Kabbalistic month! Mhoni Vidente predicts that Luzbel will arrive in March (VIDEO)

Mhoni Vidente makes his predictions for the month of March It states that Luzbel will be present in the third month of the year The vacci...

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  • Mhoni Vidente makes his predictions for the month of March
  • It states that Luzbel will be present in the third month of the year
  • The vaccine that will end the coronavirus will come out

The clairvoyant Mexico’s most famous, Mhoni Vidente, makes her predictions for the month of March, where she affirms that Luzbel will be present in this cabalistic month.

Through its official channel Youtube, the psychic She makes some revelations about what March has in store for us, according to her letters, which have helped her to visualize various events that did occur.

“The most kabbalistic month of 2021, the most important, the one that will give you the beginning and the end of everything you can imagine, the kabbalistic month means God, son and holy spirit, in a single person,” he said in his video on the March predictions.

According to the clairvoyant, the key days will be March 13 and 21, where she says that those days will be divine and revolutionary to be better.

Mhoni Vidente predictions March Luzbel



“Between the days of Lent, the presence of Luzbel will be surrounding the human being throughout the month of March, but we also have the divine light number 3, that is why it is very important to take into account all the signs that are going to be given in heaven and earth, ”said Mhoni.

She also mentions that this month the vaccine will come out that will completely end the coronavirus and a drug so strong that with two pills it will end the virus, and although it is changing strains, the astrologer trusts that the human being has already dominated this pandemic.

The Seer also spoke about the climate: “We must be aware of issues of this climate change, I visualize a sun like I have never seen it, very high temperatures, almost no rain, in very large regions, but something is heating the sea, the Atlantic is going to be the place of Hurricanes ”, he mentions.

He also added that in the month of May or April tornadoes and hurricanes are going to be ahead, they will be as strong as ever, and there is time to warn that the water is running out. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE


The letter of the sun appeared to Moni Seer where it indicates that it will be a cabalistic month, and that the 21st will be the strongest, death will dominate that day, with a Holy War, and after the 21st the energies will move, the death card will knock down leaders and people of power, even airplanes falling from the sky, and the powerful will dominate the weak.

Mhoni Vidente predictions March Luzbel 2


“It is visualized after March 21, the hatred of the human being against the human being will come out,” said Mhoni, who asks that this energy be stopped so that it does not unleash the wrath of Luzbel, where he sees many coups in Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba and Mexico.


Spain split by halves, people will be in the streets and the monarchy is falling apart, there will be crimes and very strong triggers that will make the country break in half.

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Donald trump

“He has already escaped the trial, but the enlightened 13 people, who are ruling the country, do not want to leave him alive, he gets the letter from the madman along with the letter of death to Donald Trump,” the psychic clarifies.


Mhoni Vidente warns that they are persecuting the former president of the United States, they will take lawsuits, criminal problems, very strong against him, and if he frees all this he will win.


“The reincarnation of Napoleon, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, the emperor along with the card of the devil, those two cards are dominating the president of Russia, his ambition has no limits.”

The clairvoyant affirms that Vladimir is not the antichrist, only that he is the reincarnation of Napoleon and that Luzbel does not want him anymore and is preparing the arrival of the antichrist that will be in 2031, and visualizes several attacks for Putin by Luzbel who wants to remove from power.

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