Just when Adamari López steals the camera in a black dress, Fonsi’s wife overshadows her with a sexy bikini

The host Adamari López amazes fans with a black dress Águeda López shows off her body with a sexy leopard bikini Just when Adamari steals...

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  • The host Adamari López amazes fans with a black dress
  • Águeda López shows off her body with a sexy leopard bikini
  • Just when Adamari steals the camera, Luis Fonsi’s wife overshadows her

Adamari López amazes. After the criticism that the conductive Adamari López, this time managed to amaze her followers with a dress that made her look great, but all this was overshadowed by Luis Fonsi’s wife, Águeda López, who showed off her body with a tiny bikini.

All this happened when on the program’s Instagram account @a new day They published the photo of the host of the morning show wearing a beautiful black dress, which made her look very good.

In the publication they left a caption next to the image of Adamari that says: “Beautiful and elegant! Did you like the look of our @adamarilopez?

Adamari López amazes 1


This caused the amazement of her followers who constantly criticize her for the costumes she wears on the show. This time it was the exception since many Internet users liked the look of Luis Fonsi’s ex-partner: “Very pretty Adamari, a beautiful human being !!”, commented a follower.

“Beautiful! Famous! Simple! Humble ”,“ beautiful from El Salvador, you are the only one in the program ”,“ Very cute and elegant, she looks super ”,“ Now they say she looks good and at other times she looks bad when she wears ugly dresses because sometimes if they put ugly dresses on her ”were some of the positive messages she received from her followers.

But all this was overshadowed when Luis Fonsi’s wife, Agueda Lopez, showed off her body through the social networks wearing a tiny bikini and a leopard dress.

“Spectacular my Top model”, “Bella, Bella as always!”, “Beautiful God bless you”, “How much discipline in a photo, beautiful”, “The true Model God always bless your family”, “Simply spectacular. Perfection ”,“ You are a Goddess. Spectacular in a bathing suit. The best ”, were some of the hundreds of compliments that Fonsi’s wife received, brutally overshadowing the singer’s ex.

Everything seems to indicate that just when Adamari López amazes her followers, the current partner of Luis Fonsi appears to overshadow her by looking much sexier.

Adamari amazes 2


The comparisons between Adamari and Águeda being constant, it should be remembered when the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López finally managed to give the Spanish model Águeda López, Luis Fonsi’s wife, what she deserved by showing off her shapely legs, even though they say she looks like a mandarin .

The official Instagram account of the Un Nuevo Día program, where the nice Puerto Rican participates, shared a publication in which Adamari López wears an orange dress that shows her legs giving what she deserves to Luis Fonsi’s wife.

“How about the look of the day of our @adamarilopez? Beautiful! ”, You can read in this publication that so far has more than 12 thousand likes, including La Chiquibaby, actor and singer William Valdés and singer Larry Hernández.

“You like tangerines”, “You don’t like mandarins?”, “Juicy and healthy, lots of vitamin C to be healthy, right? Very Caribbean ”,“ But very juicy ”,“ The more tangerines they throw at it, the better it goes ”.

The compliments for the Puerto Rican actress and host were soon present: “She is so beautiful and I love her heels (shoes)”, “Beautiful, always looking radiant, you have the heart of a girl, Ada, hugs”, “More than beautiful ”,“ You look beautiful ”,“ Adamari has greatly improved her wardrobe, beautiful legs ”.

One user drew attention with her comment: “Beautiful, but she always wears wide blouses that make her look more chubby even though she is beginning to notice her effort to be in shape.”

An admirer of Adamari López, who finally managed to give Luis Fonsi’s wife what she deserved by showing off her legs, came to her defense against the constant attacks she has received lately.

Adamari López amazes 3 Águeda López Luis Fonsi


The Spanish model Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi, did not want to be left behind and be overshadowed by the legs of Adamari López and shared an infamous image.

Through her official Instagram account, where she has so far a little more than half a million followers, Águeda López uploaded a photo in which she wears an original black swimsuit showing off her well-turned body.

“Last day of summer 2020”, the Spanish model posted and the reactions of her followers did not wait, although not with the same intensity as the fans of the Puerto Rican actress and host.

“Perfect”, “Where is that swimsuit from? She is spectacular “,” Regia “,” The most beautiful in the county “,” Beautiful “,” Wow “,” So beautiful “,” Beautiful “,” Precious “,” Spectacular woman “,” The most beautiful “.

One user did not want to miss the opportunity to address Águeda López and, incidentally, Luis Fonsi: “I love you and admire you very much, Águeda López, you and Luis Fonsi are the most beautiful people that can exist. I admire you very much, thank you for existing ”.

Internet users were captivated by this photograph of Águeda López: “Tremendous body”, “Always beautiful and perfect”, “Excellent model”, “Yours is not normal, eh, put it down, always beautiful”, “Oh my God, every most precious day, this photo is to frame it ”.

MODEL Águeda Luis Fonsi


Filed As: Just when Adamari López steals the camera in a black dress, Fonsi’s wife overshadows her with a sexy bikini

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Filed As: Just when Adamari López amazes in a black dress, Fonsi’s wife overshadows her with a sexy bikini

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