La Chacha (September 25): Lorena Herrera was recommended to take chlorine dioxide against the coronavirus and now her health is delicate (PHOTO)

Lorena Herrera is in delicate health After being recommended to take chlorine dioxide against the coronavirus, what happens is revealed n...

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  • Lorena Herrera is in delicate health
  • After being recommended to take chlorine dioxide against the coronavirus, what happens is revealed now
  • The comments from the people about what would happen to the voluptuous blonde are here

Hello mijitos, your poisonous comadre LA CHACHA greets you and today I have a clear lesson that life gives us and allows us to give an opinion to each and everyone, because my little girl Lorena Herrera collapsed in her fight against the coronavirus.

The voluptuous blonde and sexy little woman went straight ahead to make a fool of us and there was no one to stop her after she went around saying that the coronavirus was not as serious as it seemed and recommending the unthinkable against COVID-19.

Well, hold on, I was whipped lying on the floor with my mouth open when my little girl Lorena Herrera dared to say that the coronavirus was prevented by taking about 10 milliliters of chlorine dioxide with water, every morning.

There were undoubtedly many remedies that people used to avoid catch or if you were already, then entrusted to God of despair anything to counteract the millet symptoms.

Because just as there were people who did not even feel tickles, others seemed to be taken to death lying in bed with the flu, muscle pain, dog cough, runny nose, chills, no smell, no taste and even diarrhea, millets, and go on that my Lorena started with her remedies.

But it was not only her but my little comadrita Lucía Méndez who also said that chlorine dioxide was recommended … Well, even Trump orange skin said so, and of course there were comadritas and compadritos who went into stock.

It turns out that my comadrita collapsed, not only of the nerves but of the body that voluptuous that is loaded and I am almost sure that it does not admit that it has coronavirus.

And you do not have to admit it because of such ridiculousness you made with those statements weeks ago, my children, do you really not think that perhaps your words will be swallowed later?

Come on, Lorena Herrera collapsed and is now in a hospital bed and seriously ill? On the next page I will tell you what happened to her, millets, grab her tecito with a picket and pass her …

Lorena Herrera (Instagram)

Lorena Herrera (Instagram)

Well, suddenly I was alarmed mijas that so many pages of shows on Instagram such as Chamonic and Suelta la Sopa have reported that my little Lorena Herrera, who is now very attached to the gay public and putting out songs very sloppy, reported herself mysteriously ill and quickly denied that had coronavirus.

Of course, after similar and outrageous statements if he has coronavirus, he is going to shut it up to cover the sun with a finger because of the chlorine dioxide, the mijita must already be well poisoned, as several silly people here in the United States turned out. They listened to Trump for supporting that theory as well.

Others were clinging to aubergine tea to improve while the most desperate, ignorant and extreme went straight to chlorine dioxide, and like my Lorena Herrera, collapsed in bed.

Well, I tell you that the following was published on Chamonic’s Instagram: “Lorena Herrera is in poor health, due to bronchopneumonia, the artist received the results of her condition this Wednesday, so she had to cancel the video recordings of her single “La Toxica”, the same that he was planning to perform this Thursday as a duet with Markos D1 ”.

While in Suelta la Sopa they put the following: “Lorena Herrera is in complete rest for 7 days due to bronchopneumonia due to influenza and not because of # COVID19 as is rumored, this was announced by her team.”

What do you guys think? On the next page I give you my theory of what I believe and with all the feminine intuition I intuit …

Lorena Herrera coronavirus (Instagram)

Lorena Herrera coronavirus (Instagram)

For me, my little girl Lorena Herrera does have coronavirus, but because of the shame of falling prey to it and not proving that carbon dioxide worked, she definitely had no choice but to say that it is bronchopneumonia and well this proves one Again, we must be responsible for what we say and do millets and more in times of pandemic, because minimizing COVID-19 can be very expensive.

Obviously people began to comment on what happens with Lorena Herrera and they also have their theories and here I present them to them, millets:

“Coronavirus is a respiratory virus not leprosy, why give the explanation? why so much prejudice? What does it matter that it was Covid? The same for a bronchopneumonia due to influenza, if it gets complicated, you can die ”,“ Come on! God punished her and it is she has a fight in her lungs, it is likely to be Covid !! Follow him along with the other one ”,“ And the chlorine dioxide? ”,“ Broncoqueeeeee ????? Gentlemen, that is covid-19 ”,“ I see that in Mexico, like many Latin American countries, having COVID is a taboo… as if it were a crime ”,“ This old lady who be careful ”,“ Now they have changed her the name to the covid please “,” That is coronavirus “,” It is true that I swallowed chlorine dioxide she said hahaha so it will be cured “.

So I leave them to your discretion millets.

Lorena Herrera coronavirus (Instagram)

Lorena Herrera coronavirus (Instagram)

The fact is that before opening your mouth, you have to think very well about the consequences of our words and what we do because afterwards we end up being ridiculous.

I leave them homework! Take care, protect yourself, stay away from chlorine dioxide and continue with the appropriate measures! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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