Justice Department Accuses Russia Of Hacking Hospitals

Just a few days before the presidential elections in the United States, Russia is back in the news in the country. This time, it’s ...

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Just a few days before the presidential elections in the United States, Russia is back in the news in the country.

This time, it’s about a serious indictment against six Russian military officers, whom the United States Department of Justice has accused of planning a cyber attack capable of putting the national security of an entire country at risk.

Although this accusation has already been officially made in the United States, this is not the only country that may have been affected by cyber security breaches.

France and Ukraine are two of the countries that, according to official investigations, could have been at risk.

US accuses Russia of planning a cyber attack aimed at hacking American hospitals

  • The Justice Department has accused six Russian military officers of directing cyberattacks on US hospitals.
  • Among the accusations are hacks of US hospital networks and a conspiracy to affect the French presidential elections.
  • The Russian embassy in the United States strongly denies the allegations, but the six Russian officers will be investigated by the authorities.

Last Monday the United States Department of Justice announced that it has brought charges against six Russian military officers.

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It has been revealed that the US authorities uncovered a possible case of massive global hacking that affected countries such as France, Ukraine and Pyeongchang.

In the case of France, the alleged cyberattacks by Russia were aimed at affecting the presidential elections, while in Ukraine and in Pyeongchang the attacks were directed at the electricity grid and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, respectively. .

This is not the first time that Russia has been involved in an accusation of this kind.

Prosecutors from the United States Department of Justice revealed that the suspects could be the same ones who distributed stolen emails during the 2016 presidential election.

Just two weeks before the 2020 presidential elections, the Justice Department has once again put on the table the alleged threat that Russia would pose to the interests of the United States.

According to The New York Times newspaperThe Justice Department focused its efforts on seven areas that, together, demonstrated that Russia sought to use its hacking expertise to disrupt democratic institutions, retaliate against its enemies, and destroy rival economies.

John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General, told the media that “No other country has weaponized its cyber capabilities as maliciously or irresponsibly as Russia has, deliberately causing harm.”

He also added that “The cyberattack combined the emotional maturity of a capricious child with the resources of a National State.”

Russia denies any kind of cyber attack

In the same report, it emerged that the Russian embassy in Washington categorically denied all the accusations.

Russia’s press office sent a statement last Monday, in which the authorities were emphatic in expressing their position against the accusations made by the United States.

“It is absolutely evident that such news is not based on reality, and that it is intended to heighten feelings of rejection of Russia within American society through a ‘witch hunt’, which has been shown to be a distinctive feature of the political life in Washington for several years. “

The United States’ accusations against Russia arrive represent an important step, since both national security and cybersecurity experts could not determine that, in fact, Russia had committed such attacks.

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It would be the first time that an official agency has made a formal complaint to what is believed to be one of the most audacious hacking networks in the world.

The accused of the cyberattacks are six members of the Central Intelligence Department of Russia (GRU), who would be behind the malicious software known as NotPetya.

Notpetya is a malicious software whose main task was to cause permanent damage to the computer systems of the victims; Unlike other types of malware, NotPetya seemed to be specifically designed to destroy any system.

If the statements of the Department of Justice are true, the Russian operation began to take shape around 2015.

In the press release issued by the Department of Justice, the authorities noted that hackers from the Russian Central Intelligence Department and its allies set out to attack various systems.

The goal, it is believed, was to exact revenge, destabilize and affect:

  • Ukraine’s power grid
  • Presidential elections in France
  • The 2018 Winter Olympics, held in Pyeongchang, after Russian athletes were excluded from the competition.

American hospitals, another Russian target

Everything seems to indicate that the Department of Justice of United States has uncovered an alleged Russian attack on the country’s hospital network.

The authorities have indicated that, in addition to Ukraine, France and Pyeongchang, malicious software known as NotPetya has affected the US hospital system.

One of the victims listed was the Western Pennsylvania Heritage Valley hospital system, and among the damages that could be observed are “inaccessibility to the list of patients, medical records and laboratory records.

In addition, NotPetya caused a failure in the access system to “critical computer systems in the areas of cardiology, nuclear medicine, radiology and surgery for an estimated time of one week.”

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