LAST MINUTE: Quarantine ordered at the University of Arizona

Coronavirus alert: The University of Arizona, in Tucson, ordered its students to be quarantined for the next two weeks in the face of an ...

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Foto: Universidad de Arizona.
  • Coronavirus alert: The University of Arizona, in Tucson, ordered its students to be quarantined for the next two weeks in the face of an outbreak of the pandemic on campus.
  • According to university authorities, in the last ten days there were 847 new cases of COVID-19.
  • “The students are back at school and they are having parties,” said Robert Robbins.

Arizona quarantine university. The students of the University of Arizona They will have to remain in quarantine for two weeks due to a re-outbreak of coronavirus.

Robert Robbins, chancellor of the University of Arizona (UA), reported that the “recommendation” was issued by the Pima County Health Department (PCHD) in Tucson.

The decision of the health authorities responds to an outbreak of the fearsome coronavirus within the university campus in the West University neighborhood in the west of the Tucson metropolitan area.

“In the last days we had a re-outbreak of 847 cases. So what changed? That the students went back to school and are having parties, ”Robbins said at a virtual press conference.

Given the reappearance of the 847 new cases, the PCHD asked the university authorities to take urgent measures to prevent more infections.

“This is really serious now. That’s enough. This is your last chance for you to take orders, ”Rector Robbins said in a serious tone of voice, warning his students to stay in their houses or dormitories.

The rector informed that they will only be able to circulate through the campus university personnel indispensable for the development of school, administrative and security activities.

The boys will have to consult with their teachers to find out how the classes will continue virtually until the end of the quarantine order for the dangerous coronavirus.

According to Robbins, there will be no changes in the school calendar despite the quarantine order and the class and exam calendars will continue normally, only virtually.

Students at the University of Arizona will have to remain in quarantine for two weeks due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The 45,918 students at the University of Arizona Wilcats will be required to quarantine for the next two weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (Photos: University of Arizona) Filed Under: Arizona Quarantine University.

According to Robbins, at the time classes resumed normally in the last week of August, there were fewer than 5,000 students on the UA campus taking classes at the school.

Now those boys will have to go to virtual classes for at least the next two weeks and whoever circulates without reason on the university campus could face consequences.

“There will definitely be suspensions… there have already been individuals expelled from the university for not following orders, so I hope that a few do not destroy the university’s effort to advance the solution to this problem,” Robbins warned.

However, according to Dr. Theresa Cullen, director of the PCHD, the quarantine order will have some exceptions.

During the next two weeks, no student will be allowed to circulate around campus unless it is for something essential. Filed Under: Arizona Quarantine University.

The exemptions that the health authorities will allow are to go out, with masks, to buy food, medicine, go to work if the student fulfills university employment, medical attention and some classes in which the student presence is essential.

According to a statement from the UA communications department so far there have only been two students suspended from school for violating university health protocols against the coronavirus.

The two boys, as of this writing, were only suspended but have not been expelled and their cases are under review.

However, several student organizations of the so-called fraternities have been informed that they cannot carry out their normal activities.

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The Kappa Alpha Order, Theta Delta Chi and Sigma Nu fraternities “may not operate, maintain, or carry out any social or gathering activities” inside the UA campus until an internal investigation is completed to find out if they violated health protocols.

According to the PCHD, the quarantine for the UA applies to all students who live in school residences on campus or have their residence between 6th Avenue to the west, Campbell Avenue to the east, 10th Street to the south and Helen Street to the north.

The PCHD asked students who live within that quadrant to not go out if possible and limit their exposure to other people. In addition, they choose to order food delivery at home.

According to the UA, students who test positive for coronavirus have the possibility of asking the university authorities to put them in an isolation dormitory under medical care.

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Sports activities on campus are also suspended. The UA football Wildcats, a sports symbol in the western United States, face their season suspension.

Despite that, his star quarterback Grant Gunnell sent a public letter on behalf of his entire Wildcats team to the Pacific Conference of the Ten requesting that the season resume in the fall.

“We want to play… it’s hard for us to understand why they can’t find a way, safe for students and athletes, for the season to resume. We want to play ”asked Gunnell.

However, the authorities of the Pacific Conference of Ten consider that it is not safe to resume the season in the midst of the salt crisis that is hitting the world.

UA is one of the top two universities in Arizona and the Southwestern United States and currently has a population of 45,918 students.

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