Karla Martínez boasts a navel in leggings, but ends up ‘humiliated’ by Maribel Guardia (PHOTOS)

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  • Karla Martínez boasts a navel in leggings, but ends up humiliated by Maribel Guardia
  • Both personalities ‘compete’ through Instagram to see who gets the most looks
  • From ‘street’, the Costa Rican gives a tremendous ‘lesson’ to the presenter, despite her 61 years of age

Great leggings duel took place on Instagram when the presenter Karla Martinez teaches the navel in a sexy way, but the actress Costa Rican Maribel Guardia ends up humiliating her with her big figure at 61 years of age.

All this happened in the publications of both personalities on their social networks, which brought some criticism, but above all flattery from one side and the other.

Although the success took him from the ‘street’ the Costa Rican since until the afternoon of this September 19 her Photography it exceeded 57 thousand 500 reactions of likes and little more than 570 comments.

Image taken from Instagram @karlamartineztv

On the other hand, Karla Martínez’s photograph had just over 11,700 likes reactions and just over 170 comments.

So get ready for this ‘fight’ of beauties to see who looks best dressed in leggings, in which both show off their flat abs.

In Karla Martínez’s postcard, she appears with a navy blue leggings with black and a black top that shows her flat abdomen.

He also shows his muscle in a gym smilingly and shows that he has a great figure at 44 years of age.

She is a Mexican presenter who has participated in several projects, but the one that has left her the most experiences is Despierta América.

On the next page we will leave you the strongest comments and with dedication that they leave to Karla Martínez, who tried to compete with Maribel Guardia in a sexy way.

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