taken from Instagram @fey

And this list could not end without one of the women who is also one of the Latinas over 40 for having one of the most enviable bodies in show business, it is the singer Fey, who is currently 47 years old.

She, despite the fact that she has stopped making presentations as in previous years, has unleashed the madness in networks because her body looks better over the years and has become an example for many people her age who want to look the same as she.


Image taken from Instagram @andrealegarretaAndrea Legarreta joins the list of famous Latin women with more than 40 who has a great body and has let it be seen on her social networks, despite being one of the thinnest, her figure does not cease to impress. keeps up with exercises.

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