La Chacha (September 9): Adamari López shows that she is ‘going after’ the legs of Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi (PHOTOS)

Adamari López is making an impact with the changes in her body and now surprises with another part of her anatomy Luis Fonsi’s form...

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Adamari López is making an impact with the changes in her body and now surprises with another part of her anatomy
  • Luis Fonsi’s former partner shows his legs more and more and does not ask Águeda López for anything
  • If Águeda López, Luis Fonsi’s wife, is careless, Adamari López is going to overshadow her with her leg

LA CHACHA came mijos and mijas, so hold on because we are coming up with photos and strong evidence that my spoiled little girl, Adamari López, is about to ‘steal’ the business of the legs from Águeda López, Luis Fonsi’s wife.

And in what way mijos, because for weeks, in the Instagram of A New Day, they give us no truce because of what they put on my Adamari López, which provokes criticism but that is the least of it.

It is really shocking that, in fact, his thinness is already too noticeable as a result of his diet and good nutrition, as well as the hard training from exercise that made her sweat.

Well, the rags that they put on her have no place here, millets, which are horrible, we already know, that they do not benefit her, we already know, that they dress her as an old lady, but there is something that stands out.

Her beautiful Adamari López legs that are increasingly toned, that take our breath away and that further stylize her figure are on fire.

Cause with all the costumes that they put you on A new dayThe only thing that stands out apart from her big eyes, are her little legs, because they put me very uncovered dresses.

The photo below is a perfect example that my Adamari López is not going to ask anything of that Águeda López, Luis Fonsi’s wife who loves to show off her body and especially her legs.

My short little girl just see her with that pose and that confidence with that black dress and her powerful legs, beautiful that make her even more stylized and slimmer, caused the sensation.

But do you want to see her slimmer and more leggy than ever? Go to the next page because Adamari López is fuming and poor Luis Fonsi’s wife has to put up with it.

Adamari López legs (Instagram)

Adamari López legs (Instagram)

Well, the fact is that my Adamari López this week in Un Nuevo Día wore a red outfit with brown and yellow tones and really mijas, it has been the best choice of dress that has been put on my precious little girl in years.

Because in the photograph she really left us breathless with some red heels that made her look taller, more stylized, more leggy and with a mijas sex appeal that many of us would already like.

The Toni Costa should be very proud and very fiery with the legs that Adamari López carries, because she really looks very toned and almost already steals the business from the unbearable that of Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi’s lout.

When people saw the postcard they went crazy like me, millets and couldn’t help commenting on the legs, the dress and the beauty of the thinness of Adamari López:

“And I identify a lot with her because I am also struggling to lose weight and I am already -27”, “How beautiful she looks thin”, “You are more beautiful every day”, “Wow that Bella beautiful dress”, “The beautiful dress , she has lost weight, she looks very good “,” You are beautiful, continue your exercise and healthy life !! “,” A woman of mettle, admirable, with a special charisma and this beautiful pandemic has fallen very well she is better than ever “,” How cute and young she looks. “

And then so that they do not say that we do not pay attention to Luis Fonsi’s wife, Águeda López, because on the next page we put a photo so that they see that Adamari López’s legs no longer ask anything of the Spanish blonde.

Adamari López thin competing with Luis Fonsi's wife (IG)

Adamari López thin competing with Luis Fonsi’s wife (IG)

On board a yacht, as she loves to be, because this woman is anything but simple, Águeda López, Luis Fonsi’s wife, was photographed wearing a white sweatshirt, but obviously wearing shorts to show off her legs.

And yes mijas, you will tell me ‘you have nothing to criticize Águeda López’ and in fact I do not have what because she is a model, it would be the last straw if she did not look good, although the pressure that is put on women is also a lot mijas , and it is admired that this woman has the perseverance to look regal and beautiful.

He has a long and fleshy leg, but my Adamari López does not ask for anything because in one of those and men already like chicken thighs more than wings, so Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi, be careful , that my short ex-grape body is already threatening and defiant.

Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi (Instagram)

Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi (Instagram)

Well, we have no choice but to start exercising, millets, because these bodies cannot rot and that we take as a reference the perseverance of Adamari López to lose weight and the discipline of Águeda López to maintain themselves if they already have a great body, because Having a healthy figure helps a lot to self-esteem that in these times of pandemic we must have it higher than anything.

Take good care of yourselves, leave your comments and I read them with pleasure! Start washing now, do not accumulate dirty clothes or cobwebs in the house! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

Some images in this note come from East and East videos

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