LAST MINUTE: ICE Releases Hispanic Inmates From Their Jails

LAST MINUTE: ICE Releases Hispanic Prisoners From Their Jails The COVID-19 pandemic is benefiting our community Government policy change ...

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  • LAST MINUTE: ICE Releases Hispanic Prisoners From Their Jails
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is benefiting our community
  • Government policy change is also a predominant factor in these measures

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners. As announced, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) continues to take the issue of the health of its inmates very seriously, to the point that it has begun to break free en masse to many of them.

On Monday night the release of a score of inmates of the Stewart Detention Center, the second largest immigration jail in the United States that is located in Stewart County, in the state of Georgia.

Fewer and fewer Hispanic prisoners

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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This precinct has historically always been kept at its maximum capacity, which is around 1,700 prisoners, but since Democrat Joe Biden took over the reins of this country from the White House, the number has been drastically reduced.

As far as we know, it is currently in half, a reduction that could follow due to daily prisoner releases. ICE has confirmed MundoHispánico that almost every day they release between two and five prisoners, but not as many as now, which has even surprised immigrant activists.

ICE Releases Hispanic Inmates: A Second Chance?

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The releases are due to both federal policy changes and health issues, as it is no secret that many of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) precincts are infected with coronavirus.

Monica Whatley of Southern Poverty Law assured MundoHispánico that such liberation is a great achievement, because at this rate, soon most of the foreigners who are imprisoned in the deportation process, could have one more opportunity to fight their cases from the outside.

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners, something that did not happen with Trump

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This was almost impossible during the administration of Donald Trump, as the former Republican president from the beginning of his term declared that his priority was the “removal of undocumented persons”, regardless of whether they were considered dangerous or not.

Regarding the release of these prisoners, before releasing them, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service took them to a clinic to be tested for COVID-19. So those who were released, it was because their results came back negative for the dreaded virus.

Has anyone tested positive for COVID-19?

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We do not know if any of them tested positive, as it is the policy of ICE not to discuss the medical condition of its inmates. What is a fact is that if someone has tested positive, they were not released to prevent further infections, but were under clinical supervision.

Advocates have agreed that detainees diagnosed with COVID-19 should be released so they can seek better medical care, but have insisted on coordinating those releases with health officials and nonprofits, as it is a public health hazard.

Low number of immigrants detained

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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As ICE releases Hispanic prisoners in Georgia, the number of immigrants arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and placed in civil immigration detention is reported to have dropped dramatically during the first month of the Joe Biden Administration, from 5,119 in January, when he was sworn in, to 1,970 in February, as reported by the Efe agency this Monday.

According to ICE data, it is a decrease of 62 percent in a single month, highlights the independent center Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC, for its acronym in English), of Syracuse University in New York.

But arrests are on the rise at the border

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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It highlights that in contrast, arrests by the Border Patrol and at ports of entry increased, from 3,024 to 4,696 in February after the Biden Administration began allowing a limited number of families and adults, particularly those seeking asylum, to enter. to the country.

Those numbers do not include unaccompanied children who are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rather than ICE for custody, pending placement with family members or sponsors.

ICE Releases Hispanic Inmates: Immigrants Begins

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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Among those who began to be admitted to the country were people arrested long before and forced to remain in Mexico pending judicial hearings, as part of the initiative that the government of former President Donald Trump implemented in January 2019.

Court records indicate that there were 29,177 individuals with active cases originally assigned to the MPP program at the end of February, TRAC also notes. During that month, these data recorded that very few people (137) were reassigned to regular courts across the country.

ICE Releases Hispanic Inmates: Swift Action By Biden

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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However, court records may not count the actual numbers due to the often-occurring delays in keeping the immigration court database up-to-date, the Syracuse, New York center also notes.

Last January, the Biden Administration ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to take action to end this controversial Migrant Protection Program (MPP) that sent more than 60 thousand undocumented persons who crossed the border to wait in Mexico for their appointments before Immigration judges.

They accept bad conditions in detention center

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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While ICE releases Hispanic prisoners, precisely this Monday the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, admitted that the conditions in which many undocumented minors are found in at least one center in Texas, managed by the agency responsible for the Border Patrol, ” they are not acceptable ”.

In his daily press conference, Psaki reacted to complaints from lawyers about the temporary immigration processing center of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Donna, Texas, according to which many children sleep in the ground, they go hungry and do not see the sun for days. “(Those conditions) are not acceptable, but I think the challenge here is that we don’t have many options,” said Psaki.

They are not made for children

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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The spokeswoman described as “heartbreaking” the situation of undocumented minors who have arrived en masse in recent weeks at the border with Mexico, but stressed that “CBP facilities are not made for children,” and that is why the White House he wants to “get them out of them as quickly as possible.”

Under US law, undocumented minors detained after crossing the border must spend no more than 72 hours in CBP custody, and then must be transferred to their families or shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). .

Crowds and hunger

ICE releases Hispanic prisoners
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However, the massive arrival at the border of undocumented children and families – mostly from Central America – has overwhelmed the authorities, and minors detained in recent weeks are staying in CBP centers for an average of 107 hours, more than allowed by law, CNN reported last week.

According to the complaints of immigration lawyers cited last Thursday by the television network CBS, the children detained in the Donna center spend in some cases seven days there, in such crowded conditions that they had to take turns sleeping on the floor.

Children say they are hungry

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Many of the children interviewed by the attorneys said that they are hungry and most only showered once during their time in CBP custody, and that they did not see the sun either “never” or only through the window when they were seen. allowed to wash.

The White House insists that the situation on the border is not a crisis, but a “challenge” and a “big problem”, and President Joe Biden is studying measures to shorten the time that minors spend both in centers run by CBP and HHS shelters.

FEMA in action for immigrant children

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Last Saturday, Biden ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be mobilized for 90 days to care for these minors, house them and provide them with transportation. Although a large delegation of Biden advisers visited the border in the state of Texas this month, the president himself has not announced any travel plans to the border area for now, at a time of increasing pressure from the Republican opposition to contain the situation.

Asked this Monday about why Biden plans to travel to several states this week to promote the economic rescue plan but has no intention of visiting the border, Psaki replied that the president is focused on “developing solutions” to the immigration situation that do not necessarily happen. for moving there in person.


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