La Chacha (October 22) Chiquibaby is ‘humiliated’ like Adamari López and is dressed as a ‘Christmas tree’ (PHOTO)

Chiquibaby is the ‘new victim’ of Un Nuevo Día and they ‘humiliate’ her like Adamari López The ‘rags’...

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  • Chiquibaby is the ‘new victim’ of Un Nuevo Día and they ‘humiliate’ her like Adamari López
  • The ‘rags’ that they put on him in the morning have caused him many attacks and harsh criticism
  • Adamari López was accused of dressing up as a ‘Christmas tree’ and now it has happened to Chiquibaby

My little friends from LA CHACHA, here is your little comadrita reporting to come out ahead in the middle of the chaos and entertain us with a good gossip and laundry of dirty clothes, and this time it’s up to the rags that Adamari López and Chiquibaby put on my little ones in Un New day.

The first victim of the Un Nuevo Día wardrobe has always been my Adamari López who just doesn’t give one with the outfits she chooses or puts on for the show and they make her look ridiculous, fat, uncomfortable and even absurd mijas, but lately Chiquibaby has been the new victim.

And the thing is that first a few days ago, they put Chiquibaby pants like an office executive, with an animal print blouse and although she has good figure, this look blew me away because they put it in the trash can and people said:

“Chiqui, where did you get those rags that you look like”, “those clothes nooooo. You look a little older ”,“ Because those ugly shoes are always ”,“ Those pants lack leg ”,“ I don’t like those Chiqui pants ”, they commented to Chiquibaby.

But now, the last straw was that the mijita decided to go to the Billboard awards, with a metallic green dress that literally looked like the Christmas tree.

Sometimes I think mijas, they love to call the Attention and provoke the mockery of all the followers because it is not possible for them to stand in front of the mirror and say ‘I look very good’, when the reality is that I do not.

The worst of all is that that huge mistake, Adamari López had just passed, a day before, so it was incredible that Chiquibaby repeated the same thing and on the next page I have the photos and the comparison and the comments of the two dressed as ‘Christmas tree’.

Do you think I’m exaggerating with this of the two little girls? Well, go to the next page to see that no …


Chiquibaby (Instagram)

Chiquibaby (Instagram)

Well, my friends, drink water, because this is not to be believed, my Adamari López so beautiful, so charismatic, so pretty, so talented, but with a terrible taste to dress in A New Day.

The photo I just finished almost makes me spit my coffee when I saw it and I sat down to analyze it and no matter how much I saw it, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, it almost left me blind with the impression.

We know that my little girl is overweight, suddenly she appears very swollen as in the photo below and on top of that they do not put on the best makeup, because underneath she looks hunk with those kilos of makeup that she brings, they dare to put on her or her choose a dress as horrible as this pale pink color.

It is outrageous that with those sleeves that seem to have been torn to pieces badly, that fall for a pregnant dress and that color that does not go with her complexion, they have taken her out to host the program and then go ahead, people naturally told her that it was almost missing Christmas tree spheres:

“Is that how does it happen to put that looks like a Christmas tree”, “That dress looks like a kite”, “Adamari that dress does not fit you, you look like a girl from a choir made of something a lot of fabric all over the body of commotion”, “Ada BOOT your life your IMAGE designer HATES you ”, but what do you think? Chiquibaby did not learn from Adamari’s humiliation and dared to repeat the mistake …

Adamari López (A New Day)

Adamari López (A New Day)

It was the Billboard Awards where it occurred to Chiquibaby to look like a December character, with a metallic green dress, with a mesh on the neckline and her makeup that was the only correct thing.

“A Christmas tree”, “It looks like a synthetic field where they play soccer”, “What a horrible dress does not suit you at all”, Holding your breath “,” December wepaaaaa arrivedoooooo “,” I’m sorry but it’s a horrible dress and it makes you a figure not binita “,” Ugly dress looks like a tamale “,” A garland “,” It is a promotion for Christmas trees … so they can see that even with Covid 19 there may be a Christmas, but not with the family or with friends, only with Christmas trees ”,“ It looks like an avocado ”,“ She is beautiful and with a great body !!! But that dress does not suit her, a lot of brightness looks like a Tree ”, was what people criticized Chiquibaby.

I was almost laughing at the comments, because no matter how fashionable the metallic dresses are, the Chiquibaby seemed promotional for a Christmas tree as one of his followers said …

On the next page I have another dress horror that they put on Chiquibaby …

Chiquibaby dressed worse than Adamari López (IG)

Chiquibaby dressed worse than Adamari López (IG)

Although not in the same humiliating way, because red looks good on all women, lately, these types of costumes put Adamari and Chiquibaby in Un Nuevo Día, like thin fabric that in one part makes them look like wrinkled and that the outfits are not ironed.

My Chiquibaby has a great body and they don’t know how to take advantage of it with that type of outfit, but I suppose that now she is the new victim of the wardrobe women who had already spoiled Adamari López, as if they would continue with her …

Anyway, mijos, what do you think?

Chiquibaby (Instagram)

Chiquibaby (Instagram)

Mijas, then, leave me your comments and opinions about these two mijitas that we have to save from ridiculousness, but not with so many bad comments in Un Nuevo Día they do me justice.

Take care of yourselves, give it a go and keep spreading my love, bye bye, LA CHACHA loves you, we will read soon!

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