La Casa de los Famosos Grand Finale: Alicia Machado is the winner! This is why

Alicia Machado is the winner! This is why. After almost three months of intense coexistence, fights and jokes, La Casa de los Famosos com...

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  • Alicia Machado is the winner! This is why.
  • After almost three months of intense coexistence, fights and jokes, La Casa de los Famosos comes to an end.
  • The Telemundo show had everything, but if anything stood out it was the spontaneity and honesty of Alicia Machado.

ALICIA MACHADO IS THE WINNER. After almost three months of intense coexistence, fights and jokes, La Casa de los Famosos comes to an end and the fans chose Venezuelan Alicia Machado as the winner of the Mexican reality show. Here is the reason.

Last August, the adventure began for 17 stars from the entertainment world who lived under the same roof for 24 hours a day. As expected, the Telemundo program had everything, but if something stood out it was the spontaneity and honesty of Alicia Machado.

Final La Casa de los Famosos: Alicia Machado is the winner!

Final La Casa de los Famosos: Alicia Machado is the winner! and reveal why
Photo: Instagram

This Monday, November 15, in the reality show’s grand finale, it was confirmed that she won the public’s affection. But of course… it is not the only thing that she’s going to take home. Submitting to this social ‘experiment’ pays off, as the winner also gets a hefty $200,000 prize.

“WE HAVE A WINNER! Applause, applause and more applause to Alicia Machado for being the winner of #LaCasaDeLosFamosos,” the program announced on its Instagram account. Her fans were overcome with joy and the reason why she became the winner was revealed.

Social media blows up

Photo: Instagram

“Who do you want to see succeed? Who do you like best? Who deserves your vote?” These questions were shared on La Casa de Los Famosos’ Instagram account while the voting was open. “Alicia Machado is the only winner.” “1,500,000 thousand votes for Alicia.” “Aliciaaaa.” These are just a few of the overwhelming number of comments favoring Alicia Machado.

“ALICIA THE WINNER.” “Alicia Machado.” “Alicia is the queen and winner.” “Alicia deserves to consecrate her career and be recognized and respected once and for all as she is.” “Alicia deserves it for being authentic.” More from her admirers. Of course, there were also some other comments supporting the other celebrities: “KELVIN my favorite.” “Manelyk is the one who is going to take all the votes.”

The five finalists on La Casa de Los Famosos

Photo: Instagram

Week by week stars fell in the elimination ceremony and only five lived up to what the spectators expected. Who were the five who reached the grand finale of La Casa de Los Famosos, season 2021?

The first to qualify was Alicia Machado, who was already emerging as the favorite, but she was accompanied by singer Pablo Montero, ‘cowboy’ Kelvin Renteria, as well as singer Cristina Eustace and Mexican influencer Manelyk González. The fight was tough.

Last one to be eliminated: Gisella Aboumrad

Photo: Instagram

The last star to fall by the wayside was actress and comedian Gisella Aboumrad, who became the last to be eliminated before the show’s finale came. “With 85% of the votes, Gisella Aboumrad is the last one to be eliminated from #LaCasaDeLosFamosos,” declared the program.

Viewers even chimed in to explain why she was eliminated. “Yes, she was good, she bored the public with so much complaining.” “She should have left before.”  “With 85% if it had been me I would have kicked her out with 100%.” “I’m sorry but she should have gone before. She was lucky and had a good strategy that was all,” wrote the audience.

No privacy

Photo: Instagram

Telemundo broadcast the program from Monday to Friday at 7 p.m., but La Casa de los Famosos could be viewed by the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that they could watch what their idols were doing through the channel’s website.

Thus, the 17 celebrities, mainly Mexicans, trapped themselves in a fishbowl without any privacy.

Against La Machado?

Alicia Machado victim of classmates The House of the Famous Verónica Montes

On la Casa de los Famosos, ‘La Machado’ had a rapprochement with Roberto Romano and even ended up confessing that she had been a victim of violence. But one of the most memorable episodes was the plot against her when they put sleeping drops in her drink! And of course, everything was recorded in an alarming VIDEO.

Not many inside the house wanted the ex Miss Universe on the show, so at some point they wouldn’t even talk to her. Only Manelik and Pablo Montero spoke to her, but Verónica Montes decided to go “further” and a huge controversy was unleashed as she put Alicia Machado’s health at risk. Gaby Spanic had left la Casa de los Famosos a few days before, but the 24-hour video of the Telemundo reality show revealed everything. In the video, the recently expelleded singer discussed an “alarming plot” with  Verónica Montes. They were talking about drugging Alicia Machado.

Alicia Machado was allegedly drugged by Verónica Montes in La Casa de los Famosos

Photo: Instagram

It turns out that strategies for winning abounded in La Casa de los Famosos a few weeks before the end of the Telemundo reality show that has caused so much controversy. Things really got out of control when in a video, Verónica Montes was heard telling Gaby Spanic that she had put a few sleeping drops in Alicia Machado’s drinks and food.

Verónica Montes, the actress who appeared in the series ‘El Señor de los Cielos, conspired with Gaby Spanic. Montes was supposedly a very good friend of Alicia Machado’s, but that friendship was fractured at the Casa de los Cielos when she mockingly confessed: “She fell asleep… I gave her the drops.”

Did Verónica Montes pay a penalty for giving Alicia Machado sleeping drops in La Casa de los Famosos?

They put drops on Alicia Machado, Verónica Montes The House of the Famous
YouTube: World of Dolls

“Was there a chiqui chiqui or not?” Gaby Spanic is heard saying and Verónica Montes responds: “No, she fell asleep.” Gaby responds, “With the drops?” And the young woman nods: “I gave her the drops.” Then ‘La Usurpadora’ finished happily: “Oh she should sleep well.”

But Verónica Montes reveals that Alicia was not the only one to whom she gave sleeping drops. Pablo Montero was also her victim: “I gave Pablo and I gave her…” She spoke calmly and without any remorse, on the contrary, she behaved as if it was an acceptable strategy for the reality show La Casa de los Famosos.

The public demands justice for Alicia Machado after falling victim to Verónica Montes in La Casa de los Famosos

Alicia Machado House of the Famous Verónica Montes

Faced with the controversial video published on the YouTube channel ‘Mundo de Muñecas’, commenters demanded justice for the former Miss Universe: “The production team must take action on this matter, they must do justice.” “We demand justice for Alicia Machado, this can’t stand and those involved should be punished.” “This is a criminal act and action must be taken in this regard.”

“There Veronica is saying this to the one who always walked around with a bible in her hands.  Gaby, Veronica, laughing, told Gaby that she put the drops on Alicia’s food and Gaby replied that it was good that she should rest. That is a crime, production what these people have done is punishable by law, I hope that when Alicia comes out she will sue the production, Telemundo and the people who committed the crime,” another viewer commented angrily. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF VERÓNICA MONTES CONFESSING WHAT SHE DID

Coexistence in La Casa de los Famosos is tense and several plotted to put Alicia Machado ‘to sleep’

They confirm to sleep Alicia Machado, The House of the Famous, Verónica Montes

For her part, Cristina Eustace celebrates Verónica Montes putting Alicia Machado ‘to sleep’ in la Casa de los Famosos. On the YouTube channel ‘Liz Zam 80’ a video appears where she mocks her saying: “We need to make content and we are a little afraid that Alicia will wake up but don’t worry, they gave her drops to make her fall asleep…,” stated Lorenzo Méndez’s ex.

That only unleashed more indignation and support for Alicia Machado: “And reading the Bible, hahaha, thank you for the things you do, they confirm that we should support Alicia and see her as the winner.” “Wow if Cristina knew that many of us watched the program just because of Alicia, she wouldn’t make those comments.” “You will see hypocrite when you go out and realize that only Alicia really cared for you.” “Boring and without any joke, on the other hand Alicia makes us laugh with everything she says.” HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CRISTINA EUSTACE CONFIRMING THAT DROPS WERE GIVEN TO ALICIA MACHADO

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