La Chacha (February 15) Do you blame Jenni Rivera for your traumas? Johnny, son of the singer sends a strong message (VIDEO)

Johnny, Jenni Rivera’s son, celebrated his 20th birthday under thoughts or wishes of ‘wanting to be dead’ Chiquis River...

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  • Johnny, Jenni Rivera’s son, celebrated his 20th birthday under thoughts or wishes of ‘wanting to be dead’
  • Chiquis Rivera’s brother confessed that the death of his parents has it very bad
  • Johnny Rivera has gone through very strong moments and leans on his brothers

LA CHACHA here came millets, so it means that we are going to throw ourselves away everything we are doing of housework and cleaning, to pause and lie down on the sofa to gossip for a while and have a moment of relaxation, which we deserve and today we are going to mortify ourselves for this little boy named Johnny Rivera, son of our Jenni Rivera and brother of La Chiquis.

A few days ago, the mijito this tantrum and eternal misunderstood because he turned 20 years old now, in the midst of many things that he has lived through these two decades that have touched him very strong millets, because look at what to lose their parents, open up about their sexual preferences, thoughts of suicide and drama with his family because they have disturbed me.

We all derail by nature in our years of youth, but Johnny Rivera with more reason has done it due to what he has lived since he was a little boy.

Chiquis Rivera’s brother recently celebrated his birthday and wanted to share a very heartfelt message that he did not expect to reach 20, that is, he was thinking about committing suicide and wanted to be dead.

The above is not surprising, mijos if we consider that at the age of 8 he lost his father Juan López, who was imprisoned for two years and died of pneumonia … Then how can he forget the traumatic event of the death of his mother Jenni Rivera in that plane accident … he I was 11 years old.

Since then, the mijito has struggled a lot to live fully, imagine, without having his parents with him, because he has relied on his brothers, being Chiquis Rivera who he sees as a mother and currently lives with her, which by the way, that they all attribute to the break between the hot tamale and Lorenzo Méndez.

Johnny Rivera, son of Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

Johnny Rivera, son of Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

In your account Instagram, Jenni Rivera’s son wrote for his birthday: “This shit… life has not been easy at all, but I am still here, I have suffered great headaches and many times I have really wanted to give up, but I refuse to let my life be in vain… ”he began writing.

And he said that it has been difficult for him to live with such difficult things that have touched him: “I have been in the public eye since I was in the womb”, that caught my attention, mijos, are you blaming my precious little Diva for that? Keep reading …


Obviously, Jenni Rivera has been a public figure, since she attracted attention in everything and Johnny, being the youngest, had the worst because he grew up in the midst of the flashes and scandals of the Diva, although it hurts us to admit it, mijos and maybe that. Chiquis Rivera’s brother refers to the fact that he has been in the public eye since he was in the womb …

Johnny went on to write for his birthday the following: “Mom would go and introduce herself to me in her womb. I guess that explains my great love for music. Many of you have seen me grow to become what I am, ”explained Chiquis Rivera’s brother, who lately shows signs of wanting to be dead and reunite with his parents, because it is very difficult for him to live.

I can understand it my children because the loss of parents is devastating in itself, as if it was so small and then living in such a family of madness and scandals because much more, in fact he and brother Mike are the least scandalous .

At 20 years old, my little boy Johnny Rivera has the right to throw a tantrum, to be cared for by my Chiquis Rivera, loved by his family and above all supported in what he wants to do, even the people who could see the Instagram video of the account of ‘Univisión Famosos’ expressed his opinion on this, wishing him good things:

Johnny Rivera, son of Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

Johnny Rivera, son of Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

“Poor child, with the loss of his father and mother, there is no money that can replace them”, “I am going to pray for you and God wants you to show the world that no matter how difficult it gets, you are going to achieve ”,“ I would not like to be in his place, but he is still here and God has a purpose for him ”,“ God loves you child ”,“ The truth has suffered several losses ”,“ God takes care of you and always takes you by the hand “Some gave him support, while another said:” Ridiculous. “

Meanwhile, that my little boy Johnny Rivera has strength and tries to understand life, because his brothers give him support and just gathered to celebrate it, Chiquis, Jacqie, Mike, Jenicka they pampered my baby with a TikTok together they all sang the songs for him. mañanitas with a birthday cake.

You have to try to understand my little boy because he is still young and we hope that the maturing process he deserves will begin soon, because sometimes his words of what he tells could be interpreted as if he denied apart from not having his parents, of living in the Rivera family and even the fame that our Diva Jenni had, we already know that this always happens with artists and ends up affecting the children …

Johnny Rivera, brother of Chiquis Rivera (IG)

Johnny Rivera, brother of Chiquis Rivera (IG)

There I leave the gossip millets, now we are going to get back to work and start activating ourselves that things do not do themselves, so we have to put the accelerator on it. Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you! Eternal and adored little comadrita.

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