Last goodbye to Mexican actor Alfonso Zayas (VIDEO)

Family and friends say their last goodbye to Alfonso Zayas. The Mexican actor died at the age of 80 of respiratory arrest. Samantha Zayas...

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  • Family and friends say their last goodbye to Alfonso Zayas.
  • The Mexican actor died at the age of 80 of respiratory arrest.
  • Samantha Zayas shared what her father’s last wish was.

Mourning in Mexican cinema. After the sad passing of Alfonso Zayas at the age of 80 due to respiratory arrest was made known, family and friends say their last goodbye to the Mexican actor. In addition, Samantha Zayas shared what her dad’s last wish was.

Through the Image Entertainment Youtube channel, in the De Primera Mano show, images of the place where the actor’s ceremony was held were shown. He participated in more than 150 films and was known for his puns and good humor.

They say goodbye to Alfonso Zayas

They say goodbye to Alfonso Zayas
Photo YouTube Image Entertainment

Loved ones of Alfonso Zayas met at a funeral home in the south of the City of Mexico to pay tribute to him. One of his daughters, Samantha, was in charge of attending the media present and shared how her father’s last moments were.

“He entered (the hospital) for a very simple problem and this became more complicated. We saw him already tired. As you know, my father was an extremely warrior man, he always scared us, he was the rise and fall of things, as if it was going to alleviate and of course not ”.

“Everything was stable”: Daughter of Alfonso Zayas

"Everything was stable": Daughter of Alfonso Zayas
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Samantha Zayas made it clear that her father’s state of health was stable and that everything was fine, until a heart attack (respiratory arrest) ended his life: “He had been hospitalized a few days before and all he asked was to pass his birthday with his children ”.

The daughter of the Mexican actor mentioned that in social networks you can see photos of his celebration for his 80 years of life and that he asked his doctors to let him leave the hospital to celebrate his birthday as he wanted, together with his loved ones dear.

“Yesterday he said goodbye to us”

"Yesterday we said goodbye"
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Visibly affected, the daughter of Alfonso Zayas shared that after his birthday the actor said goodbye and that all this was very sad for his family, but he did not want to cry because his father was “all joy” and that he always got a smile.

“He said, I learned from him, he came to the wakes and they spent it laughing and telling jokes. He said that death was to remember all the experiences with all the people, “said Samantha Zayas, who thanked the media, as well as the public, for the expressions of affection received at this time.

“A legend of Mexican cinema, Alfonso Zayas, has died”

"A legend of Mexican cinema, Alfonso Zayas, has died"
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On the verge of tears, Samantha Zayas said that a legend of Mexican cinema had died, the ‘king of ficheras’, in addition to that they still did not know whether to organize a tribute because they were still in shock by this unfortunate news.

“My dad asked to be buried with his parents, my grandparents. I don’t know if they know, but they were also dedicated to the show, we are Zayas Inclán, my grandparents were carppers for a long time and are buried in the Panteón Jardín and my father’s last request was that they bury him with his parents ”.

Present body mass

Photo YouTube Image Entertainment
Photo YouTube Image Entertainment

Almost to finish, the daughter of the Mexican actor, who left a pending debut with the play ¡Y que nos se… la pandemic !, said that they will perform a mass with his body present before leaving for the pantheon where his remains will rest forever.

“I thank all the people, but the truth is if we want to make it very intimate, we do not want to have cameras in there, we want to enjoy and say goodbye,” said Samantha, who considered her father as her best friend and with whom she could talk with ‘la neta’ on whatever, even sexual issues.

“It was out of the ordinary”

"It was an out of the ordinary"
Photo YouTube Image Entertainment

Regarding what she remembers about her father, Samantha Zayas said that he was “out of the ordinary” and a different, unique father, he even made them look bad: “Always bad or sad, he pulled out a joke or a joke. I can tell you that my dad always lived the best and what he wanted ”.

It should be remembered that Alfonso Zayas had suffered the loss of one of his nine children, Luis Alberto, who was an aviator pilot, being a very difficult moment for the Mexican actor, who that same day went on stage to offer a function (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Rafael Inclán, shocked by the death of his cousin Alfonso Zayas

Rafael Inclán, shocked by the death of his cousin Alfonso Zayas
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Rafael Inclán, who was Alfonso Zayas’s cousin, also made an appointment at the funeral home where the Mexican actor was said goodbye for the last time and thus expressed himself: “He died at around 11 at night, I managed to see him, but the truth is that Alfonso was already very devastated “.

Remembered for his participation in films such as Bellas de noche and El Mofles en Acapulco, among others, Rafael Inclán shared that his cousin had been induced into a coma, for which he had little hope of life: “He couldn’t take his body anymore.”

“You better rest”

"You better rest"
Photo YouTube Image Entertainment

Quiet, Rafael Inclán confessed that it is horrible to say it, but given the conditions in which Alfonso Zayas was and how he would look afterwards, it was best for him to rest: “He is Zayas Inclán and I am Jiménez Inclán, I was with all his children, grandchildren who they were there, not much of it, but I was there ”.

“Death is inherent in life itself, even if you don’t talk or chatter, death is inherent, it is always present, then it touches us, there are no ages, but now it has grabbed us in our eighties, he turned 80 three or four months later than me, he was younger ”.

Alfonso Zayas “no longer spoke”

Alfonso Zayas "he no longer spoke"
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When asked what Alfonso Zayas’s last words had been, Rafael Inclán replied that his cousin no longer spoke and that he had been with him a week before his birthday, he left the hospital to be at home and at least that is what fulfilled him.

“He was very familiar, and when he returned there was no way to communicate with him, not even talk,” said the actor, who said that Alfonso “had several things”, but in the end a respiratory arrest was what ended his life . Rest in peace.

“Mexico will remember you forever”

"Mexico will remember you forever"
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It did not take long for Internet users to express their condolences after the Mexican actor’s departure: “He made us laugh a lot with those films”, “Very good comedian, my condolences to his family”, “Alfonso Zayas is not dead, Mexico will remember you for always and forever champion ”.

“It’s good that he’s already left, the departure hurts, but it is necessary in the conditions in which he was, it is not life for the patient or the family”, “Goodbye Alfonso, rest in peace, a very strong hug to all the family “,” Thank you for giving us so many moments of laughter and forgetting the problems “, you can read in more comments (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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