Last Hour: Mexican actress Isela Vega dies

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Last Hour: Mexican actress Isela Vega dies
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  • Bad news for the Mexican entertainment world
  • They confirm the death of the first actress Isela Vega
  • The news takes social networks by surprise

Isela Vega dies. The first Mexican actress Isela Vega died this Tuesday night a victim of cancer, at the age of 81, family members reported on social networks.

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Born in Hermosillo, Sonora, on November 5, 1939, Isela Vega Durazo is an icon of sensuality in Mexican cinematography, where she forged a long and fruitful career.

“Transgressive woman of our cinema; actress, screenwriter, producer and director of powerful stories. We bid you farewell with sadness, also with great admiration and affection, Isela Vega. The enormous strength that you always gave to our screens continues with us ”, highlighted the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine) on the social network Twitter.

Isela Vega dies

The news of his death, which occurred in Mexico City, was made known by his relatives on social networks and was confirmed by Televisa through his Twitter account, noting that “relatives confirm the unfortunate death of actress Isela Vega.”

Vega, whose roles in “La ley de Herodes” and “La viuda negra” won him Ariel awards, left a filmography of 130 productions between series and feature films.

His most recent participation in a film was in “Cindy la regia”, while on TV he was part of “The house of flowers.”
“If you see that you have spent more than 100 films, about 150, on the set making scenes, sequences, inventing, studying, all that, it is that you have spent half your life in fiction,” he said at the time.

Isela Vega dies

The news comes just after Ricardo González, better known as Cepillín, died at the age of 75, according to information from Formula Group.

Just a few days ago, Mexico’s most famous clown was sent to intensive care, where he was induced into a coma and intubated. Filed Under: Isela Vega Dies

Cepillín dies

His child Ricardo had reported the above: “This occurs after such a strong operation that he had and it is what we were always afraid of because of his history of heart attacks and others.”

“Hopefully and he can get ahead, they are doing everything possible to improve his heart rate and manage to contain this pneumonia,” explained Cepillín’s son.

“We saw his chest heavy and we thought it was just his phlegm and then no,” he said. Cepillín would have been admitted to intensive care between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. this Sunday.

Isela Vega dies

The process that the little clown has undergone has been going on for a week now: on Saturday he was about to fall down the stairs, but he managed to hold onto the railing; as a result of pain who presented was hospitalized on Sunday and underwent surgery in which 8 nails were placed.

Initially, it was contemplated that he would be discharged from the hospital located in Satellite on Friday or Saturday and until this morning his son explained that it would be possible to take him away on Tuesday; however, your situation will change now as your health progresses.

“We are all devastated, we did not expect him to come out of an operation and we thought that everything was fine and so it got complicated. The prognosis (of the doctors) is neutral, they say that every patient is different and they cannot give me a prognosis, ”said Ricardo. Rest in peace, Cepillín (With information from Agencia El Universal). Filed Under: Isela Vega Dies

His son confirmed live that his father just died

According to information from Grupo Fórmula, Cepillín’s son confirmed that his father died a few minutes ago.

After being diagnosed with spinal cancer, Cepillín dies

Photo Mezcalent

“He was already very deteriorated, his kidney began to fail and for all of us, he wanted to get ahead, he gave him all the desire, but I spoke with my mother to give him strength. I told him not to worry about his family anymore. I spoke with him and after 10 minutes he relaxed ”, explained Cepillín’s son.

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