La Chacha (February 19) Alan Tacher fights furiously in ‘Despierta América’ with Ninel Conde’s ex for calling him a ‘coward’



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  • The bomb exploded in full live broadcast of ‘Despierta América’
  • Alan Tacher fought and furiously claimed the ex of Ninel Conde, Giovanni Medina, for calling him a ‘coward’
  • Dimes and diretes set the screen on fire, but Alan Tacher got the worst of it

LA CHACHA arrived millets and lay down on the couch with the sword drawn as my Alan Tacher brought it today in Despierta América because the bomb exploded and how it was caught as a laundry lawsuit in the middle of a live program against the ex of Ninel Conde, the jerk scored by Giovanni Medina.

I was doing the toilet in the morning when in the distance I began to hear screams and two men arguing like gossipy ladies and I thought it was outside my house, when all of a sudden I even dropped the broom and ran to the living room when I realized that the mitote was from Despierta América.

And they already see that yesterday they interviewed to Ninel Conde for the eternal problem with his ex Giovanni Medina who cynically took the child from him and no longer wants to return him and well, the little guy was watching the interview and today he asked to speak in Despierta América and caused a chaos of gossip.

Presumably this young jerk, bad husband, because he called Alan Tacher a coward for not telling him things up front, he even insulted Karla Martínez and even threatened several show hosts and journalists with threatening messages.

The Giovanni Medina a whole millet fichita, but he never expected that they would leave him face to face and in his place and in ridicule with all the threats that he threw, because my Alan Tacher was put ‘to you for you’, losing patience and exploding worse than the Hiroshima bomb.

The video was published on the Instagram account of ‘Despierta América’ and here I tell you the gossip of what he said: “I gladly tell you why I called you a coward… Because there are serious journalists, you are not a journalist but you don’t know Nothing in my life, you are not a journalist and we do know that … because there are serious journalists who have questioned Ninel Conde about why she is living on bad money, why she is not sensitive or empathetic with her husband’s victims, You had the opportunity to ask him, Mr. Tacher, find out what people want to know, get on their social networks… ”, the former Ninel Conde began saying.

Alan Tacher fights in Despierta América (Instagram)

Alan Tacher fights in Despierta América (Instagram)

But Giovanni Medina did not count on the fact that mijito Alan Tacher would put him in his place in an epic way and more altered than he ever faced him saying: “First, I am not a journalist, I have never said that, but I have been a driver for more than 30 years, but you are not a judge, nor a party, nor a jury and you get involved in things that I think are not your concern … two, it is no more cowardly that you spend your time insulting women, because you are not Ninel Conde he, do you want me to teach the tests? Raúl, show me the evidence… ”, turning the thing on, Alan Tacher said while the other argued and claimed to show them.

Come on, Raúl González gives him his phone number and Alan Tacher shows and reads how Giovanni Medina threatens him with a text message, mijos … Take him to the water, or to the tea or whatever they are doing that gets better … Keep reading …


It is known that this mijito of Giovanni Medina, formerly of Ninel Conde, is a jerk and sails with the flag of a fool and innocent, but things as they are, my Alan Tacher put a tremendous ‘blow’ to his image in the middle of the live program of Wake up America … And if we were awake, my children, I was with my eye even without blinking:

“Forget the threats to Ninel Conde, where is Raúl González? You spend your time writing direct messages to everyone who talks about you, threats and here is a threat that you made to our Raúl González who commented on a note, he did not even speak about you, he commented on a note about what was happening between you and you wrote directly to his Instagram, “said Alan Tacher altered with his cell phone in his hand, of course.

Now yes, the evidence of the donkey in hand, millets and the message said: “Be careful when you talk about my son and my fatherhood with such ignorance and cowardice, you live in a country of laws, be careful with that, and poor you and your sad life of gossip, coward, you have no idea of ​​the life that my son lives, I demand that you do not refer to him again, with care that he has a father and more than enough to defend him … The one that you are going to have to defend in spending a minimum on lawyers, coward ”, Alan Tacher read the threat of the ex of Ninel Conde to Raúl González.

But apart from being furious, he exhibited what Giovanni Medina also criticized Karla Martínez: “It is your favorite word (coward), so you are a public figure, we can comment on anything, we have never talked about you, we have never insulted your son and scheme is one of the five messages that I know you have sent to people threatening them, there is the proof ”, and he left it quiet to me, mijos …

Giovanni Medina supposedly did not listen to everything that Alan Tacher read to him that due to poor communication and the driver of Despierta América continued: “We are all professionals, not like yesterday what you said (with Ceriani) about my partner, it has been more than 20 years in this program and her name is Karla Martínez, thank you ”.

I was already in a wig with such an argument but people, go ahead, it went to the jugular not to the jerk, but to Alan Tacher! Keep reading mijos …

Alan Tacher fights in Despierta América with ex of Ninel Conde (Instagram)

Alan Tacher fights in Despierta América with ex of Ninel Conde (Instagram)


“Alan seems like a lawyer for Ninel”, “The net Giovanni is right”, “I was delighted when he told him ‘you call yourself a very friend of my son’s mother and in 7 years I never saw you in my house'”, “In bad taste Wake up America getting into that gossip. How ridiculous ”,“ Alan Tacher has no arguments and Giovanni spoke with respect and evidence and arguments… .. BAD ALAN TACHER ”,“ Terrible… Alan not very objective, the preference towards Ninel is noticeable, he is on the defensive the entire interview “,” Alan’s lack of professionalism the way he interviewed Giovanni how ridiculous “,” Alan today you left a bad image, as a journalist you must be neutral and never disrespect, whether a person is rude, you should always maintain education and today more than a journalist, you dress like a lawyer for Ninel ”, people commented.

But go ahead, my Ninel Conde came out later to close Giovanni Medina’s coffin and said:

“You have already seen what I experienced for six years, I am no longer there and I only ask God to keep my son’s heart so that he does not have that resentment with his mother and in the future he can have a wife, respect her, love her and honor her, Alan, an apology for the bad moment… ”, was what the mijita commented on this matter…


Giovanni Medina calls Alan Tacher a coward in Despierta América (IG)

Giovanni Medina calls Alan Tacher a coward in Despierta América (IG)

A gossip like few others and I even did the chores in shock, I don’t know who was wrong or who wasn’t, but things are burning among these people and now Ninel Conde’s ex has already thrown Alan Tacher and everything on Wake up America, so hold on …

I will have more details if they come out with more street fights like this mijos, but they really gave us a weekend show …

Read, share and comment on your point of view, I send you blessings and I hope you take good care of yourself! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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