Kuno Becker explodes against Donald Trump and even Eduardo Verástegui for what is ‘done’ to Mexicans (VIDEO)

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  • Kuno Becker surprises with video on social networks
  • The Mexican actor explodes against Donald Trump and even with Eduardo Verástegui
  • “What is this? Nazi Germany? ”

He did not hide his annoyance. Mexican actor Kuno Becker uploaded a video to his social networks and explodes against Donald Trump, president of the United States, and even with the ex-actor Eduardo Verástegui, who was recently invited to form part of the Advisory Committee of the Initiative for Hispanic Prosperity.

With more than 14 thousand reproductions at the moment, this publication of the Mexican actor says the following: “Possible Latin holocaust? 2020 Uterus removed from women immigrants in detention centers #latinos #unidos trample Mexicans. Children in cages, they call us rapists, murderers and now they sterilize immigrant women without their consent. What is this? Nazi Germany? ”.

Kuno Becker explodes against Donald Trump and even with Eduardo Verástegui

PHOTO Instagram Kuno Becker

Visibly annoyed, Kuno Becker went directly against Donald Trump and, incidentally, against Eduardo Verástegui: “The current government of the United States looks more and more like when the Nazi Party started in Germany.”

Before the Second World War, all those considered inferior, in that case, the Jewish community, before killing them en masse, began to be sterilized, yes, sterilized so that they could not reproduce because they were an ‘inferior’ race. ”Said the Mexican actor.

In addition, he recalled that after this came one of the great genocides in history: “And it sounds very serious to us, it sounds like hell on earth because it was. But we are seeing all the same characteristics of a catastrophic event of that magnitude ”.

Kuno Becker said that, incredibly, there is a fascist in power in one of the most powerful countries in the world: the United States.

“A fascist who speaks openly of racism and division, which speaks of the fact that Latinos, mainly Mexicans, are rapists, we are criminals and we are murderers ”.

There would still be much to say from Kuno Becker, who surprised his fans by expressing himself in this way.


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