La Chacha (September 2): Angélica Rivera teaches her daughter to pump gasoline and they make a serious mistake (VIDEO)

Angélica Rivera made a tremendous ridicule with her youngest daughter trying to teach her to pump gasoline As if that weren’t enoug...

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Angélica Rivera made a tremendous ridicule with her youngest daughter trying to teach her to pump gasoline
  • As if that weren’t enough that they made a terrible and dangerous mistake, he also taught her to drive the car
  • The ‘scandals’ and shame for ‘La Gaviota’ do not end due to his exposure thanks to his daughters

My friends from LA CHACHA, I am your little comadrita today to bring you a video that you will not give credit and prepare for the courage that you are going to make of the stupidity that Angélica Rivera did recording her daughter putting gasoline and teaching her to drive.

I am a genius mijas because it is not possible that these little celebrity women suddenly do not realize that recording themselves doing these stupid things is going to bring them a lot critics.

But it seems that this is what they like and that is what they live for because really what I have from the video is something that they will not give credit, so breathe and sit down.

As it turns out, on Ceriani’s Instagram account, a video with a series of stories from the social network where Angélica Rivera’s daughter, named Fernanda Castro, had her first driving lessons with the famous mother.

Well the joke is that we already know that the daughters of Angélica Rivera with Güero Castro are not the brightest and it seems that they only live for the pose and the marble does not spin much and we were not wrong mijas.

Angélica Rivera daughter (Instagram Gossip no Like)

Angélica Rivera daughter (Instagram Gossip no Like)

The video begins with Angélica Rivera’s mijita daughter trying to put gas while her mother records her and the girl says:

“My mom is teaching me to put gas”, while recording with the cell phone in the middle of the gas station (error 1 and garrafal because it is not allowed) and opens the cap of the car.

“Ok, how scary … oh nooo, no, no, no, and then?”, The teenager is heard saying as Angélica Rivera tells her that she should choose the type of gasoline and put the container in the car.

But things are not over yet, mijos, you are going to get quite angry with that of Angélica Rivera and her daughter teaching you to put gas, go to the next page.

Total, once the scared girl already knew how to pour gasoline, because it turns out that not satisfied with the stupidity of recording in the middle of the station, the overlapping mother had to record her driving and she terrified:

“Mom, this is going very fast”, nervous and with a mask you can see the mijita Fernanda Castro all flabby, without combing her hair and driving very alarmed, while Angélica Rivera tells her “calm down, concentrate.”

But you have to give the mijita credit because what happened to all first-timers when we started driving happened: she was afraid of cars!

Because they are not going to deny me mijos that in fact when we just teach ourselves to drive, we have a fear of cars, that they approach us and that they drive very fast with us.

“Why are the cars next to me going so fast?” Says Angélica Rivera’s mijita, mortified, while she tries to calm her down: “You go at your speed.”

And go ahead, in the last part of the video mijas, because the Seagull comes out with law classes and everything, surely learned while she was married to Mr. Copetín, that is Peña Nieto and gives a tremendous lesson to his daughter.

Turn to the next page and you can see the full gossip and video footage.

Angelica Rivera daughter Gasoline (Instagram)

Angelica Rivera daughter Gasoline (Instagram)

You see that adolescents love to attract attention and surely Fernanda Castro is no exception, because I am almost certain that she was the one who told her mother Angélica Rivera to record her and then go ahead and let the former first lady even tell her. taught law classes, according to her.

Because in the last part of the video, the girl apologized because she did things wrong and said the following:

“Hello, as you can see I did not know that you could not use the cell phone near a gas, my mother told me but I did not believe her and nothing happened hahaha”, very funny mijita.

But go ahead, Angélica Rivera got the lawyer and told her: “According to article 115, it is forbidden to use your mobile at the gas station and you are fined 90 euros not only because it puts you at risk but because it is also sanctioned, therefore in no case can we use the mobile… ”, the actress is heard saying, while the daughter is impressed with what she says.

I say that instead of doing these ridiculous things, Angélica Rivera gets to work, because you can see that she said that she will soon return to soap operas and we will see how it goes because in Mexico she was very burned by her supposed marriage to Enrique Peña Nieto .

And well, the people in criticism did not stop millets: “He also taught them by example how to steal by the handful”, “Let them also teach themselves to be a companion”, “Do not give publicity to this woman. Please “,” You should also teach her the commandment, you will not steal, so that she is not like her and Peña Nieto who have no shame. ”


Angélica Rivera teaches her daughter how to put gasoline (Instagram)

Angélica Rivera teaches her daughter how to put gasoline (Instagram)

Totally mijos, if you are going to have children, teach them the basics of life so that they do not go around making these ridiculous things, and if they are going to do it, there is no evidence because then people criticize them with good reason and then they go on lamenting.

Having said that, I send you the best vibes and my best wishes for this day! Take care, get washing and ironing and wait for my next gossip! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!


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