Karol G gets bored with his “jeepeta” and boasts his “makinón”

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  • Karol G celebrates 14 years of artistic career in style
  • The Colombian singer is bored with her “jeepeta” and shows off her “makinón”
  • This is a luxurious Ferrari for $ 335,000

Like a “bichota”. Colombian singer Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, celebrates her 14 years of artistic career in style and buys a luxurious Ferrari for $ 335,000, or in her words: she got bored with her “jeepeta” and took out a “makinón ”.

Through your official account Instagram, where he has nothing more and nothing less than 37 million followers, that the interpreter of songs like Tusa, Bichota and Location (along with Anuel AA and J Balvin), shared a series of images with his new toy and his mascot.

Karol G gets bored with his jeepeta and shows off his Ferrari makinón

PHOTO Instagram Karol G

“It’s already been 14 years dreaming and working and… well yes… It’s worth it. Thank you for living all this magic with me. I got bored with the jeepeta and took out a MAKINON !!! ”, said the Colombian singer without imagining the impact that this confession would cause.

“Congratulations beautiful. Well deserved ”,“ Lend it to me for Uber, bichota. Congratulations ”,“ I love to see, sister, every day as you pursue and achieve your dreams. I love you and Otto if the Ferrari looks good on him ”,“ You deserve it, my beautiful queen, that’s what you worked hard for ”.

Karol G’s “makinón”

According to information from the YouTube channel Molusco TV, Karol G’s new toy is a Spider 812 GTS car, version 2021, which according to the description in Motor magazine in 2019, cost around $ 335,000.

According to the publication, the Ferrari of the “bichota” is a convertible with a V12 engine of 789 horsepower at 8,500 revolutions per minute and 718 Nm (newtons per meter) of torque (force) at 7,000 rpm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 3 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 340 km / h.

Karol G gets bored with his jeepeta and shows off his Ferrari makinón

PHOTO Instagram Karol G

Owner of a spectacular body, the girlfriend of fellow singer Anuel AA did not hesitate to share with her fans this little gift that was given for her 14 years of artistic career.

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