La Chacha (September 17) Enrique Iglesias’s daughter surprises with her shocking face, but Larry Hernández’s baby conquers (PHOTOS)

Enrique Iglesias’ daughter enchanted locals and strangers with her stunning and beautiful face But the daughter of Larry Hernández ...

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Enrique Iglesias’ daughter enchanted locals and strangers with her stunning and beautiful face
  • But the daughter of Larry Hernández was not far behind and caused the sweetness by her smile
  • The daughters of the famous managed to conquer everyone with their tenderness and beauty

My friends from LA CHACHA, hold on because today we have baby grief and what peculiar little girls I have in today’s gossip that smells like a girl’s clothes because two beautiful little creatures will appear: Enrique Iglesias’s daughter, and Larry Hernández’s daughter.

This year, just as it has been chaotic millets, it has also brought us little beautiful news and two of them were the births of the little women those Anna Kournikova and Kenia Hernández, wives of Enrique Iglesias and Larry Hernández, respectively.

While one was publishing until exhaustion every gram that rose from pregnancy, the other was missing.

We know that Kenia Hernández loves the spotlight and to this day she still uses her little Dalett as a focus to capture attention.

But he should learn about the mijita Anna Kournikova who is very kept at home, disappeared and we did not find out that she was pregnant until she went to the hospitahim and give birth.

The two of them were relieved this year and gave life to two precious little girls that one would think would turn out beautiful for being ‘famous’, but here the saying that ‘they were made with love’ does apply.

Even the little Dalett with such a grotesque father that is Larry Hernández came out beautiful and Enrique Iglesias’s daughter with a striking face.

Below I have the first photo of Mary, Enrique Iglesias’s daughter, but that was 23 weeks ago and right now she is older and with a model face that left me astonished, but Larry Hernández’s daughter is not far behind beautiful .

And you already know that when they grow up, babies either compose or decompose, go to the next page to see how Enrique Iglesias’s daughter and Larry Hernández’s daughter became mijos …

Daughter Enrique Iglesias (Instagram)

Daughter Enrique Iglesias (Instagram)

Just see mijas what impact of a doll that is Mary, Enrique Iglesias’s daughter … The photograph was originally posted by her mother, the tennis player Anna Kournikova in which she wrote “Wimbledon, here we go …”, making a clear allusion to the fact that the little girl must being a tennis player, although they don’t limit me because the girl could well be a model.

With that face that screams joy and love, Enrique Iglesias’s daughter appears smiling, sitting on a sofa, dressed in white and with her blonde hair and her big blue eyes, very pretty and ready to eat the world.

As is customary, people turned to comments for the little girl: “God identical to mother”, “Pure father”, “Beautiful just like her mother”, “Just like her father”, “She looks like a doll”, “God bless her “,” Precious “,” What a beauty !!!! He looks like his mommy ”,“ She is beautiful, a good family inheritance ”,“ Precious princess ”.

The little girl is that you eat her, but if they believed that the daughter of Larry Hernández and Kenia Ontiveros would lag behind in beauty and charisma, they are wrong, because little Dalett made her biggest appearance and in what way she proved to be a doll too …

On the next page I have a photo of mijas, pass him …

Enrique Iglesias daughter (IG)

Enrique Iglesias daughter (IG)

Well, in the Instagram account of ‘scandal’, they uploaded a video where you can see how Kenia, Larry Hernández’s wife, carries the little and beautiful Dalett in her arms, while the singer records her from behind and the baby smiles tenderly at the listen to your father.

Everything is wonderful knowing that the little girl is happy and her beautiful face shows it in a cute pink outfit, but mijas, go ahead, in effect, it seems that at the time of this video, Kenia Ontiveros was crying, because at the beginning of the video she she wipes a few tears (apparently) and turns her back to the camera.

This of course was noticed by the people who saw the video and they started to comment: “Kenya is crying”, “Well, Kenya crying and this is ridiculous”, “I notice that Kenya is crying”, “I have noticed that the little girl He always puts on either hats or one of those bandages … I think it’s to hide his ears. Well, they look like hers and the other girls. The baby is still beautiful ”.

What will have happened mijos? Could it be that these two later thunder like Chiquis and Lorenzo? Do not doubt it a bit … That is why I tell you that you should not choose the wrong partners, especially if they have addictions or are louts, for more money they have mijas, but they just don’t understand, they cling to pure rubble …

Here you can see the video.

Dalett, daughter of Larry Hernández (Instagram)

Dalett, daughter of Larry Hernández (Instagram)

Well, focusing on the babies, I can say that both the daughter of Enrique Iglesias and the daughter of Larry Hernández are beautiful and ready to succeed on the screen or in modeling, with such charisms of course, although who knows if the parents will direct them in the good and do not force me to follow the dreams that they could not fulfill.

I say goodbye to my children with this gossip or rather mourning today and I wish you a lot of light, a lot of peace and a lot of joy.

Bye bye, your little comadrita la CHACHA loves you!

Some images in this note come from East and East videos

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