STRONG IMAGES: Kabul airport attack leaves dead and mutilated people

LAST MINUTE: Brutal suicide attack reported in Afghanistan. They report at least thirteen dead and more injured. Chaos broke out at Kabul...

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  • LAST MINUTE: Brutal suicide attack reported in Afghanistan.
  • They report at least thirteen dead and more injured.
  • Chaos broke out at Kabul airport.

STRONG IMAGES: US soldiers confirmed killed in attack in Kabul. An explosion occurred on Thursday outside the Kabul airport, where thousands of people have gathered trying to leave Afghanistan, days after several Western nations warned of the possibility of bombings.

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the attack left at least two dead and 15 wounded. An Afghan said he saw several people apparently killed or injured in the blast among the crowds at one of the entrance gates to the Kabul airport.

Brutal attack at Kabul airport

Kabul attacks
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Adam Khan said that some of the victims appeared to have lost limbs. He said he was about 90 feet (30 meters) from the blast site, The Associated Press notes. Thousands of Afghans have been crowded at the airport for days trying to get out.

Russia reports second explosion outside Kabul airport: Attacks have caused at least 13 deaths and 15 injuries, according to a count by The Associated Press. In addition, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that US soldiers and civilians are among the victims in two explosions Thursday outside the Kabul airport.

Soldiers ‘downed’ reported after attacks in Kabul

Soldiers 'downed' reported after attacks in Kabul
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Three American soldiers were wounded in the brutal attack at the airport according to The Sun. Multiple and terrifying images of the attack have begun to be shared on social networks, President Joe Biden was informed of the situation.

The images showed the bloody attack, soldiers wounded and transported in wheelbarrows as well as multiple people fleeing and bloodied amid the chaos. As of this writing, President Joe Biden has not commented on the situation.

Images of the brutal attack on the Kabul airport

Images of the brutal attack on the Kabul airport
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In a message on Twitter, Kirby said that it was a “complex attack”, with two explosions. The situation occurs after the United States withdrew its forces and the Taliban took power. Several Western nations have warned about the possibility of attacks at the site. The Pentagon confirmed the news of the outbreak, but warned that for now it did not know if there were victims.

Hours before, several governments called on their citizens to avoid the airport area; one of them specifically mentioned the possibility of a suicide bomb attack. Despite this, few people paid attention, points out, AP.

Kabul airport attack video unleashes chaos

Kabul airport attack sparks chaos
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In recent days, the airport has been the scene of some of the most dramatic images of the chaotic US withdrawal and the sudden rise of the Taliban to power. Flight after flight has taken off, taking away people who fear a repeat of the brutal regime that the Taliban imposed in the 1990s.

Some countries have already stopped their evacuations and started to withdraw their soldiers and diplomats, signaling the beginning of the end of one of the longest airlifts in history. The Taliban have promised not to attack Western forces during the evacuation. A video has circulated on networks, strong images discretion is recommended, to see the video give click here.

They were already warned

Kabul airport attack sparks chaos
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However, he has insisted that foreign troops must leave the country by August 31, the deadline set by the United States for withdrawal. Warnings emerged overnight from Western countries about an imminent attack by the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State group, whose ranks have likely grown thanks to the massive release of prisoners by the Taliban on their march to power.

British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey told the BBC on Thursday that there are “very, very credible reports of an imminent attack” at the airport, possibly “in the next few hours.” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo indicated that his country had received parts from the United States and other capitals about “the threat of suicide attacks against concentrations of people.”

Some will be ‘abandoned’ in Afghanistan

Some will be 'abandoned' in Afghanistan

The US ambassador to Kabul, Ross Wilson, declared that the threat of an airport bombing “is clearly considered credible, imminent, trustworthy.” However, in an interview with ABC News, he did not elaborate.

Wilson indicated that “there are safe ways” for US citizens to get to the airport, but that “without a doubt” there will be Afghans who cooperated with the Americans who will not be able to leave the country before the end of the evacuation.

“A very credible threat of a terrorist attack” in Afghanistan

"A very credible threat of a terrorist attack"

Late Wednesday night, the US embassy warned its citizens in Afghanistan to stay away from three airport entrances due to a threat. Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand also warned their citizens not to go to the airport.

There is “a very credible threat of a terrorist attack,” the Australian foreign minister said. In the media, the attacks have begun in relation to the terrorist group ISIS-K, however, so far they had not attributed the brutal attack.

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