La Chacha (September 3): Adamari López is dressed as a ‘lady’ and Chiquibaby as a ‘clown’ (PHOTOS)

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • The fans of Un Nuevo Día issued an ultimatum to the producers of the program
  • Adamari López does not stop being attacked for the clothes she wears in the morning
  • Now they called Chiquibaby a ‘clown’ because of the skirt she wore

Oh my friends from LA CHACHA, I am happy that you read me again in this outlet space and the break of our domestic chores to talk about today’s gossip and I no longer have a way to defend my Adamari López and even the Chiquibaby in A New Day because they are the mockery of all.

And how on earth are they not, mijos, because their worst enemy really saw them and how can I do something for them because if they don’t put costumes on them, they raise my age as happened to my little grape body.

Again! Again they dragged me into the Instagram of A New Day for what they put on them and although my Adamari López made an effort to lose weight, it is that it is of little use to her with those outfits.

Now they went up one Photography where Toni Costa’s partner gave me a few more years with those clothes.

In the image, Adamari López appears with her hair attached that does not fit at all because it makes her face look rounder than it is.

And although I have lost weight, my precious little girl is abused with her blouses baggy and this time that military color did not favor him so much.

But the worst came with the wrinkled mijas pants, how dared they give him that choice and then white that was transparent, the basic shoes were passed to him but not that horror as a whole.

What do people think? Well straight to the jugular to my Adamari López: “And the weight loss? I do not see progress !!! What will happen? ”,“ As always badly dressed ”,“ Her clothes always fit too loose or too big and her pants too long ”,“ She never gets clothes right ”.

And the ultimatum that the fans launched as soon as millets came, let them see the poor Chiquibaby, go to the next page.

Adamari López dressed as a lady (Instagram A New Day)

Adamari López dressed as a lady (Instagram A New Day)

And it is that really mijos, who manages the dressing room of Un Nuevo Día deserves a massive dismissal because he really has no idea what could be left of these little women of Adamari López and Chiquibaby who are victims of attacks for that reason every day .

But one would think that an exaggeration, until you see outfits like the one below of the Chiquibaby that flatly make me pose like that with such a shaggy head and her colorful skirt that could be left with another blouse and another color but people were right to call her ‘clown’.

“Her wig is missing, she looks like a circus clown my humble opinion”, “Who is this lady ??”, “The rainbow stepped on earth”, “La Chiqui with an air of grandeur”, “Throw a bucket of cold water so that you see if the sun turns on “,” Horrible look “, and was what people told him.

But people are still furious with the departure of several members of the program such as Héctor Sandarti, Rashel Díaz and Chef James who are about to set Telemundo on fire against those changes and people launched an ultimatum, millets, that the producers should take in bill.

Chiquibaby (A New Day)

Chiquibaby (A New Day)

And it is that no matter how much my Adamari López and Chiquibaby put the batteries, they break up in the morning to achieve raising A New Day with so many changes, because people continue against what they are doing with the show and the comments to them they point in the most ruthless way in every photo they upload to Instagram.

“RASHEL is needed a lot”, “The previous team is missed”, “But the show is not the same, I don’t watch it anymore or I record but not to my taste anymore”, “That program I don’t even see it has decayed”, “each worst day your program “,” continue like this and you are going to cancel the show because nobody else is going to see you “,” I don’t understand they are cutting staff but every day they have a different one “,” Rachel was the best, I don’t even see the program anymore I feel sorry for Adamari ”, declared the people.

And it is that the truth is without mincing my tongue, I am also against the shredding that they are doing in the Un Nuevo Día program because there is nothing worse than wanting to make a morning show, a newscast, if in itself already we are fed up with bad news from the world so that they do not entertain us and instead mortify people with such misfortune.

Anyway, the producers and especially those of the wardrobe of Un Nuevo Día get the batteries because they are exposing Adamari López and Chiquibaby in the worst way and there is no time when they are criticized for everything, but more for those rags that they put on them .

Adamari López and Chiquibaby (IG)

Adamari López and Chiquibaby (IG)

Almost the same as the rags that I have to wash mijas, so I return to the washing machine to follow him, because he was already good at gossip.

Take good care of yourselves and wait for a new laundry as this is getting better and better and let’s hope they don’t take my little girl Adamari López out of Un Nuevo Día because that was rumored around there.

Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!


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