Kamala Harris vows to make America a “haven” for asylum seekers

Vice President Kamala Harris vowed to make the US a “haven” for asylum seekers. The democrat wanted to soften the harsh messa...

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  • Vice President Kamala Harris vowed to make the US a “haven” for asylum seekers.
  • The democrat wanted to soften the harsh message she sent to immigrants and that was criticized by members of her own party.
  • Amid these comments, controversy increases as to why Harris hasn’t visited the border with Mexico,

US Vice President Kamala Harris promised that the US would be a haven for asylum seekers just as there is a controversy over why the Democrat hasn’t visited the border with Mexico.

Harris softened on Thursday the harsh message she had sent to potential migrants during her trip this week to Guatemala and Mexico, saying that she is “committed” to ensuring that her country is a “safe haven” for those seeking asylum.

Controversy because Kamala Harris has not visited the border

kamala harris border
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In an interview with Efe, they asked him about the message he sent during his trip to Central Americans who are considering emigration: “Don’t come. If they come to the border, they will not be able to enter ”. The vice president received criticism even from her own party since under US and international law, migrants who arrive at the border have the right to request asylum.

Let me be very clear. I am committed to ensuring that the United States provides a safe haven for those seeking asylum. Period, ”Harris said.

Criticism of his own party

kamala harris border
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Harris thus reacted to the criticism he has received from his own party this week, including from the Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for having exhorted the inhabitants of the Northern Triangle of Central America not to “come” to the United States.

That message, which was accompanied by a warning that they would be expelled if they reached the border, generated alarm among politicians and experts in Rights human beings, who recalled that the United States has a commitment under its own laws and international laws to process the asylum requests of those who arrive at its territory.

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