La Chacha (November 11) Biby Gaytán ‘complains about everything’ on a motorcycle day with her family (VIDEO)

Biby Gaytán went for a ‘ride’ on a motorcycle with her husband Eduardo Capetillo and their children The Mexican brunette ende...

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  • Biby Gaytán went for a ‘ride’ on a motorcycle with her husband Eduardo Capetillo and their children
  • The Mexican brunette ended up ‘complaining about everything’ to the laughter of those present
  • The actress and singer suffered because she seemed uncomfortable with the experience

LA CHACHA is here, mopping, washing, ironing and poisoning millets as I usually do, and this time they will surprise me with my Biby Gaytán, who turned out to be a first-rate complainer for going on a motorcycle day with Eduardo Capetillo and his sons.

The mijita is making her want to go into everything since she opened her channel of YouTube and ps of course, if you want to have visits and attract people, then you have to dare to do even what you do not like or do not like, like this time.

Well, it turns out that they throw their brooms and mops and lie on the couch to tell them, because this gets good and my little girl Biby Gaytán is very authentic and what they think of her is of little value to her.

Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán go on a motorcycle ride (IG)

Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán go on a motorcycle ride (IG)

This was demonstrated in the video compiled by the account of Instagram from Univisión Famosos, where we can see how now the whole family is going on a motorcycle ride and everyone has a great time except my Biby Gaytán.

Eduardo Capetillo’s wife started out very empowered with her role as a challenger and thrown into doing whatever they wanted her to do, but go ahead, mijas, everything became a complainer about everything, just like women are.

First, the mijita complained and was teased because the suit they put on her well, it didn’t fit her: “Well, I don’t know love… love, I’m extra small without a breast, because I looked at her like this… Why, why humiliate me like this, ”says the actress amid laughter from her daughter Ana Paula and her husband Eduardo Capetillo.

Hold on mijas, because that was just beginning and then it came to her to say that her boots were bothering her because of another ailment in one of her feet and there I was flustered and almost fell from the chair with laughter and shock … Keep reading millets …

Biby Gaytán 'suffers' on a motorcycle day with her family (Instagram)

Biby Gaytán ‘suffers’ on a motorcycle day with her family (Instagram)


After the tremendous ‘bear’ (shame) that my little girl went through with the fact that her suit did not fit well to go adventurer on the motorcycle together with Eduardo Capetillo and his children, well he started to complain about something else, the boots …

“I can’t stand the bunion, how horrible … Hey, what a shame, but the bunion hurts horrible, I have to change my boots …”, my little girl began, visibly uncomfortable.

Who would have thought that my Biby Gaytán suffers from bunions, which in Mexico are a kind of bones that come out of the feet, from wearing too many tight shoes and even from going barefoot.

Well, when the actress and singer was able to get comfortable, her next challenge was to ride the motorcycle and that scares the little girl and said the following: “The laps are like they scare me … The truth is more difficult than it seems ”, he heard himself say …

Worse, then his wife and mother’s terror came later when he saw his children battle with the motorcycle like Ana Paula and her twins also very up to it, mijitas, and although Biby Gaytán knows that Eduardo Capetillo has experience doing this type of sport extreme, because he showed me his love by caring for him …

“Hey love, but you don’t need to risk so much, this track is super dangerous …”, while Eduard Capetillo tries to calm her down by saying: “Love, don’t worry, I’ve been doing this all my life, you’ll see what a jump is professional”.

And come on, my soap opera heartthrob does show it and manages to do it before the astonished gaze of his children and Biby Gaytán …

Biby Gaytán (IG)

Biby Gaytán (IG)

The truth is, the videos shared by the family of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo are very beautiful millets, because nowadays they will not let me lie that few families have this type of dynamics between them of being so united and of do various activities that unite them more.

Now with the opening of their YouTube channels we can see how they love each other, how simple most of them are, because Biby Gaytán’s little daughters do not leave aside their strawberry tone that causes annoyance, but outside of that, they entertain a lot with their occurrences and they attract attention, that at the end of the day, that is what they want to have visits and subscribers to their channels.

The Mexican couple arguing (Instagram)

Biby Gaytán, Eduardo Capetillo (Instagram)

Anyway, mijas, so you can see that all women are cut from the same cloth and that even glamor and courage go away when we go on excursions or do these activities, as my little Biby Gaytán did. Luckily she also has a husband who pampers her a lot, even though everyone says that he watches over her, he does take care of her and here he showed that Eduardo Capetillo is a gentleman and that his children are very well educated.

You think, leave me your comments that I read them without fail millets and keep taking care of yourself!

I send you blessings, bye bye, LA CHACHA loves you, we will read soon!

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