La Chacha (March 18? They capture Álex Rodríguez kneeling trying to ‘please’ JLo (VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

JLo and Álex Rodríguez meet again in the Dominican Republic to ‘be content’ Álex Rodríguez was caught ‘kneeling’ ...

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  • JLo and Álex Rodríguez meet again in the Dominican Republic to ‘be content’
  • Álex Rodríguez was caught ‘kneeling’ with the singer
  • Jennifer López got sexy in a robe to ‘receive’ her still partner

Mijos and mijas friends of LA CHACHA, welcome here with your friend who has already thrown the brooms and mops to lie on the sofa and start telling you about the gossip Good laundry that I bring you today, because it goes with one of our spoiled ones who has me with Jesus in her mouth: my JLo with Álex Rodríguez and their supposed separation, but now a video is leaking where he knelt to her.

There is so much to say about these little children that I have to take a pain reliever so as not to get upset because they have been together for 4 years, millets and when last week the gossip that they had separated spread like wildfire, I almost fell into a heart attack because of what it meant .

JLo and Álex Rodríguez are in the eye of the hurricane

JLo and Álex Rodríguez (Instagram)
JLo and Álex Rodríguez (Instagram)

And it is that you see that since the beginning of their relationship because on warning there was no deception millets, the JLo already knew the fame that Álex Rodríguez had as unfaithful and that he loved women and that he had cheated and how much he imagines because let us not deny that it is so.

Total I, learning of the separation, said Hallelujah, glory to God! because this girl opened her eyes, but before I did my courage because everyone began to say that they were true because the little gossip that Álex Rodríguez had been unfaithful to that monument of a woman.

Álex Rodríguez traveled to the Dominican Republic to meet again with JLo

JLo and Álex Rodríguez meet before rumors of separation (Instagram)
JLo and Álex Rodríguez meet before rumors of separation (Instagram)

It turns out that a few months ago well come on that Álex Rodríguez was very sweaty with my JLo and a lot of support for his career and everything he did when suddenly he was seen in a Miami club with a blonde who now we know her name and even star of a reality show came out: Madison LeCroy.

My little girl Madison LeCroy the prototype woman American, blonde, voluptuous and pretty, but never anyone like our Latin goddess JLo, but they were captured very affectionately in their nightclub night and the wildfire of this gossip started that if that jerk had been unfaithful to JLo.

Álex Rodríguez wanted to deny the rumors of their separation by appearing with JLo

Kneeling trying to please her (IG)
Álex Rodríguez trying to please JLo (IG)

When my Madison LeCroy is asked if she had had an ‘encounter’ with JLo’s fiancé, then go ahead and say that they have no relationship and that according to her she respects the couple and she would never do that of taking the man away from a little woman and I I believe you mijitos, of course I do.

Because if women don’t support each other, then who the hell? Total for me that the prontón was the Álex Rodríguez and that as always everyone went to the Madison woman, although the flirtatious and unfaithful we know perfectly that it is him.

Did JLo no longer look happy with Álex Rodríguez?

They deny rumors of separation (IG)
They deny rumors of separation (IG)

After those rumors, an interview with People en Español arose where JLo said that they were going through a complicated stage and of course Mijas who defended his love for this jerk but never said it was because of infidelity but with so much and gossip well I almost almost think that’s why they were in trouble.

But the good news is coming because when this interview was given, Page Six gossiped to us that JLo was furious with Álex Rodríguez and that to avoid the separation she needed to trust him, so he had put a smartass on him with many things that the athlete had to continue if not, she said goodbye.

JLo in the Dominican Republic in a robe

Jennifer Lopez in a robe (IG)
Jennifer Lopez in a robe (IG)

That the mijito give him access to his cell phone including the location for 24 hours, that if he traveled he should not be alone and under no circumstances would the flight attendants be women, that if he went out at night to drink with friends, he could only have two glasses of alcohol and returning home early, were the conditions of her to her partner according to Page Six.

But go ahead, I don’t know if the mijito didn’t hold out, because suddenly the rumors began that Jennifer our Latin goddess had gotten tired and had sent him flying, canceling their engagement and almost almost returning the ring to Álex Rodríguez, because they began to appear alone …

Álex Rodríguez appeared with JLo to try to make their relationship work

Álex Rodríguez went to visit JLo in the Dominican Republic (IG)
Álex Rodríguez went to visit JLo in the Dominican Republic (IG)

That if because of infidelities, that if because of jealousy, that if because he cheated on Madison LeCroy, that if because JLo was going to focus on his work … Well, my son, the rumors of the supposed separation of the couple flooded all the portals until Suddenly, it turned out that it was a lie.

I was on the verge of happiness that JLo has finally got rid of the jerk when suddenly they come out with that according to People en Español everything was denied and there was no separation, that on the contrary, they were treating their differences in therapy and that they were looking for an opportunity for both…

JLo no longer wears Álex Rodríguez’s engagement ring

Romantics (IG)
JLo and Álex Rodríguez romantics (IG)

The wedding is suspended while the mijitos are happy but who knows if they get it because the cameras of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ leaked images of these two in the Dominican Republic where JLo is recording a movie and guess what, because Álex Rodríguez left to reach it.

In the images, JLo is sexier than ever in a white coat and the mijito arrives with his typical silly hat and an attitude that is otherwise complacent as if wanting to pamper her in everything, because she is lying on a cot resting when suddenly Álex Rodríguez appears …

JLo received Álex Rodríguez on his rest day

JLo denies separation from Álex Rodríguez (IG)
JLo denies separation from Álex Rodríguez (IG)

The mijito even knelt at him, he treats her like his wife, his lady, he consents her and it is seen that he wants to look good with her so that she does not abandon him and she stops the rumors of the separation, although my JLo does not seem completely convinced Is it that she is in love with this jerk, millets?

I do not understand how women do not give each other our package when these things happen … That my JLo is to respect because this is what we want … HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO I TELL YOU of JLo resting during the recording of his film and Álex Rodríguez kneeling and going to visit her.

JLo, are you happy that there is no separation?

Jennifer López appears very happy (IG)
Jennifer López appears very happy (IG)

The comments of the people did not wait for the said video millets: “That as it was planned”, “Hahaha and right in view of all PA’QUE PICTURES COME OUT”, “Nobody takes away the horny”, “Now It is time for her to take seriousness and behave like a lady that she is, who feels head, stop putting together so much show for everything to continue appearing ”,“ Money does not buy dignity ”, some opined.

But others also gave my girl warnings: “Pure show, selling what the public wants to see of them”, “She forgave him, her classic”, “Do you call that happy? Holding the horns forever “,” Super planned “,” The video is very armed “,” Well, let him continue being cuckold “,” Pure show “.

There is no separation at the moment between JLo and Álex Rodríguez

Álex Rodríguez went to the Dominican Republic to see JLo (IG)
Álex Rodríguez went to the Dominican Republic to see JLo (IG)

Well, it will be the serene, but I am not happy that JLo has not finalized separation from Álex Rodríguez mijos because I know that he will suffer, God save the time, I hope that the mijita knows what she is doing … God bless me and protect me , just like you. So far with the gossip millets, bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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