‘Lady Frijoles’ and her boyfriend show their love on social networks (PHOTOS)

‘Lady Frijoles’ and her boyfriend show off their love on social networks Mirian Rodríguez sends a message to Víctor Rodríguez...

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  • ‘Lady Frijoles’ and her boyfriend show off their love on social networks
  • Mirian Rodríguez sends a message to Víctor Rodríguez
  • They both look very much in love with the demonstrations that are made

Mirian Rodríguez, better known as ‘Lady Frijoles’ and her boyfriend Víctor Rodríguez, they riot social networks with relationship, by sending messages of love through Facebook and people react.

As it will be remembered, the woman of Honduran origin is known in Mexico after her passage in the country was known for her repulsion to Aztec food.

She participated as a member of the caravan of immigrants who left her country to reach the United States and fulfill her American dream.

Image taken from https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006626593855

However, for several days they crossed Mexico and it was in one of the parts of the country that organizations offered them food and water.

However, the Honduran woman despised a plate of beans that they gave her, which went viral and people called her ungrateful and even swamped her with rudeness.

After arriving at the border, the woman was returned to her country, but not before receiving some samples of hatred from the Mexicans and it was even said that she even received some threats.

When he arrived in his country he was already becoming popular, so they soon offered him a job on television and his fame grew more.

After those events, now ‘Lady Frijoles’ does not stop showing off her love on social networks and family and friends congratulate her for it.

On the next page we will leave you the messages that were given between Mirian Rodríguez and Víctor Rodríguez in which you can see that they are very much in love.

The displays of love between Mirian Rodríguez and Víctor began when the boyfriend of ‘Lady Frijoles’ responded to a publication by him.

The man uploaded a photo of himself where he wrote: “I first thank God for always keeping me healthy and working. God is good and more than good, blessings to all my family friends. God bless you.”

Immediately the Honduran had words of love for him: “Handsome that gentleman may the Lord take care of you as long as God keeps you in your work, handsome blessings my love, may my daddy God take care of you always.”

This caused his girlfriend to respond with a heart of I love it and promptly responded with a letter that says: “Mirian Rodríguez, thank you love, you are very pretty too.”

Before this demonstration of love, several were the friends and family who joined in the happiness of the couple, which is very followed on social networks.

Everything seems to indicate that the migrant’s boyfriend works in a security company and does not skimp on posting his achievements on Facebook.

The man’s post was so successful that as of September 12, 2020, he had more than 101 reactions from his followers.

Some expressed their happiness with these words: “Amen”, “blessings compa”, “amen brother, blessings”, “you are old, you”, which caused some laughter from the aforementioned.

On the next page we will show you how the couple’s interaction has been on social networks for a few months to date.

Image taken from https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006626593855

In another publication on the same Facebook by Víctor Rodríguez, boyfriend of ‘Lady Frijoles’, the great love they have was seen.

The man published a photograph in which the Honduran reacted in the same way: “Flaco, my love, I love you, what a smile.”

In one more publication, the lover posted the following message: “God is still God without you but you are nothing without God, live life day by day as if it were the last day of your life.”

The Honduran answered with a forceful message of love: “Handsome, my love, I love you. I bless your life in your work where your path is.”

The boyfriend of ‘Lady Frijoles’ has always thanked God for everything he receives: “God is good and every day that passes, I am grateful to Daddy God for having me with health and work and with the person who loves and respects me” .

Then she replied: “Handsome my love, may the Lord bless you, may God keep you in your work, I love you.”

But another person also replied: “That’s right, my son, God is good to each one of his children. We are the ones who fail him, but you have to do the right thing, look for him and I encourage him to accompany me to church. The one I’m going to is called Fire of God, so let’s go and move on. God bless you and keep your way ”.

Mirian Rodriguez

Image taken from https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006626593855

It was in the middle of the emergency due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Honduran Mirian Rodríguez, better known as ‘Lady Frijoles’, gave a news through social networks: she revealed that she already has a boyfriend, this after she updated her photograph in profile on March 16 and a man identified as Víctor Rodríguez wrote him a message of love.

Given this, the famous Lady Frijoles responded with another letter full of passion, so it is discovered that she already has someone who loves her during this health crisis that exists all over the world due to Covid-19.

The publication was made by Mirian Celaya through her personal Facebook account Mirian Rodríguez, the Honduran and once a migrant, updated her profile photo.

The Hispanic woman used a collage of several of her images, with red hearts around her, until the morning of March 24 she had about 25 reactions of like and I love it.

Boyfriend Lady Beans

Image taken from https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100041589129305

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